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Choosing the RIGHT Supplements for YOU

Choosing the RIGHT Supplements for YOU

Hi Friends! I know it’s been a while since my last post on the blog – LIFE, mannnnnnn. LOL but in all seriousness, the past month has been crazy, in the best kind of way. From my bachelorette weekend, to music festivals, to NYC, to MOVING to a new apt – basically just haven’t had the time and/or energy to sit down and write (this is when instagram comes in CLUTCH – short, sweet, and to the point). Anyway, the topic I wanted to chat with you all about today are SUPPLEMENTS. I used to be that person that had like 20 different vitamins & supplements in the pill cabinet and then one day, it just became overwhelmingly stressful (and expensive). I was heavily influenced by everything I saw scrolling through social media and thought, well, since “so and so” is taking XYZ that means I probably need to as well…right?!?! Wrong. One person’s need is going to be COMPLETELY different than my own needs. Not to mention, I probably didn’t NEED half of what I was taking. At the end of the day, I eat an extremely clean diet compared to the average individual and therefor, I’m getting so many awesome macro and micronutrients into my body. I’m getting protein, calcium, iron, various vitamins, etc. all from the awesome REAL food I eat daily. Anyway, my point in all of this is that choosing the right supplements for YOU should not be stressful (that is quite the opposite of what “healthy living” is).

I’ve finally narrowed it down to just a few that feel right for me in my MY body at this point in MY life. Emphasizing the “my” because I’m writing this blog post to simply share what I take. As with any of my posts, take this with a grain of salt and just do your research! I feel the need to preface this blog post with the fact that just because I take something does not mean you should or even need to. Always consult with a doctor or do your research prior to adding additional supplements into your diet.

Alright so with ALL of that being said, here we go!

– B12 (I don’t eat meat and have had low B12 levels in the past)
– Digestive Enzymes (helps to break down tougher foods like cruciferous veggies for example)
– Spirulina (currently taking to try it out, but hasn’t always been a part of my routine/ vitamins A, K1, K2, B12 and iron, manganese and chromium + increased energy)
– Probiotic Pill (gut-health y’allll! Also not for everyone – probiotics can actually have the opposite effect on some people, so as with everything else, do your research!)
Avie Nutraceuticals Ultramicronized Turmeric Curcumin – (Promotes a healthy lifestyle, Supports your immune system, Provides you with superior antioxidant protection)
Avie Nutraceuticals Joint Balance – Promotes optimal and healthy joint function, Improves flexibility, Reduces muscle soreness

I’m going to go ahead and assume most of you are familiar with the first 4 supplements (if not, feel free to comment & I’ll go into more details on the benefits) but the last 2 may intrigue you?! They certainly had me excited upon trying them for the first time. Having grown up as an athlete and then continuing that love for fitness into my early/mid 20’s through teaching group fitness classes daily, running, gym workouts, and yoga, I’ve always been in the search for some miracle supplement that would help me recover more quickly and support my active lifestyle. Avie Nutraceuticals prides their products on using natural ingredients (i.e. everything I preach = FOOD AS MEDICINE) and “Avie’s proprietary ultramicronization process renders purified curcumin into a water-soluble form, allowing it to quickly absorb into the body. Avie’s scientists have shown that this formulation is over 100 times more potent than the leading curcumin products on the market.”

Before I continue, for those who aren’t as familiar with curcumin…“Recent studies have shown that Curcumin aids in anti-inflammation and joint mobility, anti-oxidant protection of cells from free radical damage, brain function and memory, liver function, healthy immune system, removal of toxins from the body, healthy digestion, and improved appearance of skin and hair.”

So which product is right for you and your lifestyle?!

Joint Balance – is a scientifically formulated nutraceutical supplement designed to help promote optimal and healthy joint function, improve flexibility, and reduce muscle soreness after exercise, while being gentle on the digestive system.

Ultramicronized Turmeric Curcumin – can promote a healthy lifestyle, support your immune system, and provide you with superior antioxidant protection. Avie’s proprietary water-soluble Ultramicronized Turmeric CurcuminTM is designed for maximum absorption, potency, stability, and bioactivity. Ultramicronized Turmeric CurcuminTM has been shown to have a higher biological activity than leading competitors. When tested in water, it has shown:

– 352 times greater anti-oxidant activity
– More than 1,400 times greater free radical scavenging properties
– 126 times greater COX-2 inhibition

As awesome as it is to add turmeric and black pepper (helps with absorption) to your meals daily (def don’t stop – keep on it!) this supplement makes it so easy and incredibly effective because of its ability to quickly absorb in your body! I’ve included direct links to their website and blog if you’re interested in learning more or feel free to email me with questions!


Avie Nutraceuticals Website
Avie Nutraceuticals Blog

Thank you to Avie Nutraceuticals for sponsoring this post! I truly love partnering with brands I believe in and that are authentic and true to me. All opinions and thoughts in this post are MY OWN.



Staying Motivated. 

I get this question asked a lot…how on EARTH do I stay motivated while managing a busy schedule? Unfortunately, I probably don’t have the answer you want to hear…(no, there’s no magic potion or superfood out there…hehe…although I wish there was) but I do have tips that have helped me over the years! I’ll be honest; my commitment to fitness has basically been a way of life for me that was engraved into my younger self beginning in high school. Being part of the cross-country and track & field team throughout high-school was key to learning how to manage time, while also prioritizing my love for running and obligation to competing my best on the high school varsity team. Though it was in high school where I learned to manage time, clean eating didn’t come until much later in life (I’ll get to the in a bit). After high school, I went on to run competitively on my universities DI track & field and cross-country team. I couldn’t imagine my life without being part of a team (hence why I’ve continued to seek that same sense of community through other outlets like Corepower Yoga).  That leads me to my first TIP…


Though it may sound cliché, having a support group has always been the most important and motivating factor in maintaining my dedication to fitness. I can especially attest to this during my college running career. I don’t know what I would have done without my best friends (all of whom I ran with from Day 1) by my side throughout those 4 years. From struggling to get to 6am weight lifting sessions, to VERY long 2-day track meets, to grueling intervals on the track, to HOT long run days early in the cross-country season…these girls helped me get through every second of those moments where I wanted to give up.  

