My Review on Lululemon’s 7 By the Bay Trek

I recently had the opportunity and joy to participate in Lululemon’s 7 By the Bay Trek held in San Francisco. Initially, the event was advertised as a predominately yoga focused gathering. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m actually really getting in yoga since I’ve been here in California, BUT I’m not nearly as advanced as I would like to be. So the thought of getting together with hundreds of die-hard yogi’s was a bit intimidating.

Anyway, the event was held on a Saturday morning at Fort Mason, which is located in the Marina area along the San Francisco Bay – for those who are not familiar with the area. I actually LOVE this location because you have an amazing view of the Golden Gate, which NEVER gets old for me to gaze at. We arrived a few minutes late, but were able to quickly gather a spot in the back of the large warehouse. The yoga instructor was just finishing up the stretching portion and was just moving into some quicker pace salutations. The instructor was super funny and interactive with the crowd, clearly noting that everyone there was at different levels and that it was okay to move at your preferred pace. There was absolutely no pressure which was fantastic! The class was about an hour long and we finished up by splitting into large groups based on the colored drawstring backpacks we received when we first got to the event.

Once we split into our groups, our group leader lead us out of Fort Mason and we began our “trek” along the water towards Chrissy Fields. Our first stop of the trek was a quick 15 minute “Barry’s Bootcamp” special for the event. This was entertaining since I was NOT expecting to sweat during our “trek”…

Anyway, I jumped right into the burpee’s with everyone else knowing that this just meant I could eat more of the free snacks later on 🙂 Following the pop up bootcamp session, we were then given free “18 Rabbit’s” granola bars which were awesome. Moving along, we then walked up a steep hill and a few flights of outdoor stairs that brought us to an amazing lookout and view of the Bay and Golden Gate Bridge. As we continued along the 5 mile walk, we were surprised with additional pop-ups from Project Juice (a local fresh pressed-juice café), Purity Organic Coconut Waters, some free healthy dark chocolates, and more.

We ended the trek back at Fort Mason where we were pleasantly greeted by a number of Food Trucks that were all FREE – aka we could technically go to each food truck and order everything on the menu all for FREE. SAY WHAT???? As if that wasn’t enough, we made our way back inside to find free Mimosa, Bloody Mary, and Craft Beer stands. Oh but wait…there’s more. There was also a Flash Tattoo station and Flower Crown Making station…ALL FOR FREE as well.

Yoga Fest

And of course, it wouldn’t be a perfect event without a live performance from a Michael Jackson cover band on a beautiful sunny Saturday 🙂 This event was such a great experience with so many friendly, active, outgoing people. The most shocking thing about this entire event was that the initial sign up online was FREE…all I needed to do was RSVP. Now that’s the kind of event I want to be attending more often 😉

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