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15 tips that have helped me: GET OUT OF A RUT

15 tips that have helped me: GET OUT OF A RUT

Hi all!

I’ll start by saying that I love instagram HOWEVER it definitely paints a “perfect” picture when in some cases, that’s not always accurate. The reason why I bring this up is because like most people, us “health and wellness” bloggers get caught up in a rut from time to time as well. No one is perfect. Recently, a few weeks ago, I was feeling stuck in a rut – lazy, a bit unmotivated, tired, lacking my usual “bubbliness” and of course on top of that, feelings of personal doubt and helplessness began to takeover my mind. I personally believe I do suffer from seasonal depression and when you’re stuck inside for a few days straight due to the harsh winds, snow, and below freezing temps, it can certainly take a tole on your emotions, some people (like myself) may be even more affected by this. When these types of emotions begin to pile one on top of another, I fall into a somewhat unhealthy behavior. These emotions in turn trigger my stress and anxiety therefore even worsening my sleep deprivation. I will be the first to tell you that the second I can feel my body lacking the sleep and rest it needs, it automatically goes into a fight or flight mode which leads to stress and emotional eating.

Though my usual go-to, stress eating meal sounds “healthy” in some regards (it’s certainly not a sleeve of oreos or a pint of ice cream), it’s still a form of over-eating for me as it’s not typically part of my “normal” intuitive routine. This meal may (and usually does) resemble something along the lines of a huge bowl of coconut yogurt, piled high with granola, almond butter, a crumbled up macrobar, and allllll the other goods. By the time I’ve finished this “parfait” (if you could even call it that…) I’m stuffed beyond the point of getting off the couch and I just feel my anxiety levels increase even more even though this was my form of so called, “curing that stress”. So, this unfortunately becomes a somewhat ebb and flow cycle depending on how long I’m stuck in this rut.

However, luckily, if I can find the motivation and determination within myself (which I usually do after a few days of this) I am able to slowly get out of this slump. Not going to lie, it takes a LOT of self-motivation and will-power, but MAN does it feel good when you finally wake up that morning knowing it’s going to be a GOOD day. Below are some quick tips, take it or leave it!

1.) Get Journaling!

I think I’ve listened to enough of Katie Dalebout’s podcasts to see the benefits behind jotting a few things down! I’ve taken some of her tips and now wake up every morning and ensure the FIRST thing I do within that hour of waking up is writing down THREE things that I’m grateful for. It’s seriously THAT easy. Takes less than 1 minute and overtime, you truly do feel the positive benefits of sharing your gratification.

2.) Meditating

I’d by lying if I told you I was consistent with meditating everyday. Trust me, it’s been a struggle for me. I’ve downloaded and tried a number of apps, but some mornings I just wake up with too many thoughts and can’t even bare the thought of sitting still for 10 minutes. HOWEVER, I can totally tell the difference between my days where I start with meditation verses those where I miss it completely. A good 10-minute guided meditation is a really nice way to check in with yourself and start getting out of that slump.

3.) Play Music

I’m absolutely a LOVER of music. Music is good for the mood, the soul, the bod – literally everything and can instantly bring your mood from 0 – 10 just like that. Since mornings are where you really need to take control of your day and start it on the right note, I find a few different styles help to get me back on track.

4.) Inversions, Yoga, or Just a good Sweat Sesh

Being upside down circulates the blood flow, helps to relieve anxiety, stress, etc. Or partake in some backbends and hip-openers to release those tied up emotions.

5.) As soon as the suns out, force yourself to walk for an hour & listen to a positive podcast.

Unfortunately living in Boston has it’s downfalls in the winter. There may be 5 days straight where its cold and cloudy. But, the second that sun peeps out, I force myself to get out, walk, and tune into a good podcast. Here are some of my fave ones:

6.) Feed your body with ALL the good mood superfoods.

Maca powder, raw organic Cacao Powder, coconut, spirulina, goji berries, hemp seeds, etc.

7.) Self-Care

Give yourself a face mask, treat yourself to a massage or a mani/pedi.

8.) Plan a trip or event to look forward to.

We just booked a trip to Colorado in the fall and I CAN NOT WAIT. Nature, Red Rocks Amphitheater, GOOD FOOD, quality time with the boyfraaan.

9.) Organize and Clean.

A lot of times when I’m in a funk, I blast music and get into a crazy cleaning mode. I can’t tell you how many times Justin has come home and I have a bag full of random things in the apartment that I’m either throwing away or donating. Sometimes purging items can be so beneficial to your own health. Plus a clean, organized space definitely plays a part in an organized life.

10.) Get rid of old clothes you don’t wear.

^ same concept as above.

11.) Help out a local charity.

Nothing helps more than giving back. It’s so fulfilling to help others out and you’d be surprised what karma you get in return.