My point here? Find a support group that will be there for you when times get tough. Find that community that keeps you motivated. Keep those friends around who are going to push you to be the BEST version of yourself, not those who try to knock you down. This is why going to group fitness classes can be a really great way to build that community and find the RIGHT one for you. Remember, you’re not necessarily going to “click” with every fitness class you try and that’s OK. For me, I found Corepower. For others, it may be Soul Cycle, Cross Fit, Barry’s Boot Camp, Barre3…the list goes on and on! Find your COMMUNITY, build on those friendships, and lastly find a class that you actually ENJOY. At the end of the day fitness should be fun….which…you guessed it…this leads to my next TIP…


I feel like we’ve slowly gone away from this idea that fitness should be fun. Fitness isn’t about killing yourself over 2-a-days and going HARD every single day without any rest day. Fitness doesn’t have to always involve cardio, weights, or even breaking a crazy sweat. Unfortunately, due to social media, there’s this false idea that you should be spending more than an hour a day breaking a killer sweat, burning crazy amount of calories, and essentially creating this picture that you should be miserable after every workout, otherwise, you’re not pushing hard enough. These are all LIEZZZZ!!! My idea of fun? LOUD MUSIC that gets my body moving. Any workout that can be done in under an hour. Workouts that are different and keep both my body AND mind guessing. Fitness classes that make you feel welcomed and not “left out” if you have no idea what the F you’re doing. Workouts that leaving you feeling (naturally) high on LIFE after (not dead lol)! And yes…somedays I truly ENJOY doing treadmill sprints for 45 minutes. BUT that doesn’t mean I do that every day…TRUST me. There’s definitely a crazy side of me that enjoys pushing past my limits…but I am now more aware that these kind of workouts are a 1x a week (if that) kind of thing and your body NEEDS to recover before and after.


I touched on it briefly above, but switching up at least a few times a week is important for so many reasons! For one, let’s start with the obvious. Switching things up keeps you from getting bored with the workout you’re doing. Let’s do the math here…BOREDOM = NOT FUN. NEW and EXCITING = FUN! Sorry if that’s cheesy but it’s the fricken TRUTH. I used to run…every…single…day…for 8+ years straight. And you wonder why I’m so anti-running these days? Don’t get me wrong I love going for a run when the weather outside is RIGHT or I’m always down for some interval sprints on the treadmill. But, running every single day made me want to hate it…which is sad, because I actually do enjoy running, however, it got to the point of where I started to rebel against it. My “fitness routine” changes regularly since I love to always change things up!

Here’s what a typical week looks like for me RIGHT NOW:

  • Corepower Yoga Sculpt 1 or 2x
  • Yoga 2x
  • Soul Cycle or Treadmill Intervals or Stair Stepper 1 or 2x
  • Special Fitness Class: recently tried SLT pilates and LOVE it. Also a big fan of Barry’s Boot Camp,

At least ONE rest day a week! I like to walk on these days ☺

Not only is it important to switch up your workouts to avoid boredom but it also helps to develop different muscles that may not get any attention if you’re say, running every day. Additionally, your body learns to adapt (and improve) and therefor, you consume less energy, which is why you may not see the changes you’re hoping to see in your body.  


Here’s another big thing that keeps me motivated is knowing that workouts lead to an overall more productive day for me. I’ve found that on days when I don’t get any movement in first thing in the AM, the whole day seems to drag on, I find that I have constant brain fog, I fall out of “good health” habits, and lastly, I just am not my “energized and outgoing” self.  I love the natural endorphins I get from working out…so yes, that gets me out of bed.


My last tip here is get an ample amount of sleep. More sleep = more energy to burn. On days I don’t get enough sleep, I use that time to take off from a workout and give my body time to recover. I know if I try to push myself on days when I’m feeling low in energy, my workouts too, reflect that same feeling. I do tend to wake up very early to squeeze my workouts in first thing in the AM (at least 3-4 days a week). How do I do this? It’s easy. I’m ALWAYS in bed by 9 or 9:30 latest. This is an absolute MUST. Now, my body is so used to that schedule, that waking up early has become so much easier for me and I now thrive in the mornings vs. at night.

At the end of the day…FITNESS is a part of my life. It’s what makes me the best version of myself and I purely love it for just that reason <3

Current December Obsessions

Current December Obsessions

A while back (more like 2015 lol – you’ll be able to tell based on the “fads”), I had a series of posts called “In With the New Obsessions, Out with the Old” …these “obsessions” ranged from health & fashion trends, to favorite products, wellness tips, travel destinations, etc. I decided to bring this series back because let’s be honest…my obsessions are constantly changing and with how quickly trends come and go, I like to share what I think is actually worth the hype and the investment. So, here’s what I have for you for December’s Obsessions! PS – none of the below is sponsored in any way. Any products mentioned are truly those I love and enjoy!

Book of choice: Body Love: Live in Balance, Weigh What you Want, and Free Yourself from Food Drama Forever by Kelly Leveque

  1. I’ve been following Kelly for quite some time now. From her Instagram, to podcast interviews, to MBG articles, and more! It wasn’t until my friend gifted me (thanks Jackie!!) her new book, that I REALLY started to get what all the hype was about Kelly. Her book essentially is the guide to FOOD FREEDOM and at the end of the day, isn’t that what we’re all seeking? Regardless of whether you’ve had a bad relationship with food or not, I think we all tend to at some point or another, get caught up in a food obsession. It’s unfortunately a result of a restrictive diet culture that we grew up with (especially those who were born in the 80’s and 90’s).
  2. Luckily, REAL health (aka not those “diet frozen dinners” or “meal shakes”) is becoming trendy. I think that Kelly plays a big role in this. Her book is so incredibly informative. She empowers you with REAL science to back up the facts. I find it so helpful when I can understand what is going on in my body, to help me make smarter and healthier decisions. She runs through living a positive, stress free lifestyle while making healthy choices. She offers healthy recipes, talks about her Fab4 Smoothies, fitness, and so on.

Fab4 Lifestyle and FIBER

  1. Alright so if I’ve learned ANYTHING between Kelly Leveque’s “Fab4” lifestyle and Tanya’s F-Factor lifestyle…it’s basically the importance of incorporating FIBER into our diet at EVERY meal. Because FIBER is COOL and makes ya regular…ya feel me?!!??! (hahahaha) Unfortunately, because so much of our food has become processed, we’ve moved away from naturally fiber-rich foods. Fiber essentially helps things move through our body (aka bowel movements if I’m being FRANK lol), helps to detoxify toxins, helps to break down carbohydrates, and can even help prevent forms of cancer.
  2. The “Fab4” lifestyle is essentially eating the following at every meal: healthy FATS, FIBER rich foods, GREENS/VEGGIES, PROTEIN, plus any extra superfoods or adaptogens if you choose! If you have a little bit of both at every meal, you’ll naturally start to feel full & satiated longer, your hunger hormones will be turned off, you’ll keep your blood sugar levels low, and you’ll naturally find that you either maintain weight or shed those few extra pounds based on where you and your body feel best.
    1. Recommended sources of fiber:
    2. GG’s Scandanavian crackers – you’ve likely seen these posted on the Skinny Confidential or part of the F-Factor movement. They’re one of the HIGHEST forms of fiber rich grab-n-go snacks out there, that are super low in cals. Add them to lunch & breakfast to help fill you up!
    3. If you’re GF, Jillz Crackers and Mary’s Gone Crackers are also great options
    4. flax Seeds
    5. Chia Seeds
    6. Raspberries, Avocados, Brussel Sprouts, Legumes, Pomegranate, etc. are also high sources of fiber that are found in fruits and veggies.

Vital Proteins – i.e. Love their COLLAGEN products

  1. I know this isn’t exactly a “new” trend, but it’s a trend that has stuck and for good reason! There are so many amazing benefits to adding collagen into your diet:
    1. Muscle & joint recovery
    2. Stronger, more vibrant hair, skin, and nails
    3. Better nights sleep
    4. PLUS they now have a new matcha collagen!

