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  • 15 tips that have helped me: GET OUT OF A RUT

    Hi all! I’ll start by saying that I love instagram HOWEVER it definitely paints a “perfect” picture when in some cases, that’s not always accurate. The reason why I bring this up is because like most people, us “health and wellness” bloggers get caught up in a rut from time to time as well. No […]

  • Breakfast
  • Here’s the WHY and HOW behind stepping up your morning coffee routine

    If you’re like me and find yourself scrolling through instagram daily, you’ve probably stumbled upon some new, jazzy “buzzwords” for coffee. Gone are the days when freshly ground and brewed coffee was just enough. The coffee standards have been seriously heightened thanks to the introduction of research and knowledge behind superfoods, ghee, MCT oil, collagen, […]

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  • go FLOAT

    Weird title, right…? No, I’m not referring to the kind where you grab yourself a donut floatie and chill poolside. I’m referring to a float tank or what can also be referred to as a deprivation or isolation tank. My boyfriend and I first heard about these so called “deprivation tanks” via the Joe Rogan […]

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  • 5 Yoga Moves to Help Relieve Anxiety and Stress

    Hello everyone! For this weeks blog post I wanted to share with you some fairly simple yoga moves to help reduce anxiety, stress, worrisome, and so on! Trust me, you’re not alone. We all likely go through periods in our lives whether it’s personal or work related, where we’re feeling overwhelmed, helpless, unsure of ourselves, […]

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  • When Life Throws you Lemons, Use a Planner…?

    So, it’s been one of THOSE weeks. You all know what I’m talking about. One of those weeks where you simply breakdown for what you later realize to be a pretty dramatic emotional upset. For some, you may be in the midst of serious final semester crunch time, for others who are not in college, […]

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  • Yoga Challenge…lets goooo

    So recently, my body has been failing on me. I wake up with back aches, head aches, tight legs, and so on…you get the picture. I mean it’s not like I don’t stretch after practice, (I probably could do a little more), BUT for some reason I still wake up and go through the day […]