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getting REAL with you.

getting REAL with you.

Hi guys!

I know it’s been quite awhile since I’ve blogged. For me, blogging is very ebb and flow. I haven’t felt myself lately, nor have I felt that creative drive to just write. Rather than being inauthentic with you…it’s sometimes easier to just take a break! However, lately, there’s been a topic on my mind that I feel the need to bring to light. Having been in the blogging world for quite some time now, I’ve heard it all – “your life is amazing, you’re so balanced, you’re so fit, you’re so motivated, you’re always so positive, etc. etc.” Though it’s quite flattering to hear these thing, it’s not always the truth and I hate that instagram sometimes portrays it that way. Yes, I’m the one who is sharing these photos, recording stories, etc. But I don’t always share the whole “woe is me” story since I do my best to be this positive light and I think there’s a fine balance between oversharing and not sharing enough. At the same time, I do try to share my struggles with you every now and then because I want you to understand that I too, am HUMAN and we are not perfect. I prefer to do this through writing rather than a little blurb on a photo or me talking to you through a story (just my personal preference on how I prefer to get my words out).

What you don’t see behind the perfectly posed pictures, are my everyday struggles, just like everyone else! We all have them. Yes I get to work from home as part of my full-time job, but is this my dream job? No. Do I know what the hell I want to do with my life? Still no. Was BerryGood Bliss a success? Nope. Does that mean I’m giving up on it forever? Also no. The biggest thing lately however, has been dealing with the stress of balancing divorced parents who do not get along, while planning a big wedding. I’ll be honest, this has not been the most “enjoyable” experience I thought it would be to plan a wedding. It’s not to say it’s all been bad at all, but it definitely hasn’t been smooth sailing either. Trust me, I know this weekend will all come together and it will be amazing…and of course, the best part, I get to marry my best friend. That being said, I’m the kind of person who always feels the need to please, which means I find myself constantly playing this balancing act between my parents. Lately my anxiety and stress levels have been at an all time high, which I’ve shared with them both. I had been keeping it to myself for quite some time, but recently it all boiled up. I know I shouldn’t keep these things to myself, but again, it goes back to me always wanting to remain strong and please everyone. At the end of the day, I know it’s neither of my parents intention to have their personal feelings between one another affect me…sadly it’s the “not so easy” side of divorce and wedding planning isn’t exactly rainbows and butterflies when you are trying to all get “along”. If only there was a how-to book for situations like this (haha …wishful thinking)!

As a result of my anxiety being heighted, I find myself falling into unhealthy habits of feeling sorry for myself and unconnected with my TRUE self. I haven’t been meditating or practicing yoga as much. I’d rather sit on the couch at night then do something productive. I reach for sugary foods on weekends that I think will “make all things better”. Oh the list could go on. However, at the end of the day, the only person who has the power to change things is MYSELF. Fortunately enough, I thrive in warmer weather and with Spring finally coming to life in Boston, I’ve felt more driven to stop feeling sorry myself and bring back some positive habits into my life like journaling, walking, listening to positive podcasts, connecting with friends, going to group fitness classes and so on.

The point is, instagram can be REALLY great but also can be do detrimental on mental health and wellness. Though I hate to admit it, I certainly catch myself scrolling through instagram, comparing, wishing I had something that someone has achieved, feeling sorry for myself and so on. What I’ve found lately that has helped is taking a step back and truly being grateful for what I DO have in my life. We all are unique and have strengths that make us WHO we ARE. I’ve been doing this through journaling and simply sharing things that I’m both grateful for AND writing down the things I love about myself. Again, I don’t mean to share all of this because I want you to feel sorry for me. I just want you to know that we all have struggles and it can be really easy to hide behind instagram and pretend like life is perfect. At the end of the day, the bad comes with the GOOD and there is always a light at the end of the tunnel 🙂



Staying Motivated. 

I get this question asked a lot…how on EARTH do I stay motivated while managing a busy schedule? Unfortunately, I probably don’t have the answer you want to hear…(no, there’s no magic potion or superfood out there…hehe…although I wish there was) but I do have tips that have helped me over the years! I’ll be honest; my commitment to fitness has basically been a way of life for me that was engraved into my younger self beginning in high school. Being part of the cross-country and track & field team throughout high-school was key to learning how to manage time, while also prioritizing my love for running and obligation to competing my best on the high school varsity team. Though it was in high school where I learned to manage time, clean eating didn’t come until much later in life (I’ll get to the in a bit). After high school, I went on to run competitively on my universities DI track & field and cross-country team. I couldn’t imagine my life without being part of a team (hence why I’ve continued to seek that same sense of community through other outlets like Corepower Yoga).  That leads me to my first TIP…


Though it may sound cliché, having a support group has always been the most important and motivating factor in maintaining my dedication to fitness. I can especially attest to this during my college running career. I don’t know what I would have done without my best friends (all of whom I ran with from Day 1) by my side throughout those 4 years. From struggling to get to 6am weight lifting sessions, to VERY long 2-day track meets, to grueling intervals on the track, to HOT long run days early in the cross-country season…these girls helped me get through every second of those moments where I wanted to give up.  

