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YAY – Successfully Moved into Our New Apartment!

YAY – Successfully Moved into Our New Apartment!

Hi Everyone – I have some exciting news to share with you all! As I mentioned in my last post on the DIY projects, my boyfriend and I finally moved into our new apartment! It’s officially been just over a month since we’ve moved in. This explains why I’ve been very MIA over the past few weeks. As many people can likely relate with big moves, there are a lot of moving parts and it can be quite time consuming! You think you have everything, yet once you move in, it seems like that Target or Home Goods list just keeps getting longer…am I right?!

Anyway, we’re super pumped about this move – we finally have our own place together, we have a big kitchen to cook in (major find seeing as every apt kitchen we looked at in the city was smaller than a closet), we are conveniently located near Whole Foods, we’re right near some great running areas, cafes, public transportation, etc.! I’ve been doing a lot of my runs around the BC reservoir which is so nice in this boootiful summer weather! I also love how active this area is – literally EVERYONE is out running, walking, biking and more – so it definitely keeps me motivated.

As I just mentioned, there is a lot to still be done in this apartment. Furniture to be painted, bed headboard, kitchen walls to be painted, new couch to be delivered, painting in bedroom to be done, rugs for the living room and bedroom, and more decorating to happen. However, I wanted to share pictures with everyone so that overtime, we hopefully can see some good progress to be made! Side note – don’t mind my boyfriend stuffing his face with popcorn – he refused to move for the photos. ALSO, I would have liked to take these pictures in better lighting…but I’m desperate to upload a post as it’s been a while! Look out for a future post with NEW pics, apartment updates, and better lighting 🙂






Our theme is beachy/boho/California vibe (because when the cold New England weather creeps up on us for half of the year, it’s at least nice to pretend we live in a hot, beachy location). Our colors are mostly shades of beachy blues, oranges, greens and some white…but as you can see we have a few pieces of eye-popping colorful, mismatched furniture as well.

Keep an eye out for more updates…I’m looking forward to sharing our progress with you all! And feel free to comment with any suggestions – I always like to hear about new ideas for apartment shopping destinations, DIY projects, and more!

Beach Inspired DIY Projects

Beach Inspired DIY Projects

I’d love to take credit for the inspiration that you’ll see in the below picture, however, shamelessly, I got all of these wonderful ideas through pinterest. THANK GOD FOR PINTEREST AM I RIGHT?? What you’ll need:
Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 3.58.11 PM
– 1 Wooden board with either a mount or a rope to hang
– Mason Jars
– Old Fashion Tall Soda Jars
– A variety of paint brushes – Small, Medium, AND Large
– Acrylic Paint (this is the type of paint that works best on any surface; wood, glass, etc. Michaels has a HUGE selection of colors, so make sure to keep your eyes pealed) >> We used the “FolkArt” brand; multi-surface (turquoise, aqua, mandarin orange, White, Gold, & Silver)
– Plain Wooden Letters (Again, Craft stores like Michaels or AC Moore carry A TON of these wooden letters in different styles, so make sure to look around for the right one!) >>> Also, we chose to use our initials; but you can also create words to hang or display somewhere around the house. For example; we’re thinking of doing “GIN” in all gold to put above the bar cart OR you can spell SURF or BEACH… you get the idea!


*For the mason jars and soda cars, I was inspired by this image I found on pinterest; then I just went for it and did my own variations of the bohemian design. These mason jars and soda cans can be SO versatile – Candle holders, Vases, pencil holder, tooth brush holder, kitchen glasses, and more!

*For the wooden board, we took a thick brush and painted it white first, then let it dry. Next, we stenciled “BEACH” in a pencil, then painted over it in aqua and outlined it in the orange all with thinner brushes.


*For the letters, we each did our own design using variations of the paint colors. Then we kept the & a solid Gold to balance out the patterns.

The best part is that now that we finished this project for just $25 each, we have all of this paint left over to use for more decorations once we actually make the move to our apartment …will likely end up getting more mason jars because I just love that look!

Make sure to follow me on Pinterest & my “DIY“; “Workin Gal in the Real World“; and “Comfy Heaven” for all my apartment finds!

Festival Trends I’ve been Loving Lately

Festival Trends I’ve been Loving Lately

In light of festival season being in full swing now and with the summer quickly approaching, I wanted to share with y’all festival trends I’ve been loving lately! Last year, I had the opportunity to experience one of the most amazing 3 days of my life in Las Vegas for Electric Daisy Carnival. As ridiculous as it sounds, it was honestly a life changing experience and something that will be sure to go down in the books. We actually loved it so much, that we reasoned dropping another grand to make our way out to Vegas for round 2 in June. Vegas in itself is a beast of its own. Now picture 500,000 people flying in from around the world for one ridiculous week in June full of DJ’s 24/7, pool parties, crazy outfits, good vibes, warm weather, and enough dancing to put you out of commission for a whole week.

This festival is truly unlike any other. Now, one thing to note is that EDC festival style is VERY different than Coachella festival style for example. That being said, I’ll share some trends that could honestly swing any way. See below for my top picks!

First, here are my top 3 picks for Best Overall “Festival Shop”:

1.) MISSGUIDED Festival Shop
2.) Shop Planet Blue Music Festival Shop
3.) Hello Molly Festival Shop

My TOP Picks for Festival Clothing: Tobi
neoprene tobi skirt
All About That Neoprene Skirt

tye dye skirt
Dramatically Beautiful Skirt

Leave Me Breathless Bodysuit

Oopsie Daisy Tank

Twang and Slang Fringe Skirt

Three by Three Top

My TOP Picks for Festival Accessories: Dolls Kill

Daisy Sunglasses

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 9.12.37 PM
Sweet Tooth Backpack

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 9.13.40 PM
Pizza Wristlet

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 9.14.21 PM
Optical Garden Backpack

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 9.19.41 PM

My TOP Picks for Festival Shoes: Nasty Gal

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 9.15.25 PM
Chiara Ferrangi Sneakers

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 9.16.34 PM
Neoprene Slip-On

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 9.17.21 PM
Iggy Azalea x Steve Madden Rundown Leather Sneaker

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 9.18.05 PM
Classic Slip-On Sneaker – Black Hawaiian Floral

Festival on a Budget: $20 and under!!

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 9.22.38 PM
Fringe Top

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 9.23.37 PM
Watermelon Tank

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 9.24.34 PM
Galaxy Crop Top

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 9.25.45 PM
Double “Cool Hands” Black Print Tank

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 9.28.02 PM
V-Neck Floral Romper

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 9.29.21 PM
Fringe Skirt

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 5.12.43 PM
Lace Kimono

Would love to hear what festivals you’re all attending this summer and where you shop for your awesome styles! Comment below 🙂

What Have I Been Up To???