Fawen Drinkable Soups

  1. So this is one product I’ve really been LOVING lately. Why? Well, I recently went to Whole Foods and was strolling through the pre-packaged soup section (because winter = endless nights of soup) and was honestly shocked to find that I could count on one hand the number of soups that were sugar free, preservative free, weird additive free, gum free, and so on. Even brands I thought to be “healthy” had added cane sugar or used vegetable oil in their soups.
  2. Fawen is honestly one of the only to-go soups I’ve found that use REAL ingredients like coconut oil, turmeric, apple cider vinegar, Himalayan salt, season veggies, etc. to help flavor their soups. NO weird added anything! Oh and ps they taste great and can be enjoyed right from the container (though I love heating it up over the stovetop anyway)!

Cacao & REFINED SUGAR-FREE Vegan/Paleo Chocolate

  1. I tend to have a major sweet tooth after dinner and also tend to crave chocolate. This doesn’t need to be a “cheat” if you find the RIGHT chocolate out there. Cacao is a SUPERFOOD for a reason and should be enjoyed (right)! What are my favorite Brands?
    1. Hu Chocolate – especially their “dark salted chocolate”   (with ingredients like cacao, coconut oil, Himalayan salt, and coconut sugar to flavor). No cane sugar, dairy products, etc.!
    2. Eating Evolved – similar to Hu chocolate, they use coconut oil, coconut butter, and coconut sugar to sweetend.
    3. Lastly, if those two products aren’t in budget, then no worries! Make your own chocolate bark easily using coconut oil, cacao, cinnamon, Himalayan salt, and coconut sugar/honey/or maple syrup following THIS recipe.

Spotify Playlists

  1. Music is and has always been one constant form of pure HAPPINESS in my life. Justin and I love going to shows, festivals, or even just hanging at home and listening to music. It just puts you in the right place
  2. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with making playlists on spotfiy that are 100% ME and vary based on my mood. I have a playlist for everything – mornings, yoga flows, Friday nights, summer day vibes, and so on.
  3. So if you’re not following me, get on it AND if you haven’t gone into your own Spotify hole…do it! But beware, you may get sucked in for hours creating playlists!

Friend, Fitness, and Foodie Dates

  1. One thing I love about this Instagram/blogging community is that it has connected me with so many new people! And what better way to connect than over a fitness class, followed by a healthy treat?! I’ve talked about this before, but face-to-face interaction is SO valuable and GOOD for the soul. It’s easy to be comfortable in your own apartment and routine (trust me, I’m the last person to want to make plans during the week) BUT when I finally get my butt out the door and DO it, it feels SO good. I always leave those conversations on a high. It’s nice connecting, sharing similar struggles (and successes), chatting about health, wellness, friends, boys, music, ALL OF IT.

A fashion trend I can’t get over? JUMP SUITS.

  1. I’m sure this is one trend you’ve seen a lot lately, but hey, I don’t see myself getting over it any time soon. Jumpsuits transform perfectly from day to evening, summer to winter. They work all year round. They can be dressed up or dressed down. They’re comfy AF. A nice fitted one makes your booty look GREAT. I mean what more can I say?? Go get yourself one or two jumpsuits that you love and that can be versatile. It’s my idea of the new “little black dress” that everyone needs to have as a staple in their closet! Here’s one from Forever21 that I recently bought and LOVE.

Favorite Bar? This one hasn’t really changed and for good reason – RX BARS

  1. These bars still have got to be my favorite out there. High in protein (egg whites), healthy fats (nuts), naturally sweetened with dates, no weird added things at all.
  2. Though I don’t recommend eating one every day, I do find these are GREAT to have on hand if you need a “bridge snack” between lunch and dinner, or while traveling, on-the-go, etc.!
  3. My favorite flavors right now? Their seasonal Gingerbread flavor, Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, Maple Sea Salt, and Coconut Chocolate Chip!

Deepening your Yoga Practice

So I’m doing my BEST to MANIFEST a future yoga retreat because I see so much value in them. Though these can be costly, I think they’re 100% worth it! It’s the BEST kind of way to hit refresh, take a hot second from the craziness that is life, and connect with your mind, body, and SOUL. It doesn’t necessarily need to be some fancy retreat in Costa Rica. Even a one-day refresh can be just as valuable! Look around locally. I’m sure you can find at least one or two within driving distance!

This time last year, I also took the leap of faith and traveled to Mallorca for my 200hr yoga teacher training and FELL IN LOVE with everyone about it. So spirutually opening. Pushed me out of my comfort zone BIG TIME. Even if you have no intention on teaching, I recommend it to deepen your practice.

Lastly, I’m currently in my Corepower teacher sculpt training at this moment. I LOVE high-energy music and workouts, so this is the perfect way to blend my love for yoga with high-intensity fitness.

That’s all for now! Hope you enjoyed. Oh and by the way, NONE of this is sponsored. Any products mentioned are truly those I love and enjoy!

Intensive Yoga Flow & Workout Playlist

Intensive Yoga Flow & Workout Playlist

Hi there!

I haven’t shared my workout playlist in a while and figured for the next one, I’d share my fave yoga flow playlist. This is for the yogi who likes to get their sweat on through an intensive flow session. The music definitely picks up a bit, so flow to the beat and feel the BURRRRNNN. I’d describe these songs as a mix of being melodic, dreamy, trippy, electronic, dubby, empowering, and so on (you get the idea).

Some of the artists include:

  • Big Gigantic
  • Flume
  • Adventure Club
  • Disclosure
  • Tove Lo
  • Bassnectar
  • Shaun Frank
  • Anna Lunoe
  • Zeds Dead
  • Sevon Lions
  • Kill Paris

…and so many more!

With more than 60+ songs to keep you going all day long – throw it on shuffle and let me know what you think! I love discovering new artists – so please feel free to share & comment!

— Also, feel free to give me a follow on SoundCloud so you can stay updated on new music & check out my other playlists as well!

Roasted Fall Veggie-Bowl w/ Pesto Tempeh Feauturing: OhSheGlows Green Goddess Dressing

Roasted Fall Veggie-Bowl w/ Pesto Tempeh Feauturing: OhSheGlows Green Goddess Dressing

Hi everyone! For today’s post, I thought it was only appropriate to share my tasty, veggie-filled, buddah-bowl inspired lunch from this week. I’m not one to brag about my lunches, because let’s be honest, they’re usually not THAT exciting. But this one HIT the spot and was actually a lunch I looked forward to chowing down on, even after eating it all 5 days (and that says something)! So if you’re looking for a meal prep option that you can prepare in under an hour and that will last you all week, you’ve found the right recipe! Plus it’s entirely vegan, loaded with yummy seasonal veggies and a whole lot of nutrients to keep you fueled each day!