12.) Cuddle with dogs (or bae).

I mean, does this even need an explanation?

13.) Get rid of the food (for now) that is your go-to when you’re stress/emotional eating.

Putting the emphasis on “for now” because I don’t believe these should be cut out indefinitely. I just sometimes need a week or 2 without them to set myself back to normality.

14.) GET SLEEP!!!!

I can’t stress this enough. Sleep deprivation is always the main culprit for putting me into these “ruts” in the first place. So even if this means staying in all weekend and rescheduling plans with friends – do it. You need that time to unwind and reset.

15.) Make to-do lists and get yourself back in a routine.

Hopefully a few (or all) of these tips can help you out if you’re ever feeling like you’re stuck in a rut. PS – you’re not alone. So many of us fall into this, so don’t beat yourself up over it. That will only make things worst (trust me, I’ve been there, done that)!

** LAST last bit of advice – FIND SOMETHING THAT INSPIRES YOU **

My Favorite Fitness Instagrams to Spice up your Workout Routine

My Favorite Fitness Instagrams to Spice up your Workout Routine

In college I had the luxury of being on a D1 college cross-country and track team year around. This lifestyle created a structured routine for me over those four years. Of course, there were days where all I wanted to do was stay in bed all day while bingeing on netflix and almond butter. But most days, I knew that this lifestyle was absolutely worth every blood, sweat, and tear. I knew that this would mold my future and how I would come to appreciate health and fitness the way I do today. It taught me discipline, drive, determination, and that not everything in life comes easy. You need to work for what you want most.

As not to get too side tracked here, the point of all of this is that I no longer have that same structure to keep me committed each and every day to my health. My workout routine is now in my own hands. I have no 6 AM required gym sesh 3x’s a week. I don’t have a team strength trainer to walk us through gym routines. I don’t have a running coach anymore to prepare track workouts for us on a weekly cadence. It’s my responsibility to define my health and lifestyle.

Unlike a lot of bloggers out there, I don’t have any background in nutrition or fitness. All I have is what I learn through research and believe it or not, social media…more specifically, instagram. Yes, instagram has become like my own personal trainer. Every now and then I come across a new instagram account with unique workouts, HIIT exercises, strength training, and more!

Here are some of the fitness accounts I follow that cover almost all fitness spectrums – Cardio, HIIT, Strength, Core, Yoga, Squats & Bootay, Pilates, and more!

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 8.03.11 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 8.03.32 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 8.03.58 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 8.04.18 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 8.04.37 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 8.05.17 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 8.05.59 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 8.06.34 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 8.07.11 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 8.08.02 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 8.09.08 PM

Banza Pasta Topped with a Curry Butternut Squash Sauce

Banza Pasta Topped with a Curry Butternut Squash Sauce

For some reason, pasta isn’t always a product that lands on my grocery list. It’s not that I necessarily stay away from pasta, it’s just not typically a meal I plan for during the week. I tend to treat pasta as a “special” meal, which is crazy to me because let’s be honest, I could easily eat pasta every night and be content with that.
When it comes to pasta, I’ve tried quite a variation. I’ve had quinoa pasta, brown rice pasta, whole wheat pasta, gluten-free pasta, zucchini “pasta”, basil pasta …I seriously thought I tried it all! Up until recently when a friend (thanks jackie!!) introduced me to Banza Chickpea Pasta (high protein pasta made from chickpeas). Now let me tell you, as crazy as this sounds, you would never realize you’re eating pasta made from chickpeas! The texture, taste, consistency, shape – everything about it is easily comparable to any other regular pasta! Not to mention the taste is on point!
Anyway, I was inspired by a few of my favorite fall squashes – butternut squash! I was craving comfort food. So, why not create a creamy butternut squash sauce for this pasta! Healthy, filling, and warmed with all of those delicious fall flavors. Try out the dish below and let me know what you think! It’s the perfect mix of sweet and spicy for this time of year!


– Banza Chickpea Pasta
– 3/4 can of butternut squash
– 2 tbsp Olive Oil
– 2 cloves of garlic finely chopped
– 1/2 cup large yellow onion finally chopped
– 1 tsp curry powder
– 1/2 tsp chili powder
– 1/2 tsp salt
– A shake of black pepper (add based on preference)
– A dash of cayenne pepper
– 1 cup chopped Mushrooms


  • Bring water to a boil and follow the Banza Chickpea directions accordingly.
  • While your water is coming to a boil, begin with a large skillet and add your olive oil as it warms on a medium heat.
  • Add your chopped garlic and yellow onion. Let that cook for about 2-3 minutes.
  • Next you’ll add your mushrooms to sauté. Let those (and any other additional vegetables you wish to add) cook for about 5 minutes.
  • As this is cooking, add your seasonings of curry, chili powder, salt & black pepper.
  • Lastly, you’ll add your butternut squash directly into the skillet. Mix this well into the pan and let cook for an additional 2-4 minutes on low heat in order to warm the squash up in the sauce.
  • It may help to add about 1 TBSP or more of warm water to help soften up the sauce and thin it out if you wish to do so. You could also choose to add some heavy whipping cream or plain greek yogurt to the sauce if you’re looking make it creamier and thicker. Totally up to you and your preference!
  • Once your pasta is done and drained, you can add that directly into the large skillet with the sauce and mix well so that the pasta is completely covered. Enjoy and serve warm!