What Have I Been Up To???

Hey guys! I’m so sorry I’ve been AWFUL with posting lately! There’s been a lot going on with work and getting ready to move into my boyfriend and I’s new apartment in Boston! Anyway, now that spring/summer (I think technically Boston just fully skips over spring and jumps right into 80/90 degree days…) is FINALLY in full swing here in New England, I’ve gained a new sense of motivation. Motivation to keep up with my workouts, my cooking/clean eating, work in the office, and hopefully some more blogging in my life! Side note: if you don’t already, make sure to follow my Instagram: eatrunandallinbetween – I keep that pretty much up-to-date every day!

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 8.37.49 PM

That being said, I wanted to share that since my last post – I’ve actually began Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide and I’ve absolutely been LOVING it. I’m actually on week 9 now and feel SO much stronger than I’ve felt in a long time. I’ve decreased my running significantly, but at the same time, I’m still able to go out and run a solid 8 minute mile pace on a hilly 5 mile course – which in my mind is pretty decent seeing as I’m only running 3, maybe 4 times a week! I love her leg, arms, and ab days – they’ve helped to build some solid definition and I THINK I may just be around the corner from a 6-pack!! Okay…maybe not THAT close, but a girl can dream. For those who are not familiar with her guide, they are organized over the span of 12 weeks – so I have 3 more weeks left to kick some serious booty. Hellllloooo summer body!!


In addition to my girl Kayla – I’ve also been really into yoga lately. I’ll go to 1-2 classes a week (they don’t always work with my schedule), BUT on nights where I can’t attend a class, I’m pretty much doing my own yoga session for 25-30 minutes in my room at night. It’s a great way to relax and stretch at the end of the day – plus, I get to practice my head and hand stands! Hopefully I can be whipping those moves out on the beach by the end of the summer…practice makes perfect, right?!

Aside from working out and cookin’ up a storm, my boyfriend and I have been getting ready for a big move on June 1! This will be our first apartment together AND we’ll be living in the city! We seriously could not be more excited and anxious for this move. It’s been a long time coming – we were in a long distance relationship for a WHILE, so it’s pretty surreal to finally be in the same city and soon enough, the SAME apartment 🙂 Not to mention, I’ve been crazed over furniture and decoration hunting. It’s amazing how the second you have a place of your own, you instantly go design crazy. I literally wake up in the morning with new ideas…I think Justin wants to kill me by now… Anyway, once our apartment is fully decorated – I’ll make sure to share some pictures!


That is an update of my life thus far! Nothing crazy, just beginning to enjoy this warm weather and looking forward to summer festivities! Look forward to more posts in the upcoming weeks!

In with the new obsessions out with the old

In with the new obsessions out with the old

Haven’t posted one of these in while…so what have I been into lately?

Jawbone/FitBit – Thanks to my wonderful friends, I got hooked to a jaw bone (or for some, you may be loyal to the fitbit). We spent one night out in Baltimore, dancing and what not. Checked her fitbit the next morning and saw that we had hit about 1,500 steps in just 15 minutes..WHAT WHAT?! As you could imagine, I came home from that weekend and purchased a jawbone the following day. You could say I’m a bit impulsive… BUT this is seriously a GREAT tool, especially those that work a normal 8-5 day job. I’m lucky enough to have an ergonomic, stand up desk, so I’m not sitting all day – but it definitely helps to remind when I need to get my walks in.


Maybelline Baby Lips – I realize these have been around for quite a while now and I actually used to always have 1 or 2 colors on me at a time. For some silly reason, I stopped buying them. Just recently, I got back into these wonderful chapsticks and haven’t regretted one purchase. They’re cheap, they have great color options, they smell (and taste good hehe), and they leave your lips looking baby soft!


My iPhone 6 – I swear I’m never that person that brags about their technology, etc. because up until just a few weeks ago, I was living in the stone ages with an iphone 4. I know CRAZY!!! How could I have possibly lived on JUST an iphone 4?!?!? LOL…clearly I’m being sarcastic here. But, now that I’ve finally upgraded to this giant device they call a phone, I’m surprisingly pleased with the iphone 6! To be honest, when I first held this brick in my hand, I wasn’t quite sure how I’d cope without my beautiful little iphone 4. But, I’m here to tell you, that I’ve adapted to the size! Wahoo!!


Fingerless Gloves – Well, let’s be honest. I obviously like these because I look like a bad ass CHICK. And the other reason why I love these things is that I can actually still function with them on. I can wear them and text at the same time. I can EVEN where them in my office when it’s freezing. I can wear them going to the bathroom…TMI? Yep, I’ve been that lazy (and cold…what is up with this -10 degree wind chill Boston??) to take my jacket and gloves off. Needless to say, I’m obsessed with my gloves and you should all go buy a pair. May I suggest Urban Outfitters? PLEASE CAUTION – your hands will freeze if you plan on wearing these while scraping snow/ice off your car. I learned this the hard way…


Burt’s Bees Hand Salve – This is your hands best friend in the winter. Seriously, you should have seen how cracked out my hands were before using this. However, one thing I will warn you on is that it leaves your hands with a very greasy, rather uncomfortable feeling. I do not suggest wearing this before a meeting with MR./MRS. BOSS MAN/WOMAN where you may or may not be shaking their hand.

Hot Yoga – I received a gift certificate for 10 yoga classes for Christmas that I’ve definitely been taking advantage of. I’ll begin by stating that I actually had no idea that come the first class, 6 AM in the morning, I’d be attending a hot yoga class. However, as I walked into the studio, dreary and in a sluggish state, the instant that warmth and the calming music hit me, I felt a feeling of peace and gratification overwhelm me. YES, I realize this sounds SO incredibly cliche, but I’m telling you, for a high-strung, type A person like myself, it’s hard to find that feeling of simplicity on a day-to-day basis. After, my first class, you can say I was hooked.

Oxford Platforms – These shoes were a purchase from Forever 21, putting a dent of $25 dollars into my wallet. Not to bad, right? Well, this purchase was worth it! These shoes are great for many reasons, they add 1.5 inches to my whopping 5’2″ frame, they are just like comfortable flats, but with a little elevation, which leads into my third and final reason, they’re great for work! School girl Chic and comfortable…what’s not to love about these?

In with the New Obsessions and Out with Old

In with the New Obsessions and Out with Old

It’s now September and tear, tear – the summer is coming to an end. Well, at least that would be true if I was still on the east coast, but shockingly, it’s still 80’s here in Sunny California on a daily basis! Hey – I’m not complaining…although I could use a bit of some cool breeze every now and then.