See below for the ingredients you’ll need…

Ingredients for the bowl (yields enough servings for 5 days):
• 1 (small) sack of purple potatoes
• 2 sweet potatoes
• About a pound of Brussel sprouts
• 3 cloves of minced garlic
• 2 heads of kale (I bought curly kale & dinosaur kale)
• Coconut oil
• 2 TBSP of lemon juice
• ½ yellow onion
• 2 packages of Lightlife Tempeh
• Hope Hummus (Kale Pesto)

And for an absolute favorite recipe of mine from the the amazing Oh She Glows…(seriously check her site out for some delicious vegan recipes & inspiration)! Check out the ingredients needed and simple directions for the vegan green goddess dressing on her site: Oh She Glow’s Green Goddess Dressing . If you don’t have the ingredients to prep this dressing, a great & tasty alternative can be a lemon tahini dressing – another favorite of mine 🙂


For the bowl –

• Start by setting the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Next, dice the sweet potatoes & purple potatoes into bite size pieces. Cover a baking sheet lightly in coconut oil. Layer your potatoes evenly on the baking sheet. Add another 1-2 TBSP of coconut oil, a pinch of salt, black pepper, cayenne, and cinnamon. Using your hands, spread the oil & seasoning throughout the potatoes.

• Set aside and begin slicing your Brussel sprouts in half. Similar to the potatoes, you’ll want to get another baking sheet and layer it in coconut oil. Add your Brussel sprouts and layer another 1-2 TBSP of coconut oil, mixing in a pinch of salt, black pepper, turmeric, and nutritional yeast. Once those are lathered evenly throughout, place both baking sheets in the oven and cook for about 15 minutes, mixing them around every 5-10 minutes. I personally like mine charred and slightly burnt, so I tend to keep them in for 20 minutes (just make sure to keep an eye on them as they’ll cook fast in the high heat)!

• While the Brussel sprouts & potatoes are cooking, take out a large, stick-free, sauté pan, add your garlic and onion with about 1-2 TBSP of coconut oil. Let that cook on low heat for about 3 minutes. While that’s heating up, strip out the hard stem of each kale leaf. Chop them slightly smaller, so they’re easier to eat. Once the pan is warm, begin adding your kale in small increments. The kale will wilt quickly, but if you add it all in at once, you may have trouble cooking it & coating it evenly in the oil. Add your seasonings of choice – I chose to add a pinch of salt, black pepper, dried dill weed, and a small amount of cayenne. Add lemon juice slowly as you’re cooking the kale to help it wilt more quickly so that you can add the remainder of your kale. Once the majority of your kale is shrunk in size, you should only cook for a few extra minutes in order to retain most of the nutrients and avoid overcooking!

• Once your sautéed garlic kale is complete, put that to the side. Use that same pan, add ½ TBSP of coconut oil, add your chopped tempeh and sautee until it reaches a nice golden crisp on the edges. At that point, lower your heat, add about 2 TBSP of the pesto hummus and mix in well before setting aside.

• The last step is to prep your Oh She Glows Green Goddess dressing. Make your way to the following link: Oh She Glow’s Green Goddess Dressing.


As mentioned, you should have enough prepped for 5 large bowls for the week. Heat up in a microwave-safe dish for about 2:30-3 minutes. Feel free to top your bowl with additional toppings such as my favorite – Biena Foods Crispy, lightly salted, crunch chickpeas! Or sprinkle your bowl with hemp seeds & some nutritional yeast – get creative and enjoy!

An Interview with my Fast Runner Friend – Jackie D!

An Interview with my Fast Runner Friend – Jackie D!

Hi all!

For this specific post, I decided to switch it up a bit! I’m sure you’re probably sick of hearing about me, so I thought it’d be interesting to start a series where I interview friends who in some way, are just as connected to health & fitness as I am. Some of you likely know that I ran competitively in college and through that, I had the pleasure of meeting some pretty amazing people and not to mention, a few of my best friends to this date! I’ve learned so much from them and I’d say they play a HUGE role in keeping me motivated whether it’s wellness related or just personally.


So with that…I introduce to you my very first interview with my teammate from college and one of my best friends, Jackie D’Antonio! Since I know Jackie won’t toot her own horn, I’ll do it for her 😉 Jackie still holds the Loyola University Maryland records for the following:

-Women’s Indoor Track 800m with a 2:13:92
-Women’s Indoor Track 1,000m with a 2:52:17
-Women’s Indoor Track 4x800m Relay (Team Time of 9:35.33)
-Women’s Outdoor Track 800m with a 2:14:90
-Women’s Outdoor Track Distance Medley Relay (Team Time of 12:18.36)
-Women’s Outdoor Track 4x800m Relay (Team Time of 9:23.74)
-Women’s Top 10 XC 5K with a 18.05.90
-Women’s Top 10 XC 6K with a 21:34.00

Let’s now fast forward 3 years later, post-college and see what she’s up to these days! Hope you all enjoy and feel free to leave any comments or feedback!


1. What are you currently training for?

Rochester half-marathon on September 18.

2. What does your average week of training look like?

I typically run 3 times a week (2 workouts, 1 long run) and strength/cross train the other days. I (try to) reserve Sundays for yoga.

3. What is your goal time?

Under 1:30 for the half

4. What advice would you give to someone looking to get into running?

Be patient and be persistent. It takes at least 2 weeks to get in shape so don’t expect to end the first week running a 5k at 7 minute pace. It can be real tough at first, but stick with it–it DOES get easier.

​5. Favorite workout routine at the moment?

HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts are always my go-to; they’re quick and dirty. I find a lot of good strength ones on www.bodybuilding.com

6. Favorite grocery store?

What a silly question. Wegmans, duh.

7. Who is your role model?

My momma.

8. Why is that ^ person your role model?

She’s been running since middle school and has yet to stop. And she’s just overall the best human being I’ve ever encountered.

9. ​​​​​​Name your favorite dessert – doesn’t have to be healthy 🙂

I’m a sucker for a good eclair. Strawberry shortcake is also one of my absolute faves. OR warm apple pie and ice cream. I’ll pretty much eat anything you put in front of me.

​10. What does your morning routine look like?​

I usually wake up between 5:30-6:00, depending on if I am running or going to the gym that day. Do my workout, shower, make a smoothie for breakfast, and am out the door for work by 8:15.

11. Favorite drink of choice to enjoy with your lunch?

Seltzer. Also super into the Kevita Probiotic and Bai drinks. I love bubbles.

12. What do you hope to accomplish in one year?

Fitness-wise, I want to build myself a booty. Life-wise, figure out my next (literal) move in life; I wanna explore a new city, I just need to figure out which one!

13. What about 5 years?

To have run the Boston Marathon.

14. If you were stranded on a remote island, name 3 things you would bring.

My brother Joey (good for strength and brains), phone with a portable charger to call for help, and a water filter. Really thought logically about that one.

15. What new food did you recently try and LOVE?

Hapi brand Wasabi peas are bomb.

16. Favorite motivational quote?

“Remind yourself daily that someone is happier with less than what you possess.”

17. How do you recover after a hard workout?

Treat mahself to a yummy meal like my mom’s famous homemade pizzas!

18. What is your favorite strength routine in the gym?

I like picking about 8 exercises and doing a circuit of 1-minute on/45seconds off of various strength workouts. Some exercises I like to do are pull-ups, box jump burpees, renegade push-ups, deadlift to squat press, wallstand push-ups, weighted running arms, etc.

19. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?


20. Last question, ​what keeps you motivated?​

Truthfully, food. Knowing that if I workout hard, I can (hopefully) continue eating whatever the heck I want.

What I love about RXBARs

What I love about RXBARs

If you follow my daily postings through my instagram account, you’ve probably noticed my latest obsession with rxbars. What I love about these bars (and you’ll easily find it on the packaging) – these bars have absolutely “no BS”. They’re as natural as it gets. I also love that these bars are both high in healthy fats AND high in protein. Typically if I’m lacking in my macros for protein, I’ll go for a quest bar. And on the other hand, if I’m lacking in fat, I may go for a larabar.
Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 2.05.44 PM
RXBARs make it easy to get both in one serving! The bars contain roughly 12 grams of protein which come from both the 3 egg whites that are included in the ingredients and the nuts. The bars are rich in antioxidants, healthy fats, protein, and of course GREAT flavor to keep you full and satisfied!
Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 2.06.17 PM
Recently, I ordered their sample pack online so that I could finally get my hands on ALL of their new, delicious flavors! Unfortunately, the only grocery store by me that carries them is Wegmans, but they only carry 3 flavors. So, being as obsessed with them as I am, I couldn’t help but purchase the sample pack.
Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 2.05.57 PM
Their flavors now include the following: Coconut Chocolate, Blueberry, Chocolate Sea Salt, Pumpkin Spice, Peanut Butter, Coffee Chocolate, Apple Cinnamon and Mint Chocolate Chip.
Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 2.06.29 PM
My favorites so far? In order, my top 3 would have to be …Chocolate Sea Salt taking 3rd place, Pumpkin Spice taking 2nd (legitimately tastes like pumpkin pie), and last but not least…Mint Chocolate Chip taking 1st place!
If you can’t decide which flavor to try, my suggestion? Go for the sample pack. You are welcome!

Essentials you Should Always Have in your Kitchen

Essentials you Should Always Have in your Kitchen

When it comes to balancing food shopping and your budget – I totally get it. It’s a constant battle.

Whole Foods > Whole Pay Check?
Organic > Not Organic?
Quest bars > Kind Bars?
Almond Butter > Peanut Butter?

For me …I find that some weeks I give in to the Whole Food brain wash and buy every healthy, organic snack I see on the shelf. And some weeks, I go in with a tight budget and an even leaner grocery list. I find this balance works. Especially when you can stock up on the right essentials to save you at least a few grocery trips!

So when is it worth spending those extra few bucks on groceries when it could have gone to that new lulu sports bra you’ve been eyeing? Let me share with you my faves!

  • Chia Seeds: Lucky for you – Wegmans and Whole Foods carry these in their bulk food section! Otherwise, this product is quite popular and can be found at most health food stores or even online through Amazon Prime!
  • Goji Berries: Again, these berries can be quite pricey – but I swear by them! They are the perfect sweet topper or can be great for snacking! Again – these can be bought in bulk or can be found in a packaged bag. Keep an eye out for sales on both these and chia seeds!
    Red dried goji berries in wooden spoon
    Red dried goji berries in wooden spoon
  • Amazing Grass Product: I’ve been using the chocolate infusion for quite some time now. You can refer to my recipe here — you’ll see I rave about all of the nutrients you’re getting in just one scoop! This brand is a bit expensive, but when it comes to spending a few extra dollars – the health return you get from 1 scoop is completely worth it!
  • Almond Butter: I absolutely love almond butter – but let’s be honest, some of the brands like Justin’s can be a bit expensive! It’s great to splurge every now and then, but if you kill a jar of almond butter in a week like I do, it may be time to re-evaluate how much money is going into one jar! Stick to the bulk food section and make your own container of almond butter. Both Whole Foods and Wegmans have this option.
  • Coconut Oil: I LOVE coconut oil and I now buy it in 2 forms. I have a the big jar and I have the spray kind. I’ve been able to find the spray bottle for a much cheaper price through the brand PAM.
    Maca Powder: Again another superfood, that is on the pricier side. But here’s the good news, you only need about 2 tsps to get the nutrients you need from this green powder! So make sure you splurge on the price, but are generous with your serving size!
  • Almond Milk: Thank god for the 2.8L of Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk that I buy. This large carton lasts forever and is most definitely one of my essentials, whether it be for smoothies, oatmeal, or just some coffee!
    almond milk
  • Frozen Veggie Burgers: These are an easy, quick go-to when your in need for protein! Throw them in a salad, whip one up for dinner – whatever works! I tend to switch up the brands. So far, I’ve tried Dr. Praegers California Veggie Burgers, Amy’s California Veggie Burgers, Vegan Boca Burgers, and the Engine 2 Diet Veggie Burgers – all of which are great choices in my opinion! But the Engine 2 really spiced up my taste buds.
  • Frozen Shrimp: Similar to the veggie burgers, these are another go to of mine. You can usually find these in bulk and they’re so quick and easy. They go perfectly in a stir-fry, with a pasta dish – you name it! Definitely worth an investment on my grocery list.
  • Frozen Acai Packages: I buy mine from the brand Sambazon and you can now find these in the frozen food section of most grocery stores. They are great for a filling smoothie or acai bowl and can work for any meal of the day!


Banza Pasta Topped with a Curry Butternut Squash Sauce

Banza Pasta Topped with a Curry Butternut Squash Sauce

For some reason, pasta isn’t always a product that lands on my grocery list. It’s not that I necessarily stay away from pasta, it’s just not typically a meal I plan for during the week. I tend to treat pasta as a “special” meal, which is crazy to me because let’s be honest, I could easily eat pasta every night and be content with that.
When it comes to pasta, I’ve tried quite a variation. I’ve had quinoa pasta, brown rice pasta, whole wheat pasta, gluten-free pasta, zucchini “pasta”, basil pasta …I seriously thought I tried it all! Up until recently when a friend (thanks jackie!!) introduced me to Banza Chickpea Pasta (high protein pasta made from chickpeas). Now let me tell you, as crazy as this sounds, you would never realize you’re eating pasta made from chickpeas! The texture, taste, consistency, shape – everything about it is easily comparable to any other regular pasta! Not to mention the taste is on point!
Anyway, I was inspired by a few of my favorite fall squashes – butternut squash! I was craving comfort food. So, why not create a creamy butternut squash sauce for this pasta! Healthy, filling, and warmed with all of those delicious fall flavors. Try out the dish below and let me know what you think! It’s the perfect mix of sweet and spicy for this time of year!