My point here? Find a support group that will be there for you when times get tough. Find that community that keeps you motivated. Keep those friends around who are going to push you to be the BEST version of yourself, not those who try to knock you down. This is why going to group fitness classes can be a really great way to build that community and find the RIGHT one for you. Remember, you’re not necessarily going to “click” with every fitness class you try and that’s OK. For me, I found Corepower. For others, it may be Soul Cycle, Cross Fit, Barry’s Boot Camp, Barre3…the list goes on and on! Find your COMMUNITY, build on those friendships, and lastly find a class that you actually ENJOY. At the end of the day fitness should be fun….which…you guessed it…this leads to my next TIP…


I feel like we’ve slowly gone away from this idea that fitness should be fun. Fitness isn’t about killing yourself over 2-a-days and going HARD every single day without any rest day. Fitness doesn’t have to always involve cardio, weights, or even breaking a crazy sweat. Unfortunately, due to social media, there’s this false idea that you should be spending more than an hour a day breaking a killer sweat, burning crazy amount of calories, and essentially creating this picture that you should be miserable after every workout, otherwise, you’re not pushing hard enough. These are all LIEZZZZ!!! My idea of fun? LOUD MUSIC that gets my body moving. Any workout that can be done in under an hour. Workouts that are different and keep both my body AND mind guessing. Fitness classes that make you feel welcomed and not “left out” if you have no idea what the F you’re doing. Workouts that leaving you feeling (naturally) high on LIFE after (not dead lol)! And yes…somedays I truly ENJOY doing treadmill sprints for 45 minutes. BUT that doesn’t mean I do that every day…TRUST me. There’s definitely a crazy side of me that enjoys pushing past my limits…but I am now more aware that these kind of workouts are a 1x a week (if that) kind of thing and your body NEEDS to recover before and after.


I touched on it briefly above, but switching up at least a few times a week is important for so many reasons! For one, let’s start with the obvious. Switching things up keeps you from getting bored with the workout you’re doing. Let’s do the math here…BOREDOM = NOT FUN. NEW and EXCITING = FUN! Sorry if that’s cheesy but it’s the fricken TRUTH. I used to run…every…single…day…for 8+ years straight. And you wonder why I’m so anti-running these days? Don’t get me wrong I love going for a run when the weather outside is RIGHT or I’m always down for some interval sprints on the treadmill. But, running every single day made me want to hate it…which is sad, because I actually do enjoy running, however, it got to the point of where I started to rebel against it. My “fitness routine” changes regularly since I love to always change things up!

Here’s what a typical week looks like for me RIGHT NOW:

  • Corepower Yoga Sculpt 1 or 2x
  • Yoga 2x
  • Soul Cycle or Treadmill Intervals or Stair Stepper 1 or 2x
  • Special Fitness Class: recently tried SLT pilates and LOVE it. Also a big fan of Barry’s Boot Camp,

At least ONE rest day a week! I like to walk on these days ☺

Not only is it important to switch up your workouts to avoid boredom but it also helps to develop different muscles that may not get any attention if you’re say, running every day. Additionally, your body learns to adapt (and improve) and therefor, you consume less energy, which is why you may not see the changes you’re hoping to see in your body.  


Here’s another big thing that keeps me motivated is knowing that workouts lead to an overall more productive day for me. I’ve found that on days when I don’t get any movement in first thing in the AM, the whole day seems to drag on, I find that I have constant brain fog, I fall out of “good health” habits, and lastly, I just am not my “energized and outgoing” self.  I love the natural endorphins I get from working out…so yes, that gets me out of bed.


My last tip here is get an ample amount of sleep. More sleep = more energy to burn. On days I don’t get enough sleep, I use that time to take off from a workout and give my body time to recover. I know if I try to push myself on days when I’m feeling low in energy, my workouts too, reflect that same feeling. I do tend to wake up very early to squeeze my workouts in first thing in the AM (at least 3-4 days a week). How do I do this? It’s easy. I’m ALWAYS in bed by 9 or 9:30 latest. This is an absolute MUST. Now, my body is so used to that schedule, that waking up early has become so much easier for me and I now thrive in the mornings vs. at night.

At the end of the day…FITNESS is a part of my life. It’s what makes me the best version of myself and I purely love it for just that reason <3

The Evolution of Eat, Run, and Everything in Between: Where it all began & how I’VE evolved

The Evolution of Eat, Run, and Everything in Between: Where it all began & how I’VE evolved

The Evolution of Eat, Run, and Everything in Between: Where it all began and how I’VE evolved.

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while. It’s definitely long overdue. However, I also knew that writing this post would be a big undertaking. Why? Because I started this blog almost 5 years ago, at the beginning of my senior year in college. To those who have been following my journey from the start (primarily college besties & fam) THANK YOU for continuously supporting me through all my crazy foodie ups & downs. To those who are newer to the community, thanks for joining along! This post is to highlight the ups, the downs, and of course, everything in between of my health journey. This is certainly a more personal post of mine & is something I really don’t talk about often, even though my whole journey has truly shaped me to become the person I am proud of today! One last thing – I know this is long, but just stick through it, I promise there’s a purpose for sharing ALL of my past.

Though I began my blog nearing the end of my college career, my journey with food & health truly began around my sophomore year of high school. I had just completed my sophomore field hockey season and was starting up indoor track & field. I originally signed up for track as a means to stay in shape for field hockey and improve my speed. However, little did I know, this would turn into more than just that, running became a HUGE part of my life, very quickly. By the end of my spring track season, my coach and I began to realize that I had some talent here. I wouldn’t compare myself to the crazy fast girls on my team that went on to run at various Ivy leagues and such, but there was definitely something there worth exploring through A LOT of hard work, grueling track workouts, and serious dedication. At the end of my sophomore year, I decided I was going to pursue running all three seasons and drop field hockey. This was an extremely hard decision for me because I REALLY loved field hockey & it brought me so much joy. However, I knew that if I didn’t commit to training all year round, I wouldn’t make any of the championship meets I had longed to race at and would not be training with the fastest runners on the team.