Anyway, I’d rather not jinx anything and just get to my point. I love the changing of seasons. It means in with the new and out with the old. It means trading in your crop tops for big sweaters and letting go of your blonde, sun-infused highlights for a darker look. It also means (my least favorite part) giving up that glowing summer tan.

As my way of saying “Welcome Fall”, I’d like to introduce you to my new section:

In with the New Obsessions and Out with the Old – where I will give you a rundown of my new obsessions’ for the week and the ones that I’ve moved on from. For those of you who know me well, I don’t really care what people think. So if I’m newly obsessed with something that was trendy a month ago – get over it! And I mean that in the nicest way possible. Second thing you should probably know about me, I sometimes pick up new hobbies or become obsessed with something one day and then completely move on from it the next. So, just bear with me – I tend to be impulsive when it comes to things like that 🙂

Now, what have I been obsessed with lately?

Flash Tattoo’s – I know. I’m totally late on the band wagon. BUT thankfully, Summer is not exactly over here in California, Which therefore gives me an excuse to get tatted up all over my bodddd. I love this gold and metallic look on the hands, wrists, ankles, back, anywhere! It’s so fun and instantly chic’s your outfit up.
flasht tat

Acai Bowls – Well, because they are 1000x’s more amazing than the best parfait you’ve ever had – yes, I realize that is a risky statement – but trust me, that’s saying A LOT. I mean Acai Bowls are the most amazing purple deliciousness that has been created, topped with all of your favorite health-food toppings…what is there not to love??

Fresh White Sneakers – Again, this trend has been around FOREVER thanks to chucks. But lately, the “no-white” after Labor Day hasn’t stopped me. I’ve been allllll about my clean new white Vans. They’re fun and dress down a casual/fancy outfit, which I love for work!

Choker Necklaces – THANK YOU to Brandy Melville (and Kylie Jenner) for bringing back my favorite childhood accessory – the Choker Necklace. I feel so in touch with my inner rebellious, bad-ass self.

Festivals – Yes, I realize this is VERY vague. Because there are no limits to what kind of festivals I wouldn’t attend. Music = number 1 for sure. Food = definitely close to number 1, but number 2 will do. Drinking/Food = Well, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a DAGE? Case in point – I love festivals – be it an arts, food, and wine festival (yes, the bar area LOVES these), an edm festival, a Lululemon Yoga festival, and OctoberFEST, a Greek Festival, a Food Truck Festival, etc. – the list could go on and I am forever thankful for this.

Cookies and Cream Quest Bar – First let me start off my saying that this particular flavor happened to come out JUST A FEW DAYS after I decided to go Vegan. This obviously upset me because I love oreos and I loved quest bars – but sadly, the whey protein in there meant I could no longer eat them as a Vegan. You can imagine my excitement in trying these once I moved away from my Veganism – pure joy I tell you! The chunks of oreo goodness are purely amazing.
Socks – Who knew socks could be so multi-functional?? Also, how can you not be obsessed with fun socks when you find yourself immersed in a store full of JUST socks? Silly socks, chic socks, knee socks, dress socks, and oh, there’s more. Whether it’s paring fancy socks with heels or rocking your best pair of funky ankle socks with your white kicks…socks rock and will forever be your best friend when it comes to fighting off those blisters…….

Road Trips – I don’t care where you are, who you are with (alone, with family, friends, a significant other) just do it! Go somewhere completely new, be spontaneous, don’t have a set schedule. It’s always best to just wing your road trip, seek new adventures, make some friends and take in whatever beautiful scenery may be surrounding you. Oh and take advantage of the last of the warm weather – I don’t suggest road-tripping in snow…trust me, it’s no bueno.
road trip
That my friends, is what’s hot in Calli’s world …for this week!

Adventure Time – Road trips, Vegas, and more!

Adventure Time – Road trips, Vegas, and more!

Life is about taking adventures right? Well, I can 100% say I’ve taken full advantage of being here in California and exploring a lot of what the West Coast has to offer. Since I’ve last updated you all on my blog, I’ve continued my travels and have increasingly branched out by doing these things on my own. Coming out to California for me was a chance to really gain some independence, push boundaries, get out of my comfort zone, and ultimately learn that I have nothing to be afraid of. Traveling on my own gives me that chance to finally push those limits and see where it can take me.

Just recently I had two major trips. One trip was to Las Vegas. Now, this was my first time ever going to Vegas AND my first time going to Electric Daisy Carnival (a music festival with over 150K people attending at the Speedway). This weekend was everything I expected it to be and more. Landing in Vegas alone gave me chills of excitement and curiosity of this infamous city. Right from the airport, myself and the guys headed directly to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for EDC night one. Walking into the speedway, just as the sun was setting was truly just magical. There were simply no other words to describe the breathtaking feeling. You entered at the top of the bleachers, so the view you had entering the speedway was absolutely amazing as you could see everything. Hearing the music and seeing the lights, the stages, the crowds, the rides, the costumes, and the backdrop…literally everything was unreal and instantly could make the hair rise on your skin.
The rest of the night involved dancing and DJ’s. The following two nights followed as such, each one seeming to get better and better. The fireworks around the entire speedway continued to amaze me and the music and energy of the crowds never faded, not once. We knew ending that last night, that we would be back next year. It was just an experience that you need to relive again, and again, and again….

Following my Vegas trip, my mom arrived and we have a great time once again exploring the city, making a trip to the quaint and beachy town of Capitola, and spent a day at the beach and some drinks at the Ritz in Half Moon Bay.