*If you decide to store over night, make sure to keep in an enclosed container. I’d suggest you add about 1-1.5 TBSP of water when re-heating your pasta & sauce as it will have a tendency to clump and harden a bit when sitting in the fridge. I reheated mine for about 2 minutes.


Top Fall Jamz

Top Fall Jamz

No, I’m not referring to the kind of sweet, fruitful jams that are oh so perfect on a slightly browned piece of toast…no, I’m talking about music jams. Just as good, right?!?
Anyway, nothing like some good pump up music to get you motivated as the temperature begins to drop and hibernation slowly but surely, becomes more tempting. For those that are familiar with my blog, likely know how obsessed I am with dance music. Whether it’s trap, big room, or deep house – I love it all and therefore basically eat, sleep, breathe it.

Now, don’t knock em till ya try em!

Scrub the Ground – Tommie Sunshine & Chocolate Puma
Won’t stop rocking the beat – R3hab & Headhunterz
90’s by Nature – Lucas and Steve Remix
Crunk – Siege
X – Dyro
Save Me – Keys n’ Krates
Wombass – Oliver Heldens & Tiesto
Ready to Fly – Mr Belt and Wezol
Split (Only U) – Chainsmokers & Tiesto
Sky High – Firebeatz
Deeper Love – Jauz
Squad Out – Skrillex & Jauz
Boss Mode – Knife Party
Odesza All we need remix – Dzecko and Torres
Jewlez and Sparks – Dope
Give me some – Fedde Le Grand and Merk & Kremont
Devotion – Bingo Players Jewlez and Sparks Remix

The Struggle is Real

The Struggle is Real

So the title here says it all. There are quite honestly some mornings where I wake up – groggy, unmotivated, unenthused by the day ahead of me. Now I’m sure I’m not the ONLY one that feels like that, right?? I mean let’s face the truth – summer is gone and we’ve now welcomed Fall (or pretending to) with open arms. Us Bostonians can already feel the crispness in the air or can see the frost glistening on cars early in the AM. For those of you familiar with my blog and therefore, my workout routine – I face it head on, early in the morning…every day. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you even get a pretty sunrise as pictured below!


Whether I like it or not, I’ve committed. I’ve even rubbed off on my boyfriend who was so fortunate enough to have dealt with my 5AM wakeup call that he just couldn’t resist anymore! It’s actually a HUGE motivating factor when on the mornings where I snooze my alarm too many times to count, he rolls out of bed and gets going. Now, my competitive nature instantly would fight back and I would have no choice, but to get out of bed and follow suit.

Side note: a fun fact about Boston is that parking SUCKS. You’re lucky as hell if you find parking included with your apartment. If you’re unfortunate like ourselves, than you’re likely paying $125 or more a month for a (crappy) parking spot, that is most certainly, NOT right outside of your apartment. What is our parking spot like you ask? Well we park in tandem. So if I pull in first and Justin pulls in after me – I’m trapped until he leaves. As you can imagine – this has caused A LOT of stress on our relationship! LOL but all kidding aside – the point of bringing this up is that this parking situation has secretly set us up for success in getting out of bed for our workouts in the morning. If one of us commits to going and our car is blocking the other, we can’t decide last minute the next morning to call it quits. So, as much as I love to hate our tandem spots – it is another motivating factor locking us into our morning workout routines!

Now, I realize not everyone may have a roommate or tandem parking spots to keep them on track in the mornings – so how else do I stay motivated? My biggest realization was beginning Kayla Itsines. I discovered how important it is to follow a routine workout plan and make sure it’s FUN and that you SWITCH IT UP. This is key. I used to only run, every day. As much as I love running, it got boring and I most certainly did not look forward to getting up in the morning for it. When you switch up your routine enough (and choose something fun and exciting) it keeps you motivated, trust me. Whether I’m doing Kayla (or customized versions of HITT), trying out a new ClassPass studio, or doing a nice run – it more than always, gets me excited! So, what does my usual routine look like?