That summer I trained my ass off, past the point of being “healthy/okay”. I look back at it now and it’s crazy to think I put my body through all of that! I would wake up early in the morning and go for a 5-miler. I’d come home, change, bike a few miles to the yacht club and then teach sailing all morning, have about a 1-hour break for lunch, then I had sailing lessons for another few hours out in the hot sun. I’d bike home and top off my mileage for the day anywhere from 3-5 more miles. I’d repeat this everyday that entire summer. On top of the increased running & additional exercise, I definitely was not feeding my body adequately. The added pressure I put on myself led to this idea that I had to have minimal fat on my body. The smaller I was, the faster a runner I would be. Of course now I know this is not true, but at the time, I really believed it. Also, I meant to mention that while all of this was going on, my parents were also in the process of getting a divorce. I think that is why I used running & food as an outlet. It was really the only thing at that time I could control and excel at. I also didn’t process it at the time, but running was 100% a form of meditation for me whether I realized it or not. PS – that fall, I ended up getting injured (stress fracture in my shin) early on in the XC season that put me out of commission for the rest of XC and into my winter track season. This was living proof that I put my body through too much and it had enough. It literally broke down.

That summer going into my junior year of high-school and prepping myself for cross-country was also the point in my life where my relationship with food changed. Before that point, I never thought to much on what I was putting into my body. There was no stress or anxiety that used to come around eating. Since then, I’ve had so many up’s and down’s with food – what’s healthy and what’s not? What’s the right diet and what’s not? The list goes on. Anyway, fast forward to the summer before entering my freshman year of college. I came into college pretty fit after following the XC training guide all summer. However, within just a few months, the “freshman 15” caught on for sure. I think I had this idea that because I ran everyday, I could also eat whatever I wanted to. I wasn’t used to this much freedom around food (and booze). On top of the weight gain, I also was not running fast. My body was changing, (as most most women do when hitting puberty – I was just a late bloomer!)and I wasn’t fueling myself with proper food to adapt to those changes.

Shifting to the summer going into my sophomore year of college, I decided running was the problem and quit XC. At the time, I do think this was the right decision for me. I joined the club field hockey team and still ran everyday. As a matter of fact, my running was improving and I was beginning to eat the RIGHT foods and not 3 servings of cheese pizza every night. Taking the pressure of competing on a college DI team out of the picture had a really positive affect on me. The only thing that I struggled with was that all of my best friends were still on the team. I missed them. Just as they were closing out their XC season, I reached out to the new track coach & before I knew it, I had rejoined the team and was prepared to compete that indoor track season. I’m so glad I took the time I needed to myself to realize that I really did miss my friends, the team atmosphere, and of course, competing. This had become a HUGE part of my life and would shape my college career.

That sophomore year, going into junior year I began to focus on my weight again and watch what food I was putting into my body. As you can probably tell, I become extremely passionate and determined when I put my mind to something. This tends to be why I hit a lot of extreme “highs” and “lows”. This type of mentality continued throughout the rest of my college years. I went abroad to Spain my junior year and definitely over-indulged. I would run long, grueling miles throughout my time there to try my best to keep some of the weight off. I came back that summer and once again, whipped myself into shape and watched what I was eating. This brings me to the beginning of my senior year of college where I wrote my first blog post.

This in itself was scary and definitely out of my comfort zone. I still remember the day I shared my first blog post on facebook. I was scared to see what people would think or say about me. At that time, blogging (especially on food, health, and wellness) was still fairly new. I wish I could have told the old me WHO CARES WHAT PEOPLE THINK??? But, hey, you live and ya learn! It literally makes me cringe looking at the photography of my food pictures now haha! I also remember when I received my first free product from a well-known brand. I had written an article about chobani and they sent me a huge box of free yogurts. I was seriously HEAD OVER HEELS excited about this. I think I was only at 400 followers at the time, but I didn’t care. I finally felt like I had a purpose. Food blogging was unique to me and it was something I became extremely passionate about.

Unfortunately, as I’ve mentioned a few times here, this passion can turn into an obsession for me, which it did. Looking back at some of the food I made in college now, I can’t even imagine how those portion sizes filled me?! Blogging in college had its benefits, don’t get me wrong. I don’t think many college kids can say they got creative in the kitchen. I never realized how much I enjoyed cooking in the kitchen until I started experimenting with my meals out of my college dorm room. Somehow, it’s been 4+ years since I started this blog and here I am, still going strong. I may not have a lot of followers, but it really never was about growing quickly for me. This was and has always been a passion of mine. Sometimes blogging had its negative impacts on me. There was always (and still is) the comparison trap. “So and so is eating that and running those times, so I should do the same” or “that girl is super small so I should copy her meals”, etc. etc. However, there’s also the positive side that came out of blogging. This movement is certainly more recent, but I’m so glad that people are being more vulnerable and putting emphasis on doing what’s RIGHT and HEALTHY for your body. Realizing that I can eat REAL food and fuel my body, while eating a higher caloric intake. Realizing that healthy FATS are good. Realizing that I didn’t need to eat a 100% vegan diet to be “healthy”. Realizing that EVERYONE’S body is different and what one person needs to feel healthy, isn’t necessarily what I need to eat and do to feel healthy. And lastly, being HEALTHY doesn’t mean I need to strive for a certain weight or “look” a certain way.

So with that, this blog post has now gotten to be a short novel and therefore, I’m thinking I’ll need to write a part II very soon. I hope this helps give you an idea about the person behind EATRUNANDALLINBETWEEN. I’m human too. I’ve had my struggles and have learned my lessons. We all have and it’s OK. All of this has shaped me to be the person I am today. I’m really happy with where I am and my relationship with food and fitness. I don’t run crazy miles everyday anymore. I’ve found happiness and simplicity in yoga and wholesome foods. I try my best to indulge every now and then, while maintaining a balanced diet and not letting it get the best of me. Everyday is still a work in progress, but I truly believe I’m in a better place now, more than ever.

Intensive Yoga Flow & Workout Playlist

Intensive Yoga Flow & Workout Playlist

Hi there!

I haven’t shared my workout playlist in a while and figured for the next one, I’d share my fave yoga flow playlist. This is for the yogi who likes to get their sweat on through an intensive flow session. The music definitely picks up a bit, so flow to the beat and feel the BURRRRNNN. I’d describe these songs as a mix of being melodic, dreamy, trippy, electronic, dubby, empowering, and so on (you get the idea).

