When in San Francisco, do as the San Franciscans do…

When in San Francisco, do as the San Franciscans do…

First let me just start off my saying…how fricken cool are these boxed waters??? And no, I’m not cool enough to “promote” the company. I just am a SERIOUS fan of this! I mean super green and eco-friendly plus you have to admit, they’re kind of really trendy. Don’t even deny it.

Ayywayyy, since I’ve moved to San Francisco, one of my number one “To Do’s” on my bucket list was to run over the Golden Gate Bridge. I knew signing up for the San Francisco Half Marathon was a MUST if I wanted to achieve this. Sunday, was RACE DAY. Was I ready? Nope. Was I excited? Kind of. Was running over the Golden Gate Bridge amazing? Definitely.

So I may not have had my best race and finishing, I was definitely very disappointed in myself. But after an hour or so of eating (had to), grieving and blaming my poor training and commitment, I finally appreciated the run for what it was. A year ago, I would never have thought I’d be running through the streets of San Francisco or blazing over the Golden Gate Bridge. The fact that I completed that Sunday morning was truly incredible and I realized that I really needed to be more grateful for that opportunity.

Now for the fun stuff – Saturday was the expo held at Fort Mason. I stupidly decided to take the train in, walk 30 minutes to the shuttle that brought us to the expo, and then spent the rest of my day walking and shopping around the city, when I FINALLY decided to walk back to the train by 6 PM…bad call. Regardless, the expo was awesome and you can betttt I hit up all the free food vendors. SUPER BIG THANKS to larabar and cliffbar who never fail to disappoint with their free bars and tastings. I also hit up every flavor of NUUN, the electrolyte company, helped myself to Kale Chips, Wasabi dried Green Beans, Sweet Potato Chips, and the list could go on. Additionally, I obviously had to purchase a new pair of neon orange shorts and hot pink compression sleeves from the “MASSIVE BLOWOUT SALE” that was occurring – ugh, those always get me. Oh and we also got SUPER cool long-sleeve shirts as part of our SF half marathon swaaag.
Though I always enjoy walking around and exploring the city, I definitely was not smart about resting the day before my race. Plus, this race was different than most I’ve ever run as the gun went off at 5:30AM for the start!! Given that, I “woke up” at 3AM, left my apartment by 3:30AM to drive into the city, and began my warm up run at around 4:45AM through the city. Thank god my 5:50AM runs paid off for this crazy start time. Anyway, around 5:25, I found my way to the starting line. The race went off at 5:30 and it was still dark as the night. That was a first for any race I’ve ever run. I actually REALLY liked starting at this time. The race went off, all the way down the pier, towards Chrissy Fields and all along the water. Eventually we hiked up yet another hill that opened out to the Golden Gate Bridge. The bridge was a decent length and half way through the first place runners were leading the pack making their way back across the bridge. This was exactlyyy the kind of motivation I needed to keep going. To be honest, I was REALLY hurting at this point. At last a bit of drive and determination settled in, however, this unfortunately only lasted for a short period of time. As Iooped around and made my way back over the bridge, I could hear my mind yelling at me to stop and eventually I gave in a few more times. This was possibly the MOST frustrating race for me. My mind and my body were speaking in two different languages. Part of me just wanted to go for it, but every time a new hill popped up, I instantly let go of that drive.

{so KIND of cool that they give us FREE photos….if only I was as photogenic as the MOST photogenic guy in last years marathon…}

I contribute part of this to my lack of hill training, in addition to lack of mileage, and lastly I just did not start the race in a positive mindset. I already had the feeling that I wouldn’t be able to compete and break, nonetheless run my PR. Finally…the race ended…on an uphill stretch – GO FIGURE. Though the race was tough and I was HATIING myself after…looking back it, I’m proud that I even ran what I did given the serious elevation in that race and given how many times I stopped. I’m just happy to say that I finished the race and conquered the brutal hills of San Francisco! Lucky for me, my next half marathon in October should be MUCH less hilly. And lesson learned – TRAIN PROPERLY CALLI!! Oh, and don’t psych myself out.
^^ just me struggling over the golden gate! GTZ!!!

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  1. diane says: Reply

    What Calli doesn’t tell you is that in her age group (20-29), she placed 31 out of 1234 women, and out of all women, she placed 78 out of 4052, AND overall, she placed 389 out of 7256. Not TOO shabby!!

    She is definitely too hard on herself and I’m really proud of her!

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