– Banza Chickpea Pasta
– 3/4 can of butternut squash
– 2 tbsp Olive Oil
– 2 cloves of garlic finely chopped
– 1/2 cup large yellow onion finally chopped
– 1 tsp curry powder
– 1/2 tsp chili powder
– 1/2 tsp salt
– A shake of black pepper (add based on preference)
– A dash of cayenne pepper
– 1 cup chopped Mushrooms


  • Bring water to a boil and follow the Banza Chickpea directions accordingly.
  • While your water is coming to a boil, begin with a large skillet and add your olive oil as it warms on a medium heat.
  • Add your chopped garlic and yellow onion. Let that cook for about 2-3 minutes.
  • Next you’ll add your mushrooms to sauté. Let those (and any other additional vegetables you wish to add) cook for about 5 minutes.
  • As this is cooking, add your seasonings of curry, chili powder, salt & black pepper.
  • Lastly, you’ll add your butternut squash directly into the skillet. Mix this well into the pan and let cook for an additional 2-4 minutes on low heat in order to warm the squash up in the sauce.
  • It may help to add about 1 TBSP or more of warm water to help soften up the sauce and thin it out if you wish to do so. You could also choose to add some heavy whipping cream or plain greek yogurt to the sauce if you’re looking make it creamier and thicker. Totally up to you and your preference!
  • Once your pasta is done and drained, you can add that directly into the large skillet with the sauce and mix well so that the pasta is completely covered. Enjoy and serve warm!

*If you decide to store over night, make sure to keep in an enclosed container. I’d suggest you add about 1-1.5 TBSP of water when re-heating your pasta & sauce as it will have a tendency to clump and harden a bit when sitting in the fridge. I reheated mine for about 2 minutes.


Top Fall Jamz

Top Fall Jamz

No, I’m not referring to the kind of sweet, fruitful jams that are oh so perfect on a slightly browned piece of toast…no, I’m talking about music jams. Just as good, right?!?
Anyway, nothing like some good pump up music to get you motivated as the temperature begins to drop and hibernation slowly but surely, becomes more tempting. For those that are familiar with my blog, likely know how obsessed I am with dance music. Whether it’s trap, big room, or deep house – I love it all and therefore basically eat, sleep, breathe it.

Now, don’t knock em till ya try em!

Scrub the Ground – Tommie Sunshine & Chocolate Puma
Won’t stop rocking the beat – R3hab & Headhunterz
90’s by Nature – Lucas and Steve Remix
Crunk – Siege
X – Dyro
Save Me – Keys n’ Krates
Wombass – Oliver Heldens & Tiesto
Ready to Fly – Mr Belt and Wezol
Split (Only U) – Chainsmokers & Tiesto
Sky High – Firebeatz
Deeper Love – Jauz
Squad Out – Skrillex & Jauz
Boss Mode – Knife Party
Odesza All we need remix – Dzecko and Torres
Jewlez and Sparks – Dope
Give me some – Fedde Le Grand and Merk & Kremont
Devotion – Bingo Players Jewlez and Sparks Remix

The Struggle is Real

The Struggle is Real

So the title here says it all. There are quite honestly some mornings where I wake up – groggy, unmotivated, unenthused by the day ahead of me. Now I’m sure I’m not the ONLY one that feels like that, right?? I mean let’s face the truth – summer is gone and we’ve now welcomed Fall (or pretending to) with open arms. Us Bostonians can already feel the crispness in the air or can see the frost glistening on cars early in the AM. For those of you familiar with my blog and therefore, my workout routine – I face it head on, early in the morning…every day. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you even get a pretty sunrise as pictured below!


Whether I like it or not, I’ve committed. I’ve even rubbed off on my boyfriend who was so fortunate enough to have dealt with my 5AM wakeup call that he just couldn’t resist anymore! It’s actually a HUGE motivating factor when on the mornings where I snooze my alarm too many times to count, he rolls out of bed and gets going. Now, my competitive nature instantly would fight back and I would have no choice, but to get out of bed and follow suit.

Side note: a fun fact about Boston is that parking SUCKS. You’re lucky as hell if you find parking included with your apartment. If you’re unfortunate like ourselves, than you’re likely paying $125 or more a month for a (crappy) parking spot, that is most certainly, NOT right outside of your apartment. What is our parking spot like you ask? Well we park in tandem. So if I pull in first and Justin pulls in after me – I’m trapped until he leaves. As you can imagine – this has caused A LOT of stress on our relationship! LOL but all kidding aside – the point of bringing this up is that this parking situation has secretly set us up for success in getting out of bed for our workouts in the morning. If one of us commits to going and our car is blocking the other, we can’t decide last minute the next morning to call it quits. So, as much as I love to hate our tandem spots – it is another motivating factor locking us into our morning workout routines!

Now, I realize not everyone may have a roommate or tandem parking spots to keep them on track in the mornings – so how else do I stay motivated? My biggest realization was beginning Kayla Itsines. I discovered how important it is to follow a routine workout plan and make sure it’s FUN and that you SWITCH IT UP. This is key. I used to only run, every day. As much as I love running, it got boring and I most certainly did not look forward to getting up in the morning for it. When you switch up your routine enough (and choose something fun and exciting) it keeps you motivated, trust me. Whether I’m doing Kayla (or customized versions of HITT), trying out a new ClassPass studio, or doing a nice run – it more than always, gets me excited! So, what does my usual routine look like?


Monday – Kayla Itsines Leg Day! I get up and head straight to the gym at my office. I drink a coffee (w/ a spoonful of coconut oil) on the way and then I’m ready to go when I hit the gym.
Tuesday – Morning Run Day! // Depending on my energy level, I may hit up a reformer Pilates class or yoga in the evening (through ClassPass of course)!
Wednesday – Kayla Itsines Abs/Arms!
Thursday – Morning Run Day and potential class in the evening!
Friday – Kayla Itsines Abs/Arms!
Saturday – Either REST // ClassPass (Yoga, Barre, Pilates, etc.) // or Long Run
Sunday – Either REST // ClassPass (Yoga, Barre, Pilates, etc.) // or Long Run (I wouldn’t do a long run both days – just choose between one or another)

There you have it folks! Though it’s not always easy and it CERTAINLY can be a struggle, it’s always worth it. I find a way to make it work because my body, my health, my mind – are all SO important to me!

Tone it Up and the Kayla Movement…What’s This all About?

Tone it Up and the Kayla Movement…What’s This all About?

