About me!

Hi there! As a quick introduction, I’m a 24 year old girl, living in the Boston area. My health & wellness journey really began in my last few years of college when I began to understand that your overall well-being and performance could be improved upon by incorporating good foods into your diet. As a division I Cross Country and Track & Field college athlete, this was certainly life changing! By year four of college, I was somehow finally able to grasp the key to living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle while enduring all the stresses of college life.

Being an athlete all throughout high school and college taught me the importance of time management – skills I certainly use daily in my new (adult) life. I don’t believe that wellness is something you “need” to make time for. It should be something that is engraved in your day-to-day routine. Thought it’s always a work in progress, I’ve somehow been able to balance my life, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This blog was created to share and provide you with those tips, tricks, and everything in between on how to keep up that balanced routine all the while managing your time and keeping things affordable! Feel free to leave any comments and suggestions please!


Calli Pappas


Eat, Run, and Everything in Between is a blog written from my own perspective. I write about anything that I have an opinion or a belief on, but I’m certainly no professional nutritionist or personal trainer. Any readers should seek further research or advice from a professional if concerned about experimenting with a new meal plan or personal exercise routine.