The weekend following that was a BIG weekend for me. Seeing as it was July 4th which meant free holiday off from work, I decided, why not road trip to So Cal on my own? I knew coming out here that trips on my own would quickly become the norm and was no longer something I “feared”. I actually look forward to trips on my own now. I love owning my independence and being on your own allows you to branch out of your comfort zone, do whatever you want, with no agenda, meet interesting people, come home with fun stories, and see amazing, beautiful sights along the way!
So here’s how my trip went down. Left Friday morning at 3AM! Yes, 3AM…you read that correctly. Ever hear about the traffic nightmares in LA? Ya…so have I and I wanted to ASSURE that I would not have to deal with any of that, especially while traveling on a holiday. So, I shot down to Laguna Beach in no time, just around 6.5 hours. It honestly felt like a breeze as I cruised down the highway, traffic free, windows down, music going. Yes, I am the epitome of a road trip junkie. I arrived in Laguna just around 9AM and instantly hit up the local coffee shop which was just steps away from the beach. Then, you can bet I did not leave that beach the entire day. I was so content and happy just laying at the beach, taking in the sights, and of course gazing out in awe at 12 year old surfers that honestly looked pro (I don’t get how they are like babies but have that kind of talent…). Anyway, the beach was a hot mess of the wealthy, the hippies, the average surfer, the tourist, and everything in between. The people watching was PRIME.
Later that evening, I took a short walk through the downtown area and then finally decided to gain some motivation for a run. It was HOT out, but the one thing I love about running in a new area is seeing the sights from a different perspective and you get to cover the spot in half the time. After a gorgeous run along the beach and I cleaned myself up and made my way to a local bar called “Rooftop”. The name just about sums it up. Rooftop was a fun, popular bar overlooking Laguna Beach with perfect proximity to the sunset and the fourth of July fireworks. Oh, and their wild berry mojito wasn’t too bad either 😉 Though going to a bar alone isn’t my favorite thing to do, (especially with how much awkwardness was exuberating off of me), you’d be surprised at how friendly and welcoming people can be! I had great conversations and met people with such interesting stories to share.
The next day I woke up early, determined to conquer the heat and the hills of Laguna for a solid hike. I biked over to a local trail near the “Laguna Canyons” and began my hike, literally straight up hill for a solid 1.5. It was hot and hilly, but the view was SO worth it once I got to the top. Apparently, that was not even the end of the trail. I looked across the mountainous terrain and noticed bikers cruising along the top of the hills directly across from me on another mountain. In fear of getting lost and dying a hot and lonely death on top of the Laguna trails, I decided to descend back the way I came. Following my hike, I stopped for some breakfast and a VERY large iced coffee as I continued my journey back up towards LA. First stop of the ride, Manhattan beach. I’m not going to lie, I may have stopped her for the soul purpose of possibly running into Karena and Katrina. Of course…that didn’t happen, BUT I did make a stop at one of their new foodie spots, Paradise bowls, for a delicious tropical coconut acai bowl!
I then continued my drive to Santa Monica where I would stay Saturday night. Santa Monica was a beautiful area, however, I didn’t care much for the crowds around the pier. I figured as long as I stayed clear of that, this trip could not have one flaw! I hung out on the beach for a little, then once I settled in at the apt through airbnb I was staying at (btw I paid $70 for a awesome apt, 5 min walk from the beach and downtown…I highly recommend using airbnb for your next trip!), I went for an awesome 30 minute long bike ride to and back from Venice beach. This bike bath was ideal as it ran all along the beach and was only for bikers which was KEY because who likes dodging clueless tourists left and right as they casually stroll in the middle of a populated path??
Later that night, I strolled the promenade and various streets throughout Santa Monica. After a long and active day, all I wanted to do was go to bed. Of course, that was not before stepping foot into my hosts’ “cave”. Yes, she has a closet space that she calls a cave. It is covered in pillows and cushions, with dimmed lighting and candles. It was her place of calming and relaxation. She said “people think I’m crazy, until they come and actually sit down in the cave.” I’m not going to lie…she was kind of right. Like I said before, road trips typically lead to meeting VERY interesting people along the way! Anyway, the next morning I woke up early to run along the beach, then I made my way towards Beverly Hills and Hollywood for a perfect little breakfast at this place in Melrose called Urth Café. It was righttttt up my alley  After breakfast, I continued my trek back North, but not without making a stop in Malibu!
Ah, Malibu. I don’t even have words to describe you. Just so perfect. You know you’re in Malibu once you start hitting super winding roads, rolling mountains, large mansions along the beach, and open-aired cars with surfboards hanging out. My destination was to a hike I was referred to called “Winding Way”. It takes 1 mile from the parking lot to even get to the trail. Then once you begin it tricks you into thinking it would be an easy hike. HA, not until I got to the barren waterfall (yes, California is in a drought…) where I looked up to see pure rocks and dirt and ropes. No trail. Just vertical rocks. I was supposed to climb this? Well…I gave it a shot, gripping with all my strength to the ropes that I was apparently supposed to trust my life with….

After about 20 minutes of this struggle, I decided again, that this was probabllyyyy not the safest move to pull on my own and descended from the “trail” once again. When in Malibu, right!? My next and final stop before heading home was in the beautiful Santa Barbara County. What a gorgeous area right along the coast, just 4.5 miles south of Palo Alto! I could EASILY and WOULD be making a day trip (or weekend for that matter) back to this happy little spot. From the picturesque downtown area to the harbor and beaches, what was there not to enjoy about this area??
Finally, when it hit around 4PM I decided my road trip had to come to an end if I wanted to make it back at a decent hour. Though there were obviously times where I longed to have a friend or my boyfriend at my side, I do think it’s important and mentally HEALTHY to get out there on your own and push that comfort level. Sometimes, I feel we get too comfortable in our day-to-day lives that we don’t jump on the chances to try something new and do something that quite possibly scares us half to death! I’m glad I did this trip on my own, I learned things about myself and I left feeling more confident and empowered. With that being said, I think I’ll make the next road trip down to So Cal with my boyfriend 🙂

My Past Month in Cali, Summarized in Less Than 2 Pages

My Past Month in Cali, Summarized in Less Than 2 Pages

So let’s see if I can give you all a “brief” summary of my whereabouts in the past month since I’ve been in California. I feel like I’m finally settled in. My apartment is decorated. I’m catching on to my new work environment. I now know how to get onto the main highways, to the local grocery stores, and of course, the Urban Outfitters right down the street. Lastly, I’m currently typing out this blog post, while sitting on my $15 Ikea chair out on the balcony, looking into the late afternoon sun. I could not be more content and grateful in this exact moment.

