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  • 3 Simple Swaps to a Healthier Pantry

    Wow, can’t believe we’re already into October! I swear this summer flew by faster than most. Though it technically is the Fall, it still feels like Summer here in Boston…and I definitely don’t hate it! That being said, I can certainly feel my body craving the warmer, seasonal foods. It’s so important to listen to […]

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  • A Foodie’s Guide to Denver, Colorado

    Hi Friends! Some of you may know I just recently traveled to Denver, Colorado. In preparation for the trip, I reached out and asked for an endless amount of recommendations and you guys did not disappoint (THANK YOU)!! I figured I’d summarize the list below, share with you some of our adventures, which lets be […]

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  • 14-Day GUT Challenge via WildBrine Probiotic Kimchi Live Shots

    For today’s post I want to chat about GUT health. If you know me, you know I LOVE my fermented foods – whether it’s kombucha or sauerkraut – you can 100% bet I’m including these items daily into my routine. So you can probably guess how ecstatic I was when Wildbrine (my favorite sauerkraut brand) […]

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  • Building a Buddha Bowl in 6 Easy Steps

    Hi all! For this week I wanted to chat about buddha bowls. Let’s be honest, it would be wrong of me to deny any kind of obsession with these since I make them on the REG. They’re SO delicious, yet they keep things exciting, while nourishing my body with REAL foods and nutrients. Too often, […]

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  • Smoothie Time with Organic Living Superfoods

    Hey guys! Let’s talk all things smoothies, superfoods, and …supporting your local food friends in today’s blog post! I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find that this word “superfood” can be a bit overwhelming. It seems as though each month brings a new superfood that is hyped up around it’s unique nutrients and […]

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  • Spring Cleaning 101 – Going Organic with Beauty & Cleaning Products

    For today’s post – I’d like to talk about the benefits of swapping out your CVS brand makeup with organic and natural ingredients. A few weeks back, I was listening to a podcast where the woman had recovered from a variety of different illnesses and diseases by following a holistic nutritionist and her guidance on […]

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  • Food Shopping 101

    Happy Sunday all! I figured this post was fitting for Sunday since this is my go-to day for running errands and meal prepping! It’s been a while since I’ve shared my food shopping list and number one finds. I try to keep my grocery list simple, unprocessed, clean, but of course, have to add a […]

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  • How to Walk Around Whole Foods Like a Million Bucks

    Yes, I’m completely serious with the title. How many times do you walk into Whole Foods, feeling like a million bucks, yet end up leaving in shock, 300 dollars in debt? You enter the store and the beautiful aroma of food over takes your senses. Then instantly you find yourself trying every tester throughout the […]

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  • Whole Foods Resort…say what?!?

    Sign me up please! Whole Foods has just announced plans to develop a nutrition and wellness based resort spa within the next few years just outside of their headquarters in Austin, Texas. This growing retailer and one of “America’s Healthiest Grocery Store” is known for selling it’s “finest and natural foods available” and maintaining a […]

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  • A Look at some Clean Eats by YOURS TRULY!

    I’ve been kind of out of the loop these past few days, catching up on sleep and what not, so apologies for the non existent posts lately! As I’m sure many of you already know, sleep is THE most important! If your sleep is off, I can guarantee your fitness AND your diet will suffer […]

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  • 2 Weeks of Spring (break) Cleaning

    As much as you hate to admit it, we all love spring cleaning. It’s not necessarily the “cleaning” part we all enjoy per say…but it’s the overall fact that spring is undoubtedly in the air! What’s not to love about that?? Knowing that winter is coming to an end, the snow is slowly (but surely) […]

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  • Post Valentines Day Meals

    Okay so if you don’t already know me, I tend to get pretty into holidays…Valentine’s day being one of them. Since we’re being honest here, I also have a sick obsession with the color pink. Judge me all you want…but it’s the TRUTH. Anyways, for this Valentines Day I decided to prepare a surprise, 3-course, […]