Monday – Kayla Itsines Leg Day! I get up and head straight to the gym at my office. I drink a coffee (w/ a spoonful of coconut oil) on the way and then I’m ready to go when I hit the gym.
Tuesday – Morning Run Day! // Depending on my energy level, I may hit up a reformer Pilates class or yoga in the evening (through ClassPass of course)!
Wednesday – Kayla Itsines Abs/Arms!
Thursday – Morning Run Day and potential class in the evening!
Friday – Kayla Itsines Abs/Arms!
Saturday – Either REST // ClassPass (Yoga, Barre, Pilates, etc.) // or Long Run
Sunday – Either REST // ClassPass (Yoga, Barre, Pilates, etc.) // or Long Run (I wouldn’t do a long run both days – just choose between one or another)

There you have it folks! Though it’s not always easy and it CERTAINLY can be a struggle, it’s always worth it. I find a way to make it work because my body, my health, my mind – are all SO important to me!

What’s so great about ClassPass anyway? A lot.

What’s so great about ClassPass anyway? A lot.

So just over 2 months ago, I signed up for a new subscription called Class Pass. I was introduced to this by a friend and instantly was drawn to the idea of what this subscription model could offer. For just $99 a month, I had the opportunity to attend up to 3 classes PER fitness studio a month. So for example, in my “neighborhood” alone, I have about 8 or so cooperating studios (this doesn’t even include the amount of studios that are along my commute home from work). This means I can go to 3 classes per studio. You do the math. I essentially could attend 24 classes in a month at that same $99 rate. Though $99 MAY sound like a lot, consider how much I was spending at other chain studios?? Now, I’m not trying to put down any of these studios down, but for me, switching up my fitness routine daily is normal. Having the option to try out new studios, different workout regimens, and all the while, feel like I’m getting my money’s worth is a BIG bonus in my mind.

Oh and did I mention that you not only get access to studios in your city, BUT when you travel, you can attend any class for NO additional charge. WHAT!? This means that when I go visit my boyfriends family in Long Island, I no longer need to worry about where or what I’ll do for my mini make-shift workout. Or when I’m traveling to visit friends in Baltimore, I can just search local studios on my app and BAM I’m set for the day! For me – this is a game changer and I’m obsessed.

But oh you must be thinking …this is just another one of Calli’s short-lived obsessions. You could be TOTALLY correct. But hey, if I’m using this in the summer and into the fall – just imagine how handy this will be in the winter when I’m REALLY not down to go for a run in 5 feet of snow. Just think of the possibilities!!

Want more of a reason to join class pass? Well, new studios are joining left and right. Just when you think the yoga studio conveniently located next to your apartment will never join, you receive an email the following day with new studios added to the portfolio. I’ve been to a whole variety of studios from small boutique-like pilates classes, spin classes, chain yoga studios, and even free gym time at nearby gyms! The funny thing is that I’ve now started seeing a pattern of the same people at all these different studios in the area. It may be because I’m in a big college city, but that certainly says something about this app and it’s attraction to fitness-obsessed locals!

Here’s the fun part – you can even test this subscription out for a week free of charge to decide if you like it! If you do, great, you’ll be charged 99 for the month …if not, then you get your money back after after the week is up!

Lunch: Easy Salads for a Busy Bee

Lunch: Easy Salads for a Busy Bee

So although I’ve been TOTALLY slacking on keeping up with my blog posts…I hope you’ve at least been keeping up with me through my instagram! That being said, you may notice that I go through minor obsessions and may periodically see the same thing posted for like 2 weeks straight… You must wonder – “does she get sick of the same lunch everyday??” Answer is NOPE! Once I find something I LOVE it takes a lot for me to get sick of it. What is it about this salad combo I love? To be honest, it’s made up of very simple ingredients, it’s easy to throw together, and not to mention it’s …healthy!
Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 8.44.40 AM

-1/2 cup cooked brown rice (I typically make a large batch of brown rice on Sunday to suffice for the whole week)
-Spinach or mixed greens
-1/4 cup of cherry tomatoes
-1/2 Avocado (because I don’t EVER go a day without some AVO in my life)
-1/2 Cooked Sweet Potato
-1/2 can of Tuna (I buy the tuna can in water, no salt added)
Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 8.44.25 AM
Then here’s the trick…I top it with the following seasonings/oils for flavor:

-Garlic Powder
-Cayenne Red Pepper (don’t go to crazy with this one!)
-Black Pepper
-A little of Olive Oil and some Balsamic Vinegar

Make sure to toss your salad with the oils RIGHT before you eat …you don’t want a soggy salad!
Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 8.44.53 AM

A Peek at my Grocery List

A Peek at my Grocery List

Curious as to what my typical grocery list looks like? Here’s what a usual shopping trip for me on a Sunday afternoon would normally look like:

FullSizeRender (3)
– Fage Plain Greek Yogurt
– Fresh Blueberries
– Fresh Strawberries
– A large bag of spinach or kale
– Tuna (in water) cans
– A large bag of apples
– Carrots
– Hummus
– Bananas
– Beets
– Rainbow Salad Combo
– Fresh peppers or cherry tomatoes (my fresh veggies will vary a bit depending on what my salad looks like for the week)
– Avocados
– Lemons
– Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
– Sweet Potatoes
– Boom Chicka Pop Popcorn

*Not featured on this…but DEFINITELY staples.