Now, here goes my recap that hopefully will not turn into a novel! So let’s see. The last we met, I talked about my Santa Cruz Half Marathon. Since then, I’ve been doing a lot more traveling and exploring now that I’m officially comfortable in my apartment and local setting. I’ve spent yet another beautiful weekend in Santa Cruz, laying on the state beach, driving along the coast, stopping by to view the eclectic walks of life by the lighthouse as they grooved out during a silent disco. I’ve met some silly seal friends down by the pier, I’ve walked past intense beach volleyball games along the boulevard, and I’ve eaten a damn good veggie burger and fries all in the fun little beach town of Santa Cruz.
I’ve driven up 5 miles of curvy, narrow roads, passing wineries off to my left and right as I made my way to Castle Rock State Park for a beautiful hike down in the woodsy Saratoga area. Following the hike, I stopped by in the local town where I sat out with a cup of joe and some late lunch, as I baked in the sun, while listening to the soothing sounds of a small town band playing on the cafe’s patio. I’ve gone on an abundant amount of walks locally, exploring my town and the areas around me. I’ve biked through Stanford’s amazing campus and I’ve eaten at almost every vegan friendly restaurant there is in Palo Alto.
My sister has now had her first visit in California and boy did we cover the bay area pretty damn well in just 2 days. We made our way to The City on a sunny, yet cool Friday night to dine and drink at an Off the Grid food truck event in Fort Mason (an area in The City, right by the marina, with a beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge). We ate, we drank, we listed to the live music, and most importantly, we stood by the heat lamps. Yes, we’ve now learned our lesson that it ACTUALLY does get cold in the city after 5, no matter the temperature during the day.
The following day, we finally made our way down highway 1 in pursue of a destination to Big Sur. Our first and farthest stop was at the McWay waterfall, a waterfall in Big Sur that falls onto the beach and into the ocean. We then progressed back North, stopped to take pictures by the infamous Big Sur bridge and other gorgeous and breath taking sights along the way.
We then continued on, stopping in the upscale town of Carmel. We of course then indulged in a deliciously filling Mediterranean meal, topped it off with a warm vanilla latte, and walked up and down the street for some window shopping. Eventually, we slowly made our way to the car as we continued on to our next destination. Pebble Beach was our next stop, a luscious green golf course, famous for it’s elite championship tournaments and it’s beachy backdrop. Next stop, Monterey, a cute little fishing town, just past Carmel. Moving on, we found an awesome little farmer’s market along Highway 1, where we feasted on the free fruits, veggies, and snacks being offered, then helped myself to 7 BABY avocados for $1 in total. WHAT A BARGAIN!! Anyway, our final stop was back to Santa Cruz, where we decided on a whim that after a long day, we’d top it off with a few rides on the boulevard. The sun eventually set behind the roller coaster, ending the day on a perfect note.
The next day, we again made our way to The City. Our first stop was an amazing little breakfast cafe called Cafe St Jorge. I helped myself to a healthy Chia bowl and a fantastic cup of coffee! We then spent the majority of our day surprisingly in the Haight-Ashbury area, walking up and down the streets, trying on unique thrift shop clothes, and taking in the interesting walks of life. We then continued to drive around and explore the rest of The City, snapping pics of all the touristy “must-see’s”. Eventually, we ended our day across The City, in a seaside town called Sausalito.
The following weekend, my boyfriend visited…I was getting spoiled having company around the apartment!! Anyway, we had a perfect weekend planned, spending Saturday in Sonoma and Sunday in The City. Early Saturday morning, we made our way up to Sonoma in beautiful wine country! Our plan for the day…bike ride around to the different local vineyards! This sounded a lot more practical before we made it to our second vineyard…
A few too many sips of wine later, hours passed and we had (somehow) successfully biked around Sonoma and made our way to four different vineyards, all portraying different styles that resembled images you’d imagine right out of the vast lands of Tuscany. The rest of the late afternoon/night was a little blurred as a result of FAR too much wine and sun.
The next day, we then hopped in the car and set off early once again as we drove back towards The City. Our first stop of the day? CARNAVAL to kickoff the opening of the World Cup! This event really amazed me. This event in particular solidified my love for the Bay area here in California. It’s amazing to see all of the different cultures and ethnicities that come together and support one another on whatever endeavor they came to San Francisco to pursue. It just shows how welcoming and truly judgement free this City really is. I’ve always heard how “care free” San Francisco is, but it’s events like this, with thousands of people gathered and a crowd where Justin and I were merely the minority, that it made me truly appreciate the exposure I’m getting out here to new, eye-opening cultures.
After spending about two hours in the area, dancing along to the floats in the parade and walking through the streets of vendors, food, and live music, we then proceeded to Haight-Ashbury. We picked up a lunch from Whole Foods and enjoyed it on the grassy hills of the infamous Golden Gate Park. Eventually, we had decided that we had seen enough interesting sights while people watching and continued to walk around the area and window shop. Following Haight-Ashbury, we then made our way to the super touristy area along the water and the Embarcadero. Somehow, the day had flown by and Justin had taken a beating in the sun, it was time for a Spanish, tapas style dinner on Market street! YUM! Boyyyy did we splurge on this dinner : )

After another wonderful and non-stop weekend, I wasn’t ready to stop! Just yesterday, I headed up to Napa for the Bottlerock Napa Music Festival with a few friends. A fun festival scene with all types of music from Matt & Kim, to Outkast, to Weezer. A day spent drinking craft beer (yes, I drank beer…which NEVER happens), listening to music, and enjoying a gorgeous day in the sun. I could get used to this lifestyle…

So there ya have it folks, my recap of the past month all covered in just a few paragraphs!

10 Business Casual Looks to Start the Week

10 Business Casual Looks to Start the Week

Hello! So I realize I haven’t done a fashion post in a few weeks, so here’s an accumulation of my outfits from the past week or two!

Outfit 1:
Black Wedges: Toms
High Waisted Black Skirt W/ Polka Dots: MadeWell
White and Black heart collared shirt: MadeWell
Black and White polka dot blazer: Ann Taylor
Gold chain and diamond necklace: PacSun

Outfit 2:
Tall Brown Boots: Sam Edelman
High Socks: Free People
Black “leather” leggings: American Apparel
Plaid collared shirt: MadeWell
Oversized Sweater w/ elbow patches: Urban Outfitters
Black Oversized Vest: Forever21
Gold Chain and diamond necklace: PacSun

Outfit 3:
Black Wedges: Toms
Black Paisley/velvet pants: Forever 21
Black leotard: American Apparel
Cobalt Blue Blazer w/ gold studs: Forever 21
Gold Chain and diamond necklace: PacSun

Outfit 4 (Casual Friday!):
White sneakers: Forever 21
Dark Jeans: Forever 21
Oversized Blue t-shirt: Urban Outfitters
Oversized Sweater: Pull and Bear (Spanish based brand)
Chunky White Necklace: Forever 21
Nails: Essie Polish

Outfit 5:
High Waisted Black Skinnies: Urban Outfitters
Black Wedges: Toms
Oversized white t-shirt: Nordstrom BP
Striped red and grey vest: Forever 21
Chunk Red rope necklace: Spanish based Department Store

Outfit 6:
Black velour skinnies: Gab
Nude mini pumps: Michael Kors
Black and White polka dot button up collared shirt: Forever 21
Black Sweater: Forever 21
Black Oversized Vest: Forever 21
Chunky Necklace: Wild Peacock Boutique (located in Rockport, MA)

Outfit 7:
Black and white striped shirt w/ black rhinestone shoulder embellishment: Forever 21
Black skinnies: Jcrew
Leopard Pointy Flats: Jcrew
Pearl Chunky Necklace: Forever 21

Outfit 8:
Khakis: H&M
Nude Oxford Heels: Nordstrom
Red & White polka dot collared blouse: Forever 21
Red & Navy Striped Sweater: Forever 21
Pearl Chunky Necklace: Forever 21

Outfit 9:
Recycled Thrift store floral dress: PacSun
Cowboy boots: ‘Charlie 1 Horse’
Gold Necklace: Urban Outfitters
Black tights and grey cardigan