Some of the artists include:

  • Big Gigantic
  • Flume
  • Adventure Club
  • Disclosure
  • Tove Lo
  • Bassnectar
  • Shaun Frank
  • Anna Lunoe
  • Zeds Dead
  • Sevon Lions
  • Kill Paris

…and so many more!

With more than 60+ songs to keep you going all day long – throw it on shuffle and let me know what you think! I love discovering new artists – so please feel free to share & comment!

— Also, feel free to give me a follow on SoundCloud so you can stay updated on new music & check out my other playlists as well!

In need of some inspiration? Do yourself a favor & check out the Rich Roll Podcast!

In need of some inspiration? Do yourself a favor & check out the Rich Roll Podcast!

I’ve been feeling pretty inspired lately and felt it was only right to spread that wealth! For today’s post, I wanted to share with you one of my absolute favorite podcasts – the Rich Roll podcast. For those who are not familiar with who Rich Roll is – let me introduce you. He graduated from Stanford and Cornell Law School. He unfortunately fell into the struggle with drugs & alcohol, among other adversities in which he overcame. He finally made the decision a few years down the road that he would change his life around. He turned vegan and began his journey in pursuing the Ultraman competition. After intense blood, sweat, and tears, he earned the 6th place title overall, among claiming individual victories & insanely fast times in the swim, bike, and marathon races. Rich Roll has become a huge health advocate and motivational speaker to people all over the world, by sharing his life experiences – the good, the bad, and the in between.

Of course my introduction does not even come close to doing justice the amount that Rich has accomplished and how he completely did a full 360 on altering his life for the better. If you want to learn more about him, he’s written a few books, among appearing on a number of blogs, articles, magazines, and more. However, I feel like I’ve truly gotten to understand him more as an individual through his weekly podcasts.

What makes his podcasts stand out more so than others? To quote him directly from his podcast introductions, “Rich Roll discusses all things wellness with some of the brightest and most forward thinking minds in health & fitness, including world-class athletes, doctors, nutritionists, trainers, entrepreneurs & artists.“ I love that his podcasts welcome a diversity of different thought-provokers and people who challenge the norm. It’s clear that Rich is a very open-minded person and you can certainly get that sense while listening to his podcasts and the people who he chooses to interview. His view on the world and how to live life to its fullest truly resonates with me and has inspired me recently to start owning the choices I make and create an enriched and fulfilled life.

So whether you’re looking for a positive pick-me-up or if you’re looking for that extra push to make a change in your life, I’d say it’s worth giving Rich Roll a listen! Here are some of my favorite podcasts from him which I think you’ll enjoy ☺


If you’re in the mood for a good laugh from hilarious Irish brothers, check out this podcast! → Stephen & David Flynn Are The Happy Pear: Creating a Mainstream Movement to Inspire Healthy Living

If you’re feeling a bit nerdy and want to get into the science behind wellness, here’s a great one for you! → Dr. Rhonda Patrick On Longevity, Epigenetics & The Microbiome or Live Dirty, Eat Clean: Robynne Chutkan, MD on Microbiome Health

If you’re dabbling in veganism or an advocate against meat producers/large fast-food companies, than check out Neal Barnard! → Neal Barnard, M.D. On The Power of Nutrition To Prevent & Reverse Disease

If you’re looking to make some positive changes in your life, give this a try! → Jason Wachob On How To Build A Life, Not A Resumé

Note this is absolutely NOT an exhaustive list! You can scroll through his soundcloud account or do what I do and subscribe to his podcast. He’s been doing it for quite a few years now, so there are a ton of different topics and interviews in his archive! Find a topic that excites or interests you and just “roll” with it…no pub intended 😉

An Interview with my Fast Runner Friend – Jackie D!

An Interview with my Fast Runner Friend – Jackie D!

Hi all!

For this specific post, I decided to switch it up a bit! I’m sure you’re probably sick of hearing about me, so I thought it’d be interesting to start a series where I interview friends who in some way, are just as connected to health & fitness as I am. Some of you likely know that I ran competitively in college and through that, I had the pleasure of meeting some pretty amazing people and not to mention, a few of my best friends to this date! I’ve learned so much from them and I’d say they play a HUGE role in keeping me motivated whether it’s wellness related or just personally.


So with that…I introduce to you my very first interview with my teammate from college and one of my best friends, Jackie D’Antonio! Since I know Jackie won’t toot her own horn, I’ll do it for her 😉 Jackie still holds the Loyola University Maryland records for the following:

-Women’s Indoor Track 800m with a 2:13:92
-Women’s Indoor Track 1,000m with a 2:52:17
-Women’s Indoor Track 4x800m Relay (Team Time of 9:35.33)
-Women’s Outdoor Track 800m with a 2:14:90
-Women’s Outdoor Track Distance Medley Relay (Team Time of 12:18.36)
-Women’s Outdoor Track 4x800m Relay (Team Time of 9:23.74)
-Women’s Top 10 XC 5K with a 18.05.90
-Women’s Top 10 XC 6K with a 21:34.00

Let’s now fast forward 3 years later, post-college and see what she’s up to these days! Hope you all enjoy and feel free to leave any comments or feedback!


1. What are you currently training for?

Rochester half-marathon on September 18.

2. What does your average week of training look like?

I typically run 3 times a week (2 workouts, 1 long run) and strength/cross train the other days. I (try to) reserve Sundays for yoga.

3. What is your goal time?

Under 1:30 for the half

4. What advice would you give to someone looking to get into running?

Be patient and be persistent. It takes at least 2 weeks to get in shape so don’t expect to end the first week running a 5k at 7 minute pace. It can be real tough at first, but stick with it–it DOES get easier.

​5. Favorite workout routine at the moment?

HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts are always my go-to; they’re quick and dirty. I find a lot of good strength ones on www.bodybuilding.com

6. Favorite grocery store?

What a silly question. Wegmans, duh.