Frozen Items:

  • Acai Berries
  • Frozen Fruit (mango & berry combo)
  • Frozen Stir Fry Veggie Combo
  • Frozen Shrimp
  • Frozen fish for the week (Salmon, Halibut, Tilapia)
  • Ezekiel Bread (original)
  • Arctic Zero
  • Yasso Frozen Yogurt Bars

Dry Foods:

  • Quest Bars
  • Oats
  • Large bag of Almonds
  • Large bag of Goji Berries
  • Chocolate or Vanilla Protein Powder
  • Coconut Oil
  • Cinnamon Puffins Cereal
  • Chia Seeds / Flax Seeds
  • Brown Rice or Quinoa
  • Quinoa Pasta
  • Honey
  • Almond Butter
YAY – Successfully Moved into Our New Apartment!

YAY – Successfully Moved into Our New Apartment!

Hi Everyone – I have some exciting news to share with you all! As I mentioned in my last post on the DIY projects, my boyfriend and I finally moved into our new apartment! It’s officially been just over a month since we’ve moved in. This explains why I’ve been very MIA over the past few weeks. As many people can likely relate with big moves, there are a lot of moving parts and it can be quite time consuming! You think you have everything, yet once you move in, it seems like that Target or Home Goods list just keeps getting longer…am I right?!

Anyway, we’re super pumped about this move – we finally have our own place together, we have a big kitchen to cook in (major find seeing as every apt kitchen we looked at in the city was smaller than a closet), we are conveniently located near Whole Foods, we’re right near some great running areas, cafes, public transportation, etc.! I’ve been doing a lot of my runs around the BC reservoir which is so nice in this boootiful summer weather! I also love how active this area is – literally EVERYONE is out running, walking, biking and more – so it definitely keeps me motivated.

As I just mentioned, there is a lot to still be done in this apartment. Furniture to be painted, bed headboard, kitchen walls to be painted, new couch to be delivered, painting in bedroom to be done, rugs for the living room and bedroom, and more decorating to happen. However, I wanted to share pictures with everyone so that overtime, we hopefully can see some good progress to be made! Side note – don’t mind my boyfriend stuffing his face with popcorn – he refused to move for the photos. ALSO, I would have liked to take these pictures in better lighting…but I’m desperate to upload a post as it’s been a while! Look out for a future post with NEW pics, apartment updates, and better lighting 🙂






Our theme is beachy/boho/California vibe (because when the cold New England weather creeps up on us for half of the year, it’s at least nice to pretend we live in a hot, beachy location). Our colors are mostly shades of beachy blues, oranges, greens and some white…but as you can see we have a few pieces of eye-popping colorful, mismatched furniture as well.

Keep an eye out for more updates…I’m looking forward to sharing our progress with you all! And feel free to comment with any suggestions – I always like to hear about new ideas for apartment shopping destinations, DIY projects, and more!

Healthy Greek Yogurt Tuna Salad

Healthy Greek Yogurt Tuna Salad

Healthy Tuna Salad:

I hear it alllll the time, people either absolutely hate or absolutely love tuna out of a can. I used to be one of those people that hated it. However, I’ve finally found a way to taint the smell a bit and to make this tuna super healthy AND tasty for a delicious lunch! How so?
Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 11.17.03 AM
Here’s what you’ll need:

• 1 can of Tuna (I buy mine in water, no salt added)
• 2 TBSP of Plain Greek Yogurt (I prefer Fage Greek Yogurt)
• 1-2 finely diced celery sticks
• 2 tsp of fresh lemon juice
• 1-2 tsp of spicy brown mustard
• ¼ finely diced yellow onion
• Salt, black pepper, paprika, and garlic powder – I give each a few shakes, but I also love my dishes highly seasoned – make sure to test a little out and slowly add more to your liking

Salad additions:

• A bed of spinach or kale
• Chopped beets
• ½ avocado
• Mixed bag of red cabbage, carrots, broccoli (you can find this combo at most grocery stores in the veggie area by the bag of lettuce)

For the salad dressing:

• 2 tsp of honey
• 2 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil
• 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar
• 2 tsp of spicy brown mustard

Mix all these above ingredients together very well before serving over salad.
Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 11.17.16 AM
Now, top your salad combo with the healthy tuna mixture and add as much or as little of your honey Dijon vinaigrette to finish it off! For those picky eaters out there who still find this tuna difficult to eat, bring a whole wheat 100 cal pita pocket and stuff your salad combo in there. It makes for a great pita sandwich combo!