Outfit 10 (Casual Friday!):
Ripped jeans: Urban Outfitters
White Tank: Forever 21
Sweater: Free People
Booties: Urban Outfitters
Turquoise Necklace: Forever 21

If you haven’t yet caught on…I have a slight addiction to shopping at Forever 21. It’s become quite a problem… #guiltyascharged

#TBT and more on my thoughts…

#TBT and more on my thoughts…

In honor of #throwbackthursday some of you may have seen the picture I put up on my @eatrunandallinbetween Instagram account. I “threw it back” for a number of reasons. Number one, I absolutely LOVE the quote “take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live in”. Number two, I loved the “shape” of my body at that point, I felt great, and was happy where I was at. Number three, I miss the WARMTH. And lastly, because of all of the above, I’m using it as my motivation to get through these brutally cold and depressing days of winter.
So, let me begin by reinstating that I constantly have to remind myself of this quote and say it over a few times in my head before I want to “fall off the health wagon” so to speak. There are often TOO many times when I just feel like eating junk food. I don’t know why. Perhaps it has to do with the many reasons I posted in my last blog post on the topic on “Hunger or Procrastination”? Whatever the reason may be, saying this quote out loud to myself, helps to rethink my decision to grab that second dessert. In essence, you are what you eat. So, the question comes down to, do you want to be a greasy pizza or a fresh apple!? Yes, I realize that’s a bit of the “extreme”, but think about it. You have complete control over what you put in your body, and in turn, that means you have the ultimate control over whether you want to “live” in a healthy place or not. So treat your body like a temple, care to it, fuel it, feed it, hydrate it, put it to work, let it rest. In the end, I think you’ll find that you’ll be happy with what you turn out with!

Onto my next point, ahhhh I’m sure there’s a time in your life where you were in what you perceived to the “best shape of your life”. Now, in this picture, although I may not be completely ripped and “leaned out”, I felt great here. Personally, for ME, I felt like I was in the best shape. I was the happiest here with my body, and really, isn’t that what’s most important? I could have been 10 lbs lighter and not happy or I could choose a point in my life where I was both Happy and Healthy. I honestly believe that reflecting on yourself and points in your life where you were happy and in good shape, is the best way to stay motivated.

On Instagram, I follow so many Instagram fitness accounts and think to myself, “wow, if I only I could have her abs, and her thighs, and her arms, and so on”. But, you have to stop yourself in that moment of lust and want and realize that everyone’s bodies are different and transform and react in their own way to food and exercise. I grew up playing field hockey and ever since then, I’ve always had muscular quads. I’ve accepted and come to truly love my muscular quads and know that I will never have that so called “thigh gap”. A thigh gap doesn’t necessarily come with exercise and clean eating, it’s actually based on your skeletal structure and common to girls that have wider-set hips. This is just one example on how one thing may be normal and healthy for one girl, yet will be completely different on another girl. Which brings me back to my point, use your OWN motivation!

Lastly, ahhh who does not miss the warmth, the sun, the sand, the TAN??? I mean just half a year ago that was all so present and now, it seems like we’ve been hit time and time again with snow, snow, and more snow. I’m not going to lie, seasonal depression is seriously taking a toll on me AND my health and motivation. I know for a fact, that I “work” better in times of warmer weather. I’m absolutely sick of being stuck inside on a treadmill and I’m certainly sick of not being able to participate in outdoor activities on the weekend. As much as I enjoy my “lazy, me time”, I’m so over binge watching Netflix in my bed while stuffing my face with a big bowl of trail mix. Anyway, this entire picture is pretty much on point as to the type of motivation I could use right about now. So, HAPPY THROWBACK THURSDAY yall! Hopefully, the spring comes before we know it………

Who are we REALLY setting personal goals for?

Who are we REALLY setting personal goals for?

So I want to take the time and be completely transparent here. I posted a quote earlier yesterday morning on my instragram account (a quote I found while scrolling through Tumblr the other day) and it really resonated with me. Not that the quote is something I haven’t heard before, but to see it in writing, that friendly reminder was just that extra bit of motivation I needed. The quote, as posted above, states “what you think of yourself is much more important than what people think of you”. The reason I want to pick this apart a bit is because I feel like often times we lose sight of why we’re trying to achieve certain goals in the first place.

No one is perfect and I certainly have my flaws. We all set certain goals or ambitions throughout the year whether we realize it or not. We set standards and expectations for ourselves to achieve, we write out new year’s resolutions, we verbally commit to something, we keep tabs in writing or through social media “check in’s”, the list could go on. Where do all of these goals truly stem from though? Are they goals we set because we aspired to be like someone else we admired or saw in the magazine? Are they goals we set because we felt it was what our significant other/boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife (whomever) wanted to see? Did we set these goals based off of an unwritten competition between a friend or just friendly competition in a sport you participate in? Did we do this because someone else set that goal for us?

Reflecting on all of those above questions, I can relate to each and every one. I’ve been there and I STILL question who I’m really doing all of this for at times. Looking back at my years throughout college, I set certain goals for myself, not because I felt I needed them, but because I felt that’s what I needed to do to be successful. I felt I had to look a certain way and be a certain weight, just like some of the other lean athletes on my track team to race fast and be successful in my long distance cross country races. When it came to my school work, I wanted to achieve certain grades just to prove that I was smarter or more business savvy than a classmate. When it came my social life, it always came down to how I dressed, how I did my makeup or my hair, how pretty I felt, how skinny I felt in that tight dress. I wanted to work out more, eat healthier, make money, be successful and so on. All for whom? To impress other people. I set all of these expectations and goals not for myself, but for others.
Now, to be honest, I never actually realized that I was setting my goals for other people. At the time, I’m sure I would have liked to tell myself, “Calli, if you do 4 minutes of plank every other day, you’ll get stronger, build your core and back muscles, and of course, feel comfortable in your own skin”. I really, truly wish that’s why I worked out, but when it comes down to it, I don’t think it was 100% for those reasons. I believe that I set certain goals for myself because that’s what I imagined I needed to do to impress a guy or to feel better about myself when standing next to other girls. Never did I say, I’m going to do this for myself, because this is what makes ME happy. Actually, it’s taken until now, to realize that I still do what I did in college at times.

I’d love to believe that I have all my shit together and that I practice what I preach. But, we all have slip ups. I could tell myself to wake up every morning in a positive mood; I could tell myself that doing yoga for 10 minutes every night has helped to alleviate my stress, I could tell myself that eating healthy will make me an overall, happier person. Now, I do tell myself this as a positive affirmation, but do I always believe it? I don’t know. I don’t know that I’m truly setting these goals for myself. Even a month or so ago, I told my boyfriend, “you’re my motivation to be fit and look good for you”. There’s nothing wrong with using that as a little extra motivation, but the problem here is that there was no part of that statement saying that “I WANTED it” or “I WANT to be fit and happy and workout for myself, AS WELL as for you, because that’s what makes me happy”.