7. Who is your role model?

My momma.

8. Why is that ^ person your role model?

She’s been running since middle school and has yet to stop. And she’s just overall the best human being I’ve ever encountered.

9. ​​​​​​Name your favorite dessert – doesn’t have to be healthy 🙂

I’m a sucker for a good eclair. Strawberry shortcake is also one of my absolute faves. OR warm apple pie and ice cream. I’ll pretty much eat anything you put in front of me.

​10. What does your morning routine look like?​

I usually wake up between 5:30-6:00, depending on if I am running or going to the gym that day. Do my workout, shower, make a smoothie for breakfast, and am out the door for work by 8:15.

11. Favorite drink of choice to enjoy with your lunch?

Seltzer. Also super into the Kevita Probiotic and Bai drinks. I love bubbles.

12. What do you hope to accomplish in one year?

Fitness-wise, I want to build myself a booty. Life-wise, figure out my next (literal) move in life; I wanna explore a new city, I just need to figure out which one!

13. What about 5 years?

To have run the Boston Marathon.

14. If you were stranded on a remote island, name 3 things you would bring.

My brother Joey (good for strength and brains), phone with a portable charger to call for help, and a water filter. Really thought logically about that one.

15. What new food did you recently try and LOVE?

Hapi brand Wasabi peas are bomb.

16. Favorite motivational quote?

“Remind yourself daily that someone is happier with less than what you possess.”

17. How do you recover after a hard workout?

Treat mahself to a yummy meal like my mom’s famous homemade pizzas!

18. What is your favorite strength routine in the gym?

I like picking about 8 exercises and doing a circuit of 1-minute on/45seconds off of various strength workouts. Some exercises I like to do are pull-ups, box jump burpees, renegade push-ups, deadlift to squat press, wallstand push-ups, weighted running arms, etc.

19. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?


20. Last question, ​what keeps you motivated?​

Truthfully, food. Knowing that if I workout hard, I can (hopefully) continue eating whatever the heck I want.

5 Tips for Living a Balanced Lifestyle

If you would have asked me three years ago what it takes to live a “balanced” lifestyle after college, my answer most DEFINITELY would have been very different than what I’m about to give you now. It’s pretty crazy to see how my mindset has shifted in just a few years. I would say much of that is due to trial & error, along with continued research and solid advice from podcasts or fellow bloggers! Either way, I feel as though I’m at a pretty solid point in my life, so wanted to share any wisdom or advice gained in the past years with all of you. I can’t wait to see what the next few years bring as I continue to grow, love, and experience more!


1) Beat the Sunday Scaries. Now this may sound ridiculous and I don’t even know if I’ve quite mastered this, BUT I will tell you that beating the Sunday scaries is the best thing you can do for yourself to start out each week on a positive note. I’m telling you, it all starts on Sunday – not Monday as most would assume.

My tip? Make the most of your Sunday and avoid stressing about work, school, or whatever it is you have going on beginning Monday. Think positively, enjoy the day, end relaxed, get a solid sleep, and wake up feeling rejuvenated and EXCITED (key word here) for the new week ahead of you!


How you ask? Here’s my idea of a perfect Sunday …wake up, sip some coffee & go out for a nice run. Come back and prep yourself a HUGE healthy breakfast or check out your nearest cafe to treat yourself. Personally, I love exploring new local health-food cafes during the weekend. From there – the balls in your court – do something active, go for a hike OR if shopping is your vice, then do that if it makes you happy! I typically end the day with a food shopping trip & I try to spend NO more than 1.5 hours on meal prepping for the week. I love ending the day with a calming yoga session in my living room. This is the best way to go to bed in a positive mood. Oh and don’t check your work emails right before bed!

2) Eat Intuitively. If you haven’t checked out my past few posts on intuitive eating, then I highly suggest you read up on it! Long story short, I have certainly spent a lot of my time throughout college and post-college, trying out new “diets” or wellness “fads”. Though these may work for some people, we’re all different and one persons way of living is not necessarily going to be the answer for everyone else. Of course, it took me 3+ years to discover this. That all being said, I finally gave in to eating intuitively.

“Intuition” as defined by Google is “the ability to understand something immediately, or a thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.” In it’s simplest form, it means that if I’m craving ice cream, then I’m going to go for it. Same goes for a crunchy & hearty salad. Or fish. Or a glass of wine!! Or WHATEVER it may be. It’s natural human instinct and that’s something that you shouldn’t ever refrain your body from. It’s certainly a mindset change, but once you fall into it, you’ll find more joy in eating and less worrying over how many calories you’re consuming.


3) Work out Intuitively. So similar to above, I truly believe that working out should be intuitive as well. Like eating, this was a pretty challenging adjustment for me. Coming from a strict, routine running career for 8+ years, I was afraid that any change in my workout routine would quite frankly, make me fat. Of course, this was naive thinking. But, when you come from D1 college running where everyday, Monday-Sunday, was planned for you, it’s hard to let go of that routine.

What I’ve learned is that it’s SO much more important to listen to your body then keep yourself in such a strict routine. I should have learned this sooner having suffered from on and off running-related injuries. Regardless, I’m now in such a great place, where I wake up in the morning and decide what I’m feeling versus going to bed with a set plan. This simple shift in how I work out has helped my body and my mind recover.


What does my typically workout routine look like right now? I just signed up for a half marathon in the fall, so my running/training will likely pick up! I’ve been running about 3-4 times a week, anywhere between 5-8 miles. On the other days, I’ll either hop on the spin bike or the stair master for 30-40 minutes. I’ll focus on strengthening my legs, arms, and core (all on separate days). I also have been incorporating a mix of yoga & pilates into my routine at least 2-3 times a week for about ~ 20 minutes. Lastly, I usually take a day off every other week. PLEASE note that again, one persons routine, isn’t necessarily the right routine for you. This is ALWAYS subject to shift based on how I’m feeling. If I’m extremely tired, I will take an extra day off where necessary. The most important thing is to LISTEN to your body.