What Have I Been Up To???

What Have I Been Up To???

Hey guys! I’m so sorry I’ve been AWFUL with posting lately! There’s been a lot going on with work and getting ready to move into my boyfriend and I’s new apartment in Boston! Anyway, now that spring/summer (I think technically Boston just fully skips over spring and jumps right into 80/90 degree days…) is FINALLY in full swing here in New England, I’ve gained a new sense of motivation. Motivation to keep up with my workouts, my cooking/clean eating, work in the office, and hopefully some more blogging in my life! Side note: if you don’t already, make sure to follow my Instagram: eatrunandallinbetween – I keep that pretty much up-to-date every day!

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 8.37.49 PM

That being said, I wanted to share that since my last post – I’ve actually began Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide and I’ve absolutely been LOVING it. I’m actually on week 9 now and feel SO much stronger than I’ve felt in a long time. I’ve decreased my running significantly, but at the same time, I’m still able to go out and run a solid 8 minute mile pace on a hilly 5 mile course – which in my mind is pretty decent seeing as I’m only running 3, maybe 4 times a week! I love her leg, arms, and ab days – they’ve helped to build some solid definition and I THINK I may just be around the corner from a 6-pack!! Okay…maybe not THAT close, but a girl can dream. For those who are not familiar with her guide, they are organized over the span of 12 weeks – so I have 3 more weeks left to kick some serious booty. Hellllloooo summer body!!


In addition to my girl Kayla – I’ve also been really into yoga lately. I’ll go to 1-2 classes a week (they don’t always work with my schedule), BUT on nights where I can’t attend a class, I’m pretty much doing my own yoga session for 25-30 minutes in my room at night. It’s a great way to relax and stretch at the end of the day – plus, I get to practice my head and hand stands! Hopefully I can be whipping those moves out on the beach by the end of the summer…practice makes perfect, right?!

Aside from working out and cookin’ up a storm, my boyfriend and I have been getting ready for a big move on June 1! This will be our first apartment together AND we’ll be living in the city! We seriously could not be more excited and anxious for this move. It’s been a long time coming – we were in a long distance relationship for a WHILE, so it’s pretty surreal to finally be in the same city and soon enough, the SAME apartment 🙂 Not to mention, I’ve been crazed over furniture and decoration hunting. It’s amazing how the second you have a place of your own, you instantly go design crazy. I literally wake up in the morning with new ideas…I think Justin wants to kill me by now… Anyway, once our apartment is fully decorated – I’ll make sure to share some pictures!


That is an update of my life thus far! Nothing crazy, just beginning to enjoy this warm weather and looking forward to summer festivities! Look forward to more posts in the upcoming weeks!

Recipe of the Week: Roasted Rosemary Baby Potatoes

Recipe of the Week: Roasted Rosemary Baby Potatoes


I’m sitting here drinking my morning coffee, dreaming about my roasted rosemary potatoes. Ah as much I would love to take credit for this wonderful creation, I owe it all to my momma. I got it from my momma, my momma. But for real, with out her as my cooking inspiration, I certainly don’t think I would have been as creative in the kitchen. I’m pretty sure I was whipping up pasta, sautéed yellow squash, zucchini, broccoli, garlic and onion with EVOO at the prime age of 13. Not only that, but I watched my dad cook up his Sunday morning pancakes every week of my childhood. It’s funny because I even recall them bribing me with $5 to try my FIRST bite of PANCAKES. Crazy.

FullSizeRender (2)

Anyway, getting side tracked here. My point is, a lot of my inspiration comes from the kitchen activity I saw during my childhood. Ideas and recipes I’ve carried with me throughout those years, only to recreate them with a healthy spin. One side dish that my sister and I ALWAYS begged my mom to whip up were her roasted rosemary baby potatoes. The second you pull them out of the oven, you can smell the delicious strong scent of the rosemary, all the while hearing the sizzling of the just perfectly golden potatoes. These roasted potatoes are SURE to be a crowd favorite and can be perfectly paired with any dish!


– Colorful baby potatoes (purple, white, yellow, red): these are typically sold in a small bag and I would suggest to use the entire batch if you’re cooking for more than 2 people!
– Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1-2 TBSP): enough to lightly dress the potatoes
– Rosemary (1-3 TBSP)* please note this depends on your taste, all potatoes should be lightly covered in rosemary spice
– Salt & Black Pepper to taste


Set your oven to 400 degrees on “bake”. Cover a large baking sheet in aluminum foil. Spray it lightly with coconut oil (or any other form of baking spray). Cut all of your baby potatoes in half just once. These potatoes are fairly small, so no need to cut them into fourths. Next layer your baking sheet in all of the potatoes. Next take your olive oil and lightly dress all the potatoes. Add in your rosemary, salt and pepper. Next, make sure your hands are clean…you’re about to get a little down and dirty! Now dig in and massage the potatoes, shuffling them around. Making sure they’re all nicely covered in everything.