THIS ladies and gentlemen is the ONE time you can actually be selfish. As I previously mentioned, we all have set backs and times of uncertainty. We question why we’re waking up at 6AM to workout, we question why it’s worth eating well-rounded meals every day when there are people around you eating fries for lunch daily, we question these things for good reasons. We question them, likely because we’re smart. We’re smart because we know that we shouldn’t abide to certain standards for others. We know better than that and we know that whatever goals we set, should be because we REALLY want to achieve them.

I am constantly reminding myself every second of every day to enjoy everything to its fullest. This means finding that happy medium I’m constantly talking about. This means finding that balance with working out, eating well, enjoying and splurging on treats every now and then, spending times with friends, staying in touch with family, and just overall enjoying life! I’m learning to stop comparing myself to others. Everyone’s different and for that reason, you can’t expect to have the same goals as others. Your goals should be unique and special to you. No ones perfect and it shouldn’t matter what other people think of you so long as you do what makes YOU happy.

Looks of the Week

Looks of the Week

Hello Everyone! I’m keeping this going with week 3 of my office/day looks for you all!

Outfit 1:
day 1
Rustic Red Blouse: Tobi
Black High Waisted Skinnies: Urban Outfitters
Tall Brown Boots: Sam Edelman
Gold Necklace: Urban Outfitters

Outfit 2:
Black High Waisted Skinnies: Urban Outfitters
Jean Collared Button-up top: Top Shop
Blue heart Sweater: Brand – Halogen, Found at Nordstrom
Necklace: Jcrew
Black lace-up Wedges: Toms

Outfit 3:
striped long
Navy blue & white striped long sweater: Pull and Bear (Spanish brand)
Black High Waisted Skinnies: Urban Outfitters
Black lace-up Wedges: Toms
Chunky Necklace: Forever 21
Bracelet: Michael Kors

Outfit 4:
photo (12)
Boyfriend jeans: Gap
Leopard Flats: Jcrew
Black and white striped leotard: Forver21
Grey cardigan: Banana Republic
Gold Necklace: Urban Outfitters
Gold Studded Belt: Jcrew

Outfit 5:
sat casual
Leggings: Nike
Oversized tshirt: Urban Outfitters
Oversized sweater: Brandy Melville USA
Long Necklace: Brandy Melville USA
Black Oversized Bag: Michael Kors
Beige Studded Loafers: Aldo Shoes

Hope you all have a lovellyyy week and are feeling inspired even in this chilly winter weather! And be sure to follow my Instagram @eatrunandallinbetween for my daily looks and meals!

Looks of the Week

Looks of the Week

Hey Everyone! As you most of you may have noticed, whether through Instagram or my blog, I’ve started posting my outfits of the day for you all to see! I know at least for myself, I often struggle with what I want to wear to work in the morning. I can spend anywhere from 2 minutes to 20 minutes picking out an outfit in the AM.

Now, I know what some of you are thinking, “Why don’t you choose an outfit the night before to save time?” Trust me, it’s not like I haven’t tried this once before! Yes, this is great, it saves you some time and maybe you’re brain is feeling creative at 9:30/10PM at night. That is fabulous if this works for you, however this just does not work the same for me! I used to pick out my outfits the night before, but more recently I’ve picked my entire outfit out in the morning solely because more often than none, my mood does a total 360 from the night before.

So, I may have been inspired to wear some retro preppy outfit at 10 last night, but wake up that morning feeling office chic. Now, tell me, if you’re in the mood for pizza earlier in the day, yet decide on your drive home you want sushi, you are 100% going to get sushi. I can’t think of anything worse than eating something when your craving something entirely different. So, case in point my friends, you have to go with your cravings! Whether it’s that boyfriend blazer you need to sport or the Italian meatballs you need devour, don’t go unhappy! With that, I welcome you to my closet….

High Waisted Black Skinnies: Urban Outfitters
Jean Button up Collared Top: TopShop
Hot pink and white Polka Dot Sweater: Forever 21
“Love Me” Beige Loafers: Forever 21
Light Pink/Beige Bobble Necklace: Nordstrom BP
Bracelets: Kate Spade

High Waisted Black Skinnies: Urban Outfitters
Flowy White Top: Free People
Black cut out Flats: Urban Outfitters
Chunky Blue and White Necklace: Francescas Collections

Teal Blouse with white bow: Forever 21
Brown “leather” high waisted skirt: Forever 21
Nude kitten heels: Michael Kors
Brown sweater: Nordstrom BP

Black Velvet Skirt: Urban Outfitters
Off white collared Blouse: Forever 21
Grey V-neck Sweater: Banana Republic
Black lace up wedges: Toms
Chunky black and gold chain necklace: Forever 21
Bracelets: Kate Spade
Watch: Skagen

Friday >>> JAMMIEZ!! Worked from home : )

Saturday Night Out {oh and my BF in his suppa trendy bowtie (courtesy of moiii) and velvet blazer}:
Crop/high neck pink and white top: Found at 344 (Brand:Nameless Jacquard)
High waisted black leather skirt with crochet detailing: Found at 344 (Brand:English Rose)
Black heels: Urban Outfitters
Diamond Earrings: Bobbles and Lace
Metallic Clutch: Francescas Collections

My Roller-coaster Ride of Post-College Emotions…and other things.

My Roller-coaster Ride of Post-College Emotions…and other things.

First off, let me just start off by saying a few things. One, thank god for blogging. Two, well because it allows me to have an open forum to freely vent about anything I feel! Three, some of you (I hope) actually find what I’m venting/talking about interesting (if that’s false, let me continue to believe it’s true) and can relate to it…So, with that…THANK YOU!!

Now, let me explain why I opened with that. Well, as most of you know by now, I’m a recent college graduate (yes, I consider almost a year still as RECENT) and lately I’ve started to feel a bit “mopey”. I can’t pinpoint exactly when, where, or why these feelings started occurring, but sometimes I’m just straight up SAD that I’m no longer in college. It’s funny because looking back at the past few months, I’ve had mixed feelings. I mean, following graduation it was all just a bitter sweet feeling. Not only that, but I got to enjoy most of my summer without the stress of internships or work.

