In with the new obsessions out with the old

In with the new obsessions out with the old

Haven’t posted one of these in while…so what have I been into lately?

Jawbone/FitBit – Thanks to my wonderful friends, I got hooked to a jaw bone (or for some, you may be loyal to the fitbit). We spent one night out in Baltimore, dancing and what not. Checked her fitbit the next morning and saw that we had hit about 1,500 steps in just 15 minutes..WHAT WHAT?! As you could imagine, I came home from that weekend and purchased a jawbone the following day. You could say I’m a bit impulsive… BUT this is seriously a GREAT tool, especially those that work a normal 8-5 day job. I’m lucky enough to have an ergonomic, stand up desk, so I’m not sitting all day – but it definitely helps to remind when I need to get my walks in.


Maybelline Baby Lips – I realize these have been around for quite a while now and I actually used to always have 1 or 2 colors on me at a time. For some silly reason, I stopped buying them. Just recently, I got back into these wonderful chapsticks and haven’t regretted one purchase. They’re cheap, they have great color options, they smell (and taste good hehe), and they leave your lips looking baby soft!


My iPhone 6 – I swear I’m never that person that brags about their technology, etc. because up until just a few weeks ago, I was living in the stone ages with an iphone 4. I know CRAZY!!! How could I have possibly lived on JUST an iphone 4?!?!? LOL…clearly I’m being sarcastic here. But, now that I’ve finally upgraded to this giant device they call a phone, I’m surprisingly pleased with the iphone 6! To be honest, when I first held this brick in my hand, I wasn’t quite sure how I’d cope without my beautiful little iphone 4. But, I’m here to tell you, that I’ve adapted to the size! Wahoo!!


Fingerless Gloves – Well, let’s be honest. I obviously like these because I look like a bad ass CHICK. And the other reason why I love these things is that I can actually still function with them on. I can wear them and text at the same time. I can EVEN where them in my office when it’s freezing. I can wear them going to the bathroom…TMI? Yep, I’ve been that lazy (and cold…what is up with this -10 degree wind chill Boston??) to take my jacket and gloves off. Needless to say, I’m obsessed with my gloves and you should all go buy a pair. May I suggest Urban Outfitters? PLEASE CAUTION – your hands will freeze if you plan on wearing these while scraping snow/ice off your car. I learned this the hard way…


Burt’s Bees Hand Salve – This is your hands best friend in the winter. Seriously, you should have seen how cracked out my hands were before using this. However, one thing I will warn you on is that it leaves your hands with a very greasy, rather uncomfortable feeling. I do not suggest wearing this before a meeting with MR./MRS. BOSS MAN/WOMAN where you may or may not be shaking their hand.

Hot Yoga – I received a gift certificate for 10 yoga classes for Christmas that I’ve definitely been taking advantage of. I’ll begin by stating that I actually had no idea that come the first class, 6 AM in the morning, I’d be attending a hot yoga class. However, as I walked into the studio, dreary and in a sluggish state, the instant that warmth and the calming music hit me, I felt a feeling of peace and gratification overwhelm me. YES, I realize this sounds SO incredibly cliche, but I’m telling you, for a high-strung, type A person like myself, it’s hard to find that feeling of simplicity on a day-to-day basis. After, my first class, you can say I was hooked.

Oxford Platforms – These shoes were a purchase from Forever 21, putting a dent of $25 dollars into my wallet. Not to bad, right? Well, this purchase was worth it! These shoes are great for many reasons, they add 1.5 inches to my whopping 5’2″ frame, they are just like comfortable flats, but with a little elevation, which leads into my third and final reason, they’re great for work! School girl Chic and comfortable…what’s not to love about these?

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