FullSizeRender (1)

Now toss your potatoes in the oven. Depending on how hot your oven gets, they should only need about 15-20 mins. Test the potatoes my sticking a fork in them. They should be fairly soft. Once they are soft and beginning to look a little golden, switch your oven to broil to get that nice crispyness. I typically leave my potatoes in for at least 5-8 minutes on broil, checking them periodically. Personally, I love mine VERY crisp, so just make sure to keep an eye on them and don’t let them burn!

Tone it Up and the Kayla Movement…What’s This all About?

Tone it Up and the Kayla Movement…What’s This all About?

If I were to guess, the majority of you likely know about my blog because of my instagram account @eatrunandallinbetween OR through my Facebook account which if you’ve looked at my page…the only “social presence” I have on there are my continuous blog post updates #nofriends?! ANYWAY, the reason I bring this up is because using social media accounts such as instagram is a really great way to get motivated, be inspired, check in, and stay on track with your health and fitness journey! There are SO many wonderful fitness accounts out there that I follow. Seriously, I think I learn a new thing everyday. That being said, there seems to always be two popular fitness “movements” that I always see trending on social media. Ever heard of Tone it Up or the Kayla Movement? Katrina and Karena or Kayla Itsines?
If not, I suggest you look into these different accounts and the impact that they’re making on the fitness community. It’s actually INSANE to see how many women’s lives have been changed thanks to the wonderful fitness plans, nutrition suggestions, workouts, motivation, etc. that these ladies have shared through social media. They’ve created a fabulous cult of kind and motivating women who check in daily through their instagram accounts AND all the while, commenting, sharing, and encouraging other women that are on the same fitness journey. Whether it’s through sharing each other’s progress pictures, posting your specific meal preps, encouraging one another when a “check in” photo is uploaded. The support that I’ve been seeing on instagram is more powerful than ever right now.
I feel like when I started my blog over 2 years ago, I saw far more “cyber bullying” through instagram. Girls putting down other girls. Too skinny or too fat, paleo verses vegan, cross fit verses HIIT, strong opinions on workouts and nutrition plans that work and those that fail. However, lately, I’ve noticed more of a supportive movement. Perhaps the cyber bullying is still there, but the encouragement and support is just more over powering than the negative vibes out there. Regardless of what it is, it’s so inspiring and amazing to see how the health and fitness community has grown on instagram and through other forms of social media. I think a lot of this is owed to these two accounts.
Schermafbeelding 2014-04-20 om 22.04.56
Typically, I’ve very skeptical on purchasing nutrition or fitness plans. I feel like I’ve done a lot of research of my own to get to where I am today. However, seeing the transformation pics out there through these two different fitness/nutrition plans, you can’t deny that they’re doing something right. Then it comes down to whether you actually want to go ahead and spend the money to purchase these plans. I think purchasing one of these plans would do AMAZING things for you both mentally and physically. However, some of us don’t have $100 to spend on a fitness booklet.
tiu yoga
So what’s plan B? How do you get the results that these girls have been seeing? Get on instagram! Seriously, so many meal prep plans and workouts are posted. Just search #toneitup, #kaylamovement, #kaylaitsines, #TIU …you’ll find a never-ending assortment of girls just like you posting their progress through workouts and meal plans. Additionally, both different products have blogs out there as well. Tone it Up has a free newsletter/email subscription you can sign up for and a blog AND they have a number of youtube workout video’s out there. Kayla Itsines has a really great blog that shares recipes, tips on Meal Prep 101, and more.

As you can see…there really are NO excuses now. You’d be surprised at the amount of tips and helpful advice that can be shared and inspired. Plus you’ll gain an amazing support system through motivated people just like yourself!

Breakfast Special

Breakfast Special

Hi there! I thought rather than doing multiple separate posts, I’d share a collection of some of my delicious breakfast’s over the past few weeks. It’s funny because the first time we had a “snow day”, it was great because we could work from home and I could actually take the time to make myself a delicious breakfast. However, after the 3rd or 4th time of working from home, it got old very quickly. When you’re stuck inside all day, in a small space, with an endless pantry…let’s just say it can leave you slightly crazy by the time 3PM rolls around.