If I were to guess, the majority of you likely know about my blog because of my instagram account @eatrunandallinbetween OR through my Facebook account which if you’ve looked at my page…the only “social presence” I have on there are my continuous blog post updates #nofriends?! ANYWAY, the reason I bring this up is because using social media accounts such as instagram is a really great way to get motivated, be inspired, check in, and stay on track with your health and fitness journey! There are SO many wonderful fitness accounts out there that I follow. Seriously, I think I learn a new thing everyday. That being said, there seems to always be two popular fitness “movements” that I always see trending on social media. Ever heard of Tone it Up or the Kayla Movement? Katrina and Karena or Kayla Itsines?
If not, I suggest you look into these different accounts and the impact that they’re making on the fitness community. It’s actually INSANE to see how many women’s lives have been changed thanks to the wonderful fitness plans, nutrition suggestions, workouts, motivation, etc. that these ladies have shared through social media. They’ve created a fabulous cult of kind and motivating women who check in daily through their instagram accounts AND all the while, commenting, sharing, and encouraging other women that are on the same fitness journey. Whether it’s through sharing each other’s progress pictures, posting your specific meal preps, encouraging one another when a “check in” photo is uploaded. The support that I’ve been seeing on instagram is more powerful than ever right now.
I feel like when I started my blog over 2 years ago, I saw far more “cyber bullying” through instagram. Girls putting down other girls. Too skinny or too fat, paleo verses vegan, cross fit verses HIIT, strong opinions on workouts and nutrition plans that work and those that fail. However, lately, I’ve noticed more of a supportive movement. Perhaps the cyber bullying is still there, but the encouragement and support is just more over powering than the negative vibes out there. Regardless of what it is, it’s so inspiring and amazing to see how the health and fitness community has grown on instagram and through other forms of social media. I think a lot of this is owed to these two accounts.
Schermafbeelding 2014-04-20 om 22.04.56
Typically, I’ve very skeptical on purchasing nutrition or fitness plans. I feel like I’ve done a lot of research of my own to get to where I am today. However, seeing the transformation pics out there through these two different fitness/nutrition plans, you can’t deny that they’re doing something right. Then it comes down to whether you actually want to go ahead and spend the money to purchase these plans. I think purchasing one of these plans would do AMAZING things for you both mentally and physically. However, some of us don’t have $100 to spend on a fitness booklet.
tiu yoga
So what’s plan B? How do you get the results that these girls have been seeing? Get on instagram! Seriously, so many meal prep plans and workouts are posted. Just search #toneitup, #kaylamovement, #kaylaitsines, #TIU …you’ll find a never-ending assortment of girls just like you posting their progress through workouts and meal plans. Additionally, both different products have blogs out there as well. Tone it Up has a free newsletter/email subscription you can sign up for and a blog AND they have a number of youtube workout video’s out there. Kayla Itsines has a really great blog that shares recipes, tips on Meal Prep 101, and more.

As you can see…there really are NO excuses now. You’d be surprised at the amount of tips and helpful advice that can be shared and inspired. Plus you’ll gain an amazing support system through motivated people just like yourself!

Cheers to 2015!

Cheers to 2015!

Happy (much delayed) New year everyone! I’m back and wanted to give you all a quick rundown on what I’ve been up to the past few weeks and explain why I’ve been a bit absent from my blog and Instagram. As many of you may know, I’ve been out in Palo Alto, California for the past 9 months (April 2014 – December 2014). I’m in a Human Resources Rotational Program and had the amazing opportunity to rotate out in CA. It was an amazing learning experience being right there in the valley and seeing real-time, how quickly the tech world evolves! I also had the chance to do quite a bit of traveling while out there – Northern CA (Sonoma, Napa, Geyserville, Healdsburg), San Francisco, Southern CA (San Diego, Laguna Beach, Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach, Malibu), Santa Barbara, Monetery, Carmel, Santa Cruz, and so much more! Lastly, as cliché as it sounds, I don’t think my California experience wouldn’t have been what it was without the amazing friends I made along the way.

Anyhow, I moved back home on December 17th permanently to round up and begin my last rotation back in Mass. Everyone keeps asking me – do you miss California? Are you sad to be back?

To be honest, I absolutely LOVED California, I mean it’s hard not to, am I right?? But, it’s so bittersweet because I’m finally in the same state as my boyfriend after being in a long distance relationship since May of 2013! Plus, I’m close to my family and friends again – which has also been pretty hard being away from. That being said, my boyfriend and I are certainly not settled down for good in MA. We have hopes and dreams of moving around a bit before that…maybe even giving California another chance ; )

In addition to my arrival home, it’s been kind of a whirlwind over the past few weeks! With Christmas and family celebrations, a quick trip to Marco Island, Florida, a 24 hour stint in New York City to spend NYE with some great friends and to see some of my fave DJs, a weekend trip to Baltimore to celebrate Justin’s bday, a quick trip to Long Island, and a night out in Providence celebrating my sisters 21st birthday…I don’t think I’ve settled since I’ve been home!




Given all that has been going on over the past few weeks, I actually made a surprisingly REALLY good effort to stay on track with my workouts and healthy eating. Granted I certainly splurged a bit over the holiday feast, I made sure to not lose sight of my workouts and make up where I could with the clean eating. I think this is the first year where I’ve really stayed motivated over the holidays and had my eyes set on a healthy beginning to the New Year.

To wrap up, I’m pretty excited for this year! I have a lot of goals and aspirations. To name a few…
– Volunteer consistently on the weekends with an organization that helps kids stay fit and play sports (a passion of mine that I believe is very important to share with young kids). Haven’t yet found the right organization for this, so if anyone knows of what, please feel free to comment below!
– My boyfriend and I are saving to move into our first apartment together beginning this summer!
– I am vowed to continue attending and hopefully advancing in both barre and yoga in hopes of improving my flexibility and strength. Cutting back on the running has allowed for me to fit so many new workouts into my routine!
– Put more time into my blog.
– Now that I’m back home on the east coast, make a bigger effort to continue planning time to get together with friends, family, and colleagues at work. Keeping those relationships and networks strong is SO important!
– Keep up with cooking, meal prepping, and clean eating.
– Build a strong network at work, get my name out, prove myself, and come September, interview for both attainable and far-reach roles.

The above list are a few of my aspirations for 2015. What are yours? Feel free to comment and share below! It’s so motivating to hear about what other people are doing! Have a great 2015 everyone!

My Top Workout Jamz

My Top Workout Jamz

So for those of you who may not know me well, music is literally everything to me. I try to surround myself with music 24/7. If you discover what you like – music can be so powerful. I know I sound ridiculous right now, but if I’m feeling tired/sleepy/sad/happy/excited …I can literally always find something on my playlist to enhance that mood. It’s such a game changer. I’ll listen to some super upbeat, heavy bass music for my workouts, then switch to calmer, deep house music in the AM, then I’ll move back to some more upbeat jams to get me through the work day, then I’ll likely progress into some more flowly/groovy/house jams at night – especially, If I end with some relaxing bedtime yoga. Make fun of me all you want, but music is what makes me happy. What works for you?

As you can see, music defines my day. Given that, here are some of my favorite jams to get you pumped for workouts. Enjoy!

