What’s in my Lunch Box?

What’s in my Lunch Box?

Hey everyone! A while back I had started a series of posts called “What’s in my lunchbox?” I’m going to try and start this up again consistently, so I’ll start it out with this weeks meal prep for lunch. Let me introduce you to my Healthy & Sweet Tuna Salad first.

Healthy & Sweet Tuna Salad:

– 1 Can of Tuna (a prefer to buy the kind “in water”)
– 1/4 of a ripe avocado
– 1.5 – 2 TBSP of Plain Greek Yogurt
– 2 TBSP of crumbled Pecans
– 10-15 red seedless grapes (either slice in half or throw in whole)
– Small drizzle of honey (.5 tsp or so)
– A shake of ground cinnamon
– A small shake of salt and black pepper
– 2 Large handfuls of spinach (optional – but I enjoy topping my tuna on a bed of greens)


Mix all of the above ingredients together (may need to take a fork to really mash the avocado). Toss in the fridge and serve cold over spinach for lunch. Enjoy!

In addition to my pack lunch, I typically stick to the following for breakfast and snacks throughout the day:

Breakfast >> Fage Plain Greek Yogurt, large handfull of bluberries and strawberries, and 2 TBSPs of 1/2 Raw Almonds, 1/2 Roasted (no salt) Almonds.


Snacks >> 1 Banana, 1 Apple, 1 Cup of Hot Coco (sugar free/diet hot coco w/ almond milk or coffee OR 2 TBSPs of raw cacao mixed with stevia) and either a Kind or Quest Bar (SMORES = SO GOOD — heat up in microwave for 10 seconds for ultimate deliciousness!!) for my sweet tooth.

Additional Snacks >> Apple Cinnamon Rice Cake with PB2 Powder and Banana’s (optional); Lightly salted rice cake with hummus and avocado; Blue Diamond Brand Nut Thins (Honey Cinnamon Graham and Honey Mustard are the bombbbb); Carrots and Hummus




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