Anyhow, if you haven’t already gotten the sense, breakfast IS EASILY my FAVORITE meal of the day. I literally LIVEEE for easy Sunday mornings, where I can brew my cup of hazelnut coffee, take my time to cook up whatever breakfast I crave, stay in my sweats until noon, and spend hours on pinterest and blogs…

And if I’m not at home cooking my own breakfast, than you’ll likely find me exploring a new breakfast/brunch spot because WHY NOT? : )

Check out below for what I’ve been cooking up lately in the kitchen…

Savory Dish:
– 1 egg/1 egg white omelet with spinach, cherry tomatoes, salt, black pepper, and garlic powder to taste
– A side of mixed greens w/ EVOO and a dash of balsamic glaze
– 1 Slice of Ezekiel Toast topped with avocado, salt and black pepper to taste

Cinnamon Raisin French Toast:

– 2 Slices of Ezekiel bread
– 1 egg, 2 egg whites
– 2 TBSP unsweetened vanilla almond milk
– Cinnamon to taste
– 2 Drops of Vanilla Stevia
– 2 TBSP of Coconut Oil (acts as a butter replacement as well)
– Optional: Shredded Coconut, Fresh Berries, Pure Maple Syrup


In a small bowl, whisk together your eggs, almond milk, cinnamon, and vanilla stevia. Meanwhile, begin to heat up your pan with the coconut oil. Dip your 2 slices into the bowl and cover well, then add to the stove. Leave it on med/high heat, but continue to watch so that the edges are just lightly browned. While those are cooking (should only need about 2.5 minutes or less on each side), slice your fresh fruit to top.

Vegan Blueberry Buckwheat Pancakes

Acai Bowl:

– 2 TBSP of Acai Powder
– 1 Frozen Banana
– 1 TBSP Almond Butter
– 1/4 Cup Frozen Blueberries/Strawberries
– Dollop of Honey
– Almond Milk (1/2 cup – 1 cup) ** Add this in slowly, you want the bowl to be very thick and creamy. Add in JUST ENOUGH almond milk to allow it to blend.
– 1 – 2 drops of vanilla stevia
– Cinnamon to taste
Optional: Fresh Berries and sliced banana to top, granola to top (LOVE the Purely Elizabeth brand or try making your own), mixed nuts, shredded coconut, honey
Directions: Blend together all ingredients. Remember, add in your almond milk slowly – you want to be able to SPOON your acai bowl, not drink it : ) Once well blended, top with fresh fruit, granola, coconut, and honey to taste.

What’s HOT in the Fitness World Right Now?

What’s HOT in the Fitness World Right Now?

As the majority of you likely know by now, I’m not a certified nutritionist or fitness trainer. I’m just your every day health nut who works an 8-5 job, but still finds time to get my workouts in and cook up some nutritious meals throughout the week. That’s one thing I won’t ever give up. That being said, you can find me scrolling through health and fitness blogs, instagram, twitter, and pinterest accounts. That’s where I do my so called “research”. What I like about this is that I’m not just reading facts, but true experiences and real time feedback. I pretty much discover the new “hot” foods, ingredients, supplements, workout routines, etc. simply through following various fitspo accounts. The other thing about these accounts I follow is that they’re real people just like me. Obviously, there are accounts I follow that 100% dedicate their life to fitness and healthy and likely have over 100K followers. But then there’s also accounts I follow where they may be attending grad school or have a 8-5 job like myself. These people may not have 6-packs and they may only have 2k followers, but their posts and “fitspo” still inspire me, regardless of how well known they are in the fitness world.

All of that being said, I find myself trying out new ingredients, products, supplements, and workouts based on the feedback I hear from the accounts I follow. So, based on what I’ve been reading up on lately, here’s a look of the hot supplements, products, and workouts I’ve been keen on adding to my daily regimen.

Hot Products:

Arctic Zero and a new brand I just ordered called “Wink” Frozen Desserts
Purely Elizabeth Granola
– 18 Rabbits and Raw Vegan Macro Granola Bars
Frozen or Freeze Dried Acai Powder
– Quest Bars


– Fish Oil Pills
Apple Cider Vinegar “shots”
– Plant Based Protein or Designer Whey Protein Powder

Workout Routines:

Tabata Workouts: Typical workout would look like 4 minutes of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off of cardio (ex. burpees and jumping jacks or skaters and high knees); then 3 x 30 seconds of strength (ex. lunches w/ weights and push ups); then do 2 more sets of cardio and 2 more sets of strength — REALLY great way to get a hard, fast, full-body workout in. More Tabata Workouts Here!
Booty Exercises – I’ve been incorporating a lot of Barre and Pilate moves into the ends of my workouts. Lots of leg raises w/ ankle wights, donkey kicks, bridges, etc.
– Continued focus in nighttime yoga (15 – 20 minute sessions and always ending with handstands against the wall… WILL GET THERE ONE DAY!)

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