4) Take risks and challenge yourself. I think the biggest thing my boyfriend and I are struggling with right now is not knowing where we will be living in a year and what we’ll be doing for work. We have so many ideas of where we’d love to live, travel, etc. but we also know that given circumstances, it’s impossible for us to plan a year ahead right now. So much can change in just a year, so rather than living in fear or uncertainty, it’s important to turn that into excitement of the unknown. It’s knowing that so much can change in just one year and you truly need to live day-by-day to enjoy those moments. In the end, you need to take opportunities that are granted to you, make the most of them, challenge yourself and know that taking risks can either fail or can turn into something greater than you could have ever imagined!


5) Think Positively and Love YOURSELF. I know this sounds super hippie dippy, but if there’s one thing I’ve taken away lately, it starts with loving and respecting yourself. It’s OKAY to be selfish and do things for you. We were all put on this earth for a different reason. We were all given different looks, shapes, and sizes for a reason.

Start embracing what you have and work with it! I honestly believe that the notion of thinking positively stars with self-love. At that point, your perspective becomes more humbling and gratifying. You can begin identifying the impact you can make and whatever your greater purpose is or may be one day. Just going into each day with a smile can make all the difference! Oh and PS – sometimes it takes just downing a cup of coffee to get to that state 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 6.41.20 AM

That’s my advice to you AND me! Though it’s taken me some time to get to this point, it doesn’t mean it stops here for me. Life’s all about growing and learning and I hope to continue doing that year over year.

I would love to hear how all of you practice a balanced lifestyle! Please share and comment below!

Who are we REALLY setting personal goals for?

Who are we REALLY setting personal goals for?

So I want to take the time and be completely transparent here. I posted a quote earlier yesterday morning on my instragram account (a quote I found while scrolling through Tumblr the other day) and it really resonated with me. Not that the quote is something I haven’t heard before, but to see it in writing, that friendly reminder was just that extra bit of motivation I needed. The quote, as posted above, states “what you think of yourself is much more important than what people think of you”. The reason I want to pick this apart a bit is because I feel like often times we lose sight of why we’re trying to achieve certain goals in the first place.

No one is perfect and I certainly have my flaws. We all set certain goals or ambitions throughout the year whether we realize it or not. We set standards and expectations for ourselves to achieve, we write out new year’s resolutions, we verbally commit to something, we keep tabs in writing or through social media “check in’s”, the list could go on. Where do all of these goals truly stem from though? Are they goals we set because we aspired to be like someone else we admired or saw in the magazine? Are they goals we set because we felt it was what our significant other/boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife (whomever) wanted to see? Did we set these goals based off of an unwritten competition between a friend or just friendly competition in a sport you participate in? Did we do this because someone else set that goal for us?

Reflecting on all of those above questions, I can relate to each and every one. I’ve been there and I STILL question who I’m really doing all of this for at times. Looking back at my years throughout college, I set certain goals for myself, not because I felt I needed them, but because I felt that’s what I needed to do to be successful. I felt I had to look a certain way and be a certain weight, just like some of the other lean athletes on my track team to race fast and be successful in my long distance cross country races. When it came to my school work, I wanted to achieve certain grades just to prove that I was smarter or more business savvy than a classmate. When it came my social life, it always came down to how I dressed, how I did my makeup or my hair, how pretty I felt, how skinny I felt in that tight dress. I wanted to work out more, eat healthier, make money, be successful and so on. All for whom? To impress other people. I set all of these expectations and goals not for myself, but for others.
Now, to be honest, I never actually realized that I was setting my goals for other people. At the time, I’m sure I would have liked to tell myself, “Calli, if you do 4 minutes of plank every other day, you’ll get stronger, build your core and back muscles, and of course, feel comfortable in your own skin”. I really, truly wish that’s why I worked out, but when it comes down to it, I don’t think it was 100% for those reasons. I believe that I set certain goals for myself because that’s what I imagined I needed to do to impress a guy or to feel better about myself when standing next to other girls. Never did I say, I’m going to do this for myself, because this is what makes ME happy. Actually, it’s taken until now, to realize that I still do what I did in college at times.

I’d love to believe that I have all my shit together and that I practice what I preach. But, we all have slip ups. I could tell myself to wake up every morning in a positive mood; I could tell myself that doing yoga for 10 minutes every night has helped to alleviate my stress, I could tell myself that eating healthy will make me an overall, happier person. Now, I do tell myself this as a positive affirmation, but do I always believe it? I don’t know. I don’t know that I’m truly setting these goals for myself. Even a month or so ago, I told my boyfriend, “you’re my motivation to be fit and look good for you”. There’s nothing wrong with using that as a little extra motivation, but the problem here is that there was no part of that statement saying that “I WANTED it” or “I WANT to be fit and happy and workout for myself, AS WELL as for you, because that’s what makes me happy”.

THIS ladies and gentlemen is the ONE time you can actually be selfish. As I previously mentioned, we all have set backs and times of uncertainty. We question why we’re waking up at 6AM to workout, we question why it’s worth eating well-rounded meals every day when there are people around you eating fries for lunch daily, we question these things for good reasons. We question them, likely because we’re smart. We’re smart because we know that we shouldn’t abide to certain standards for others. We know better than that and we know that whatever goals we set, should be because we REALLY want to achieve them.

I am constantly reminding myself every second of every day to enjoy everything to its fullest. This means finding that happy medium I’m constantly talking about. This means finding that balance with working out, eating well, enjoying and splurging on treats every now and then, spending times with friends, staying in touch with family, and just overall enjoying life! I’m learning to stop comparing myself to others. Everyone’s different and for that reason, you can’t expect to have the same goals as others. Your goals should be unique and special to you. No ones perfect and it shouldn’t matter what other people think of you so long as you do what makes YOU happy.