Running/Barre/Cycling/Weight Room/HIIT (Most Big Room House, Tech House, Progressive House, and Some Trap)

Bourne – Will Sparks
Hey Mama – David Guette ft. Nicki Minaj & Afrojack
The Dance Floor is Yours – Hardwell and W&W
Momementum – Hook N Sling
Against All Odds – Dyro
SuperWave – Ummet Ozcan
Savior – Bassjackers
Wait for you – Dannic & Shermanology
Calabria – Rune RK (Firebeatz Remix)
Black Betty – JL & Afterman Remix
We Make it Bounce – Dillon Francis (Ft. Major Lazer & Stylo G)
Red Dawn – Knife Party
404 – Knife Party
Heroes – Alesso ft. Tove Lo
United We Dance – Vicetone
Burnin’ – Calvin Harris & R3hab
Bootcamp – Jay Hardway
Resistance – Knife Party
Boss Mode – Knife Party
Somehow – Dash Berlin ft 3Lau ft. Bright Lights
Runaway – Galantis (Kaskade Remix)
Virus – Martix Garrix & MOTI
Pulse- Daddy’s Groove ft. TeamMate
Deja Vu – (ft. Delora) DVBBS & Joey Dale
Burn – KSHMR & DallasK
Like That – Bassjackers
Don’t Stop the Madness – W&W, Hardwell (ft. Fat Man Scoop)
Tokyo By Night (Axwell remix) – Hook N Sling ft. Karin Park
Recess – Skrillex (Bone N Skin Remix)
Up All Night – Arty Ft. Angel Taylor
Never Dies – Yellow Claw (ft. Lil Eddie)

Yoga/Flow/Vinyassa: (Mix of House, Deep House, Indie/Nu Disco, Tech House)

Firestone – Kygo
Faded (Big Gigantic Remix) – Zhu
Piano Weapon – Shadow Child
Everybody be Somebody – Ruffneck ( Lucas & Steve Remix)
Let her Go (Kygo Remix) – Passenger
Koala – Oliver Heldens
In the Air – Morgan Page (SNBRN remix)
Outlines – Mike Mago & Dragonette
Sunlight – The Magician (Blonde Remix)
Wiggle – Lizzie Curious
Prayer in C (Robin Schulz Remix) – Lilly Wood & The Prick and Robin Schulz
West Coast (Krooked Remix) – Lana Del Ray
Ultraviolence (Hook N Sling Remix) – Lana Del Ray
Stay – Henry Krinkle (Justin Martin Remix)
Beating Heart – Steve James Remix; Ellie Goulding
Heartbeat (Bentley Grey Remix) – Childish Gambino
Fade (ft. Zak Waters) – Adventure CLub
A Little More – Kaskade ft. John Dahlback ft. Sansa
Fade out Lines – The Avener
Do you Mind – Christian Nielsen
Push the Feelings – Criminal Vibes (Club Mix)
THIS – Oliver Heldens and Sander Van Doorn
Colour – Felon (Club Mix)
Walking With Elephants – Ten Walls
We Were Young – SRTW (Sascha Kloeber Remix)
Sweets (Soda Pop) – Fox Stevenson
Feel Good – Robin THicke (Oliver Heldens Remix)
A lot like Love – The Voyagers (Oliver Heldens Remix)
Kuaga – Pierce Fulton

It’s that time of year…Holiday Tips for a Guilt Free Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year…Holiday Tips for a Guilt Free Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year again! How can you prepare for the holidays guilt free?

Let me help by sharing with you on what I will be/have been doing! Yesterday, I did a ONE day juice cleanse! I’ve started doing 1 day juice cleanses every now and then for a few reasons. Well, the first, to be blunt, is that I can’t actually make it more than one day! The second being, I always feel so much better waking up the day after juicing. I know one day doesn’t seem like a lot, but I can definitely feel a difference. Your tummy feels flatter, you’re not worn down by any late night desserts and sugars, it boosts your metabolism and helps assist your digestive system, and lastly I just feel more refreshed, like I’m starting at point 0 again!

All of those reasons and some are why I decided to cleanse before Thanksgiving. I want to enjoy the food, guilt free, and of course enjoy the company without worrying over what I’m eating. By cleansing beforehand, I feel like I’m prepping myself accordingly. By starting on a fresh note, it’s more of an incentive to stay as “clean” as possible over the holiday time. I mean, if I suffered through a day of juicing, do I really want to waste that away with multiple pies??

So, now you know juicing is prep #1. Prep #2 is something that hopefully you’ve been already doing somewhat consistently, but continue to workout. Don’t let the holidays stop you! It’s important to continue in your routine, whatever it may be. For me, I’ve been doing Barre like every day possible over the past 2 weeks. Since I won’t be attending any actual classes over the holidays, I’m planning on mimicking the moves to the best of my ability. Additionally, I’ve made a goal to myself to do at least 30 minutes a day of something AND at least 15-20 minutes of quick flow-vinyassa yoga in the morning. Just beginning your day with yoga is a perfect way to get you in the right mindset, plus this is a great way to get your metabolism going first thing in the AM! And don’t forget to sign up those turkey trots! 😉 FUN FACT: SAN FRANCISCO AIRPORT HAS A YOGA STUDIO!! See people, I found a way to get 25 minutes of yoga into my morning routine before my 7:50 AM flight : )
Now for the actual day of, here are some healthy meal tips:

Eat breakfast. Nothing to heavy, but I highly suggest having a breakfast. Again, this will kick your metabolism into gear and will help to fight off hunger pains later in the day. Yogurt is a great kick starter to avoid bloating – pair that with ½ banana, some berries and almonds and you’re good to go! You could also help yourself to a green smoothie or berry smoothie of some sort as well. Or throw some eggs and veggies together. All options are great!
Try to avoid mindless snacking throughout the day. NOW, this is one I really need to focus on because I’m typically always guilty of being a mindless snacker. What do I mean by mindless snacking? Well, avoiding multiple handfuls of assorted nuts (this can quickly add up in calories throughout the day), cheese and crackers, chips and salsa, etc. If you are looking to snack, aim for things like hummus, veggies, pita, organic granola bars (larabars, KIND bars), high protein bars (questbar), 1 handful of raw almonds, fruit, a salad, or a soup (as long as it is light on the cream)!
Try to stay active throughout the day. I know typically on thanksgiving, it’s easy to fall into the trap of sitting on your coach all day and watching football. But try and keep moving as much as possible. Invite a family member for a quick walk outside. Or if you’re really glued to that football game, do some abs, push-ups, squats, and lunges – you don’t even need to leave your spot!
Come dinner time…keep your head in the game, this is the final test! Avoid foods that are… high in oils, butters, and fats. Stay away from anything fried. Try and avoid foods that are heavy in cream as well << This one can be challenging since meals like mashed potatoes, butternut squash soup, etc. are made with heavy whipping creams. So if this is the case, just remember one thing, it’s all about the PORTION SIZE! • Typical Thanksgiving Day Foods you should be eating… – baked potato (no toppings), sweet potatoes, any veggies (brussel sprouts green beans), turkey, salads, soups (just check with chef on how much heavy cream is mixed in – these can be made very healthy and low in cals if you prep it right), a piece of a seedy/whole wheat bread!
• Now after you finish your dinner – GO WALK! It’s so important to move around after feasting!
Dessert – This is a tricky one – let’s just hope there are something healthier options like a shortcake with low-fat cool whip and strawberries, or a fruit salad, or light oatmeal/pumpkin cookies. However, I fully support treating yourself to dessert – so if there’s a pie you’ve been eyeing – GO FOR IT! You shouldn’t refrain from enjoying the good stuff, just keep your portions small! You can bet I’ll be giving into my sweet tooth 😉
• Lastly, take advantage of a free Friday! NO work, no school – go out and enjoy the day with some refreshing exercise after a day of feasting over Thanksgiving! Just because you enjoyed a few extra treats on Thanksgiving day, also doesn’t mean you need to restrict yourself on Friday. Just get back into your normal routine of healthy meals and workouts. You’ll survive 😉
Hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving break!

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