However, that changed sometime in July when I began my official, real person job. This too was an exciting time because I actually had a job that would set me up for a successful future and a hopeful career growth. Yadi Yadi Yada, fast forward to a few months and that post-college depression stage hit. The summer had come to an end and I had been in my job for a solid month or two. Friends on Facebook in the grades below me were posting pictures, the weather began getting cooler, I was constantly stalking XC updates and results…it was all just too triggering and I just emotionally could not handle these constant reminders that I was officially an adult, ew!! Anyway, that passed as well after some time. And, up until recently, I actually felt pretty content with my life and the routine that I finally had gotten used to.
So, that brings me to this point in time. Back into depression mode. Back into the realization that I’m STILL not ever going to relive my 4 fabulous years of college! Why is this happening now? Well, one MAJOR piece could be that I’m attending my University’s alumni event this weekend… Ugh, again, how depressing! Sure, the event is a great time, we all attend, get super drunk a little buzz on, chat it up with people we haven’t spoken to in 6 months and of course, pretend that we’re all living an “AMAZING” life in our new “AMAZING” careers in our new “AMAZING” apartments. Anyway, that’s just one part of it all.

The other part is this. I woke up Tuesday morning, with my alarm ringing in my ear at 5:25AM. I find myself habitually laying there for 5 extra minutes as I brace myself to turn on the light. 5:30 hits and I roll over, chug half of my water bottle, get in one large yawn, stretch and then I go to retrieve my usual morning items: Sneakers √, Socks √, Tshirt √, Shorts √, watch √, Gym Card √, Iphone and Earphones √ …Good to go! I do high knees down the hallway (don’t judge me…this is my BRIEF warm up/wake up mechanism). I then trot down two floors and find my way into the gym. Ah, the usual crew is there. The couple whose daughter was a graduate from Loyola in 2011, the man with a knee brace who always sweats it out on the elliptical for an hour, and the soccer mom with her awesome baseball cap. I make my way to either the elliptical or the treadmill, get in my 30 mins of cardio, and then complete my 30 mins of strength training/HIIT workouts.

I then, in this exact order, take a quick shower, brush my teeth, apply my face and body lotion, head to the closet to spend FAR TOO MUCH TIME coming to a decision on my outfit, apply my makeup in a rushed manner, and then complete my morning routine with a quick blow dry. Right here, right HERE is the point where I stopped mid hair dry and thought to myself, wow, I’m literally the most boring, routine person in the world. Okay, I realize I’m being dramatic here, but COME ON! I reflected there for a second and realized that my life is quite similar to a robots. I don’t skip a beat with my morning routine anymore. Yes, waking up early still sucks, but I do it. Why? Because it has become a way of life for me, a habit. This was the point however that put be back into post-college depression mode. That realization of knowing that this could and quite possibly WILL be my same routine for the majority of my life. Of course, I know this isn’t entirely true as I’m sure I’ll have to make some adjustments at some point in my life when I get married, have kids, go through a mid-life crisis, you get the gist. But, just this mere thought of doing the same thing EVERYDAY until I’m old and shriveled up absolutely terrified me. It certainly doesn’t help that I’ve self diagnosed myself with anxiety (to be FAIR, I was “diagnosed” with general anxiety disorder” which sounds to me like a load of crap, but hey still using it as an excuse!), but either way, my anxiety kicked in and I suddenly felt trapped. Absolutely stuck in my life. So, ladies and gentlemen, that is currently where I am right now. Help? Please and thank you!!

OH and if you’re strill struggling like myself in this post-college drought…
CHeck out Thought Catalog’s View on this…
– And…7 Unexpected stages of college graduation

When Fashion Meets the Office

When Fashion Meets the Office

Happy Monday Everyone! So recently, right before Christmas, I took the initiative to begin posting my outfits for work every day! I’ve had a few people here and there throw that suggestion out there, so why not start it up now?! Plus, I too struggle/struggled with what to wear to work every day! And it’s funny, because over a year ago, I had accepted a post-college job position with a large retail company, where I would have had to wear a red shirt and khakis every day (I’m assuming you all have a fairly good idea as to the store now…). Anyway, I had interned there my summer going into Senior year and I really loved the job itself! It was so hands on and really gave me amazing experience and the opportunity to act as a leader, but let me tell you, a HUGE factor I considered when deciding to go with another job was part of the work attire.

I know this sounds crazy, but fashion has always been something I’ve been passionate about. I always saw myself as a trendy business woman, just like the Devil Wears Prada! Now, I don’t consider myself to be the most fashionable, trend-setting individual, however, I love my style and I feel it best expresses who I am. So, case in point, I went with the corporate job and am able to flexibly wear business casual attire to work WITH the AWESOME addition of casual Friday.

For those of you who can relate, I feel that what you wear says a lot about you and even though this probably shouldn’t be the case, what you wear is often 80-90% of someone’s first impression of you. That person will likely make a judgment about you within 5 seconds of meeting you based on your presentation. Of course, I’m not saying you should care what people think about you, because I certainly don’t, but maybe consider wearing something that reflects what’s so great and unique about you…stand out from the crowd! As one more piece of advice, I personally and 100% feel that your confidence and your own personal happiness highly gravitates off of how you come dressed to work every day. So take the time to find a style that best mirrors you as an individual and learn to LOVE and OWN that look!

Here are my outfits from the week:

Before Christmas:
White and Black Polka Dot Dress: Urban Outfitters
Black cut out flats: Urban Outfitters
Half Leather Sweater “Jacket”: South Moon Under
Chunky Black Necklace: Forever 21

Christmas Eve:
xmas eve
Pink and Blue Striped Dress: Lilly Pulitzer
Nude mini heels: Michael Kors

Plaid Collared Shirt: Madewell
Grey V-neck Sweater: Banana Republic
Chunky Black Necklace: Forever 21
High Waisted Black Skinny jeans: Urban Outfitters
Brown Leather Boots: Sam Edelman

Striped Navy and White Cotton Shift Shirt: Forever 21
Cigarette Black high waisted Skinnies: Urban Outfitters
Gold and Black Chain Necklace: Forever 21
Headband: Banana Republic
Leopard pointy flats: J Crew
Bracelets: Kate Spade

Cigarette Black high waisted Skinnies: Urban Outfitters
Nude mini heels: Michael Kors
Plaid Button Up Sleeveless Collard Shirt: Forever 21
Off White Pullover Sweater: Gap
Necklace: J Crew

Pattered Navy and Light Pink/Coral Blouse: Forever 21
Light pink/Coral skirt: J Crew
Nude mini heels: Michael Kors
Chunky Necklace: Top Shop

CASUAL Friday:
Floral Dress: Brandy Melville USA
Oversize Sweater: Brandy Melville USA
Off White high socks: Free People
Lace up Brown Boots: Steve Madden
Scorpio Necklace: Boutique in Rockport, MA – Wild Peacock
Feather Pendant: Brand- Dogeared; Found at- Nordstrom

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