Turn your Passions into Reality

Turn your Passions into Reality

Right from the words of Taylor Swift, “I’m feelin’ 22…” Yes, I realize that song has been overplayed WAY too much for every 22 year olds birthday but it’s just too perfect not to sing. Anyway, I figured since I’m basically 30, I should probably get to writing my memoir/cliché “breaking boundaries, I’m so much older and wiser now listen to me” blog post. Ok ok so I’m still the youngest person (I’m guessing besides the interns) in my building, so I’m NOT that old. But still, let me be sad/depressed/miserable/drink eat away my feelings while I accept the fact that my most exciting birthday (that of turning 21 and becoming legal to drink and basically be considered an adult) is now exactly a year AND (some) days ago.
Anyway, to get to a more serious point, now that I’ve taken a full 5 minutes to breathe, gather my thoughts, and move on from my childish and immature ways, I can fully disclose to you all how I’ve come this far by “breaking boundaries”. Now, I’m not saying that I’ve done it the right way or that I actually even have an idea of what I’m talking about. This is more of a reflection on how I’ve gotten to this point, especially to embellish on how I’m now happy with life in general, (and in relationship to my blog…) enjoying good food, appreciating running as a sport not a sacrifice, and accepting and learning to love my body as it is.
I’ve always had goals and “dreams” in life (I know this sounds SO cliché, I’m actually flinching just typing this out, but this is the truth) and now I realize how important it was to have had those dreams 5, 10 years ago and how I see them spanning out currently and into the future. I told myself a few things and I’ve been telling myself these things for years now, “I’m going to be successful”. One way or another, I knew that I wanted this and I’m (currently) still in the process of working on this ☺ Now this doesn’t necessarily mean finding “success” solely in my job, although that is CERTAINLY something I aspire to do and become. But it also means to be successful in life; with friends, family, running, school and at some point along the way, it now involves my blog and my hopes of being a role model/inspiration to others.
This blog was something that I started just over a year ago, sometime in early September. I simply started it as a hopes to help other college students find a healthy balance while away from home and living the dorm life, as well as to hold myself accountable to the beginning of my journey to a healthy lifestyle. However, I still didn’t exactly have any direction of where I wanted to go with it, I just knew I wanted to do it and keep it up no matter what. I had always enjoyed creative writing; I kept blogs of both of my abroad travels in Ireland one summer and then Spain for 6 months of my Junior year. But, cooking and working out were something I’ve always been passionate about to some extent. However, I can ALSO say this passion and adoration for the cooking and working out has only escalated since I began writing the blog.

Eventually, I furthered my “Eat, Run, and Everything in Between” network to other social media platforms; such as through instagram, tumblr, pinterest…just more ways to motivate myself and utilize my social media marketing skills I acquired over those fabulous four years of a fine pricey college education 😉 Seeing and hearing about the impact my blog has had on others, other than the obvious changes it’s made for me, I continue to stay motivated and work hard knowing the potential it has. I feel that everyone needs that one particular drive in life. For some it may be their current job, a hobby, their family, friends, pet, and so on. Personally, living a healthy BALANCED life is ONE of my drivers and top motivators.
If I were to come up with one take away, my biggest tip for you would be to continue to have dreams and be an innovator, all the while being inclusive of things that make you happy in life. Don’t let other people stop you or put you down. You should never feel ashamed or embarrassed of something that you do, especially within your network of friends, family, and colleagues. I knew when I first started my blog, I was hesitant to whether I wanted to post it on Facebook for everyone to see, yet I did it anyway and the positive responses were more than I could have imagined! Had I kept it to myself the whole time and remained “anonymous”, I know for a fact I would not be where am I today, seeing as my friends and my social network whether through twitter, facebook, or linkedin has gotten me this far and honestly has kept me inspired to continue it. Back to my take-away, I also find myself continuously coming up with “start-up” ideas (some TOTALLY not realistic, but a girl can dream) that tie in my blog and my passions. It’s this kind of drive that keeps me going and keeps me optimistic, knowing that there is that chance of being 100% fulfilled mentally, personally, physically, emotionally, and whatever else you want in life!

So, take it or leave it for what it is! This is the honest truth of where I’m at right now. I know I’m at a bit of a cross roads, where I’m still adjusting to the post-college life, real-world situation, but I know there’s a point where I’ll feel like I’m in the right place, doing what I love and what keeps me happy ☺

Feeling a little unmotivated lately? Read what drives my runs in the AM!

Feeling a little unmotivated lately? Read what drives my runs in the AM!

So, over the past few years, especially with running, I’ve come to find that my drive and passion evolves from many different forms of motivation. Often times, what motivates me are completely different than what motivates my teammates, friends, family, etc. It’s funny too because certain things that used to motivate me in high school, no longer motivate me in the same way now! I suppose as you grow older, (I’d like to think wiser and more knowledgeable as well☺), your sources of motivation change. In high school, my motivations were mostly driven through competition within my team, my coach, college goals, status, and unfortunately through social media and the desire to be thin, rather than healthy and strong. These motivations I feel were almost more selfish and vain, rather than positive and aspirational. Yes competition IS a good thing within the sport of track and cross-country, however it shouldn’t be against your teammates in the same sense. It was always fighting for that ONE spot on the top seven spot or striving for the 4×800 relay, often times letting it come down to a practice time trial where one girl’s in and the other’s out just like that. Regardless of what the motivation was, I’m certainly glad college opened up a new light for me.

Now don’t get me wrong, I certainly wasn’t perfect going into my freshman year of college. My motivation was still relatively similar to high school. However, as soon as I was introduced to parties, college food, and late night study sessions, my performance in XC and track quickly diminished. I somehow created other priorities and lost my motivation to compete. Eventually, as I’ve mentioned in the past, I quit XC the following year. However, this only lasted for that one season and with just a few months, I was begging my new coach to be on the track team. Thankfully, I was granted back a spot on the team and my drive and determination were completely altered. As much as I didn’t enjoy that one season off, I don’t regret the decision I made to not compete in XC that fall. Honestly, realizing how real my love and passion for running was, made me appreciate the sport that much more during the few months of no competition.


Just like that, my motivation completely changed from competition within the team and through social media, to really focusing on my own self-development. I focused on taking care of myself first, knowing that the running part would follow suit. This meant eating healthy, committing to the proper workouts (aka not going over mileage or overtraining), strength training, using the ice baths, wearing compression sleeves, getting proper rest, cutting back on the partying, and so on. This self-motivation was also driven by looking back at POSITIVE and monumental points in my running career. Since I didn’t have much to be proud of from my freshman year, I often looked back at old pictures and track results from high school that I could certainly be proud of. Looking back at prior accomplishments and successes and seeing the impact I made on my teammates, was the biggest motivator for me at that point in my college running career. I knew that I wanted to be back to that point of feeling joyful and accomplished after a workout or race, I just needed to hold myself 100% accountable for that and drive that inner motivation.

Now, fast forward a year and a half to the beginning of my senior year. I had just spent the summer getting back into shape and training after being abroad in Spain from January to May of my junior year. I had a good few months of summer base training under my belt, but I still felt that I needed another kick. Hence where my blog comes into play. While I was abroad, my healthy eating habits fell apart a bit and my training was not consistent. I felt that this blog would be A) a great way to help other college students avoid the pitfalls I fell into and hopefully inspire people to make healthy choices and B) I wanted to use it as my own form of incentive in order to hold myself accountable to the public eye. I was able to express my own personal experiences, cross country/track successes, fitness related posts, and finally, discover a new passion of mine, healthy cooking. This blog was a constant reminder to me on why I committed such a huge chunk of my day-to-day activities to being healthy and training hard.

Personally, I think this blog is what got me through my final few seasons of college XC and track. For one, I finished my XC season without any injury (this was a HUGE accomplishment for me seeing as I’m typically injured at least once every season). Secondly, I actually finished XC on a high note, making the top seven and competing at Regionals for my first time EVER. And finally, I was able to run consistently throughout my winter track season. Although I didn’t see my best times during track, the fact that I was able to compete all three seasons without taking any time off due to an injury or a negative mental drive was BIG for me! For those reasons, I really do contribute my blog to my motivation and successes.

Though the previous are more “deeper” drivers of motivation, other simple forms that anyone can use can be seen through many different platforms. Personally, other influences of mine include:

Instagram (Just a few months after I created my blog, I decided to start up an instagram account to reflect my blog. This was another great way to hold myself accountable to working out and eating right, while posting to the rest of the “fitfam”! Not to mention, there’s also some AMAZING fitness inspiring accounts out there to follow as well!)

Tumblr (Okay, so none of you know yet, BUT here ya go! (link to my page) I’ve started a tumblr as part of another form of motivation! Sometimes, just a simple picture or a quote can motivate you enough to get you up early in the morning to start out with a workout! Try starting one for yourself! It’s also a great place to collect all the quotes and pictures that motivate YOU the most. Like I said before, everyone’s different and your tumblr reflects YOU! The best part? It’s completely anonymous if you’d like for it to be that way!)

A rockin’ playlist (Sounds so simple, yet for me, the second I put ‘Warrior’ on, I’m dying to get out and bang out a hard run. Mostly because that song used to by our high school XC “theme” song and ever since, has always reminded me of racing.)

New Workout Clothes (umm…self-explanatory! Refer to a post from last fall to read more ☺)

A Motivating Movie or Book (My friend Margaret and I always had TWO go-to movies when we needed a good pick-me-up! “Stick it” and “Never Back Down” have always worked as great motivators for us when we’re feeling a little down in the dumps before a big race! A few other favorites include “Million Dollar Baby”, “Prefontaine”, “St. Ralph”, and “Rocky”.

If you haven’t caught on yet…GO FIND something that motivates you! There are so many inspirations out there! Who knows, your motivator could be a significant other, a family member, a new dog, a new job, it literally could be anything! Once you do find that motivator, take it, love it, and RUN with it (no pun intended☺)! Of course, as I’ve shown over the years, your motivator can change constantly, so if you’re beginning to feel a lack of drive, find a new motivator, test it out, and if it works for you, just go with it! Finally, if reading this motivates you, then YAHOOO I’ve done my job!

Be sure to check out my instagram account as well @Eatrunandallinbetween or my Tumblr for extra motivation 🙂

woo! Very Inspirational Blogger Award


I was nominated by http://fitbit8.wordpress.com for the Very Inspirational Blogger Award. This was an exciting and unexpected surprise, but I’m thrilled to be getting it! I’ve always been a relatively active person, participated in sports my entire life, and have always loved food. Anyways, it wasn’t until I started this blog that I found a way to share my motivation and inspire others of all ages through fitness, healthy eating, and just living a happy lifestyle! Thanks again Fitbit8 for the nomination! ☺

Here are the rules:
◾Display the award logo on your blog
◾Link back to the person who nominated you
◾State 7 things about yourself
◾Nominate 15 bloggers for this award and link to them
◾Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.

Things about me
1. I can probably out-eat anyone in ANYTHING. Just saying. 😉
2. I love my college XC and track & field team more than anything!
3. I lived abroad in Spain for an entire semester last spring and miss it more than anything.
4. I have a passion for sailing, the beach, and anything summer!
5. I plan on training for a marathon at some point after graduation this spring.
6. I am an International Business major and want to someday travel the world!
7. I love to shop…

I nominated the following 15 bloggers:
1. http://moderngirlnutrition.wordpress.com
2. http://willrunforglitter.com
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4. http://www.hungry-runner.com
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