Yes, I’m a Tourist.

Yes, I’m a Tourist.

So it’s now officially been a week here in California and I think I’ve expanded my bucket list to at least 3 more pages….

I don’t hate it at all though…I have a lot to conquer! This morning I actually finally ventured off to a new running location (not that I’m getting sick of my current location by any means)! But, I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about this place called “the dish”. My first thought was food. SHOCKER that my mind instantly goes to food….

However, I quickly found out that it’s home to a large radio telescope (used to detect ALIENS!!!!….just kidding…I wish) on the top of a beautiful, mountainous terrain. This place attracts people from all walks of earth, from hikers to runners, families to Stanford students. Though it’s not your typical dirt road, over-grown trail, it was a windy, hilly paved path that extended 3.5 miles from the start of the path, to the dish.

I was feeling slightly ambitious this morning after getting 2 cups of coffee into my blood stream and decided WHY NOT go for a solid hill run on this beautiful Sunday morning? My thought was AH perfect training run for my San Francisco Half Marathon in July…oh and not to mention that half marathon I signed up for next weekend….

Also, let me just add the fact that I ran 9 miles yesterday…THIS is big for me seeing as I’m pretty sure the last time I got my mileage that high was training for my half in the Fall. So, all in all, some part of me thought that this hill run would be a PERFECT recovery/training run. HA clearly I was wrong.

First of all, I stuck out like a sore thumb trying to navigate my way to the start of the trail. I spotted some empty spots on the street and sniped one of them instantly. Yes, I thought…getting lucky with a PRIME parking spot! Little did I know….I had parked just over a mile away from the actual start of the trail. Of course, I found this out after walking awkwardly around; asking random people walking by, where the heck this so called “dish” was located. I can only imagine how much of a tourist I looked like.

Anyway, eventually I was pointed in the right direction and made my way down this little path which brought me to the start of the trail, of course after already adding a mile to my run. Of course, silly me, being ambitious and all, started booking my way up the initial start of the trail, which was entirely up a steep hill. YAH look at me go! That must have been comedic for all the walkers I passed, when not even half way through the run, I too, came to a halt.

My run continued as such…walk, run, walk, run, and so on. Either way, though I was not pleased with the fact that I couldn’t complete this entire hill run without stopping, I quickly accepted the fact I was SLIGHTLY over ambitious this morning. Anyway, the view was worth it and totally paid off. It’s just funny because I honestly never pictured parts of California to look the way this scenery depicted. It was like I was living in a combination of the rolling hills of Ireland combined with those LA instagram pictures every celeb posts, of course with the RIGHT filter!! Anyway, once again, the touristy part of me came out as a started snapping pics while joggin along. Anyway, sadly, I did not make it to the very end and decided to cut my run at 5 miles. It was a solid workout nonetheless, I accomplished my main goal, which was to see what the “the dish” was all about it, and of course, I captured some pics…because what’s a hike without actually instagramming about it?! Right?!
I will conquer the DISH soon enough! Anyway, following my oh so adventurous run, I made my way to breakfast, soaked up the rays, and continued on my way enjoying a whollllleee lotta ME time.

Speaking of running…check out my best friends story as she preps to take on the Boston Marathon for her second year! It’s a great cause and I encourage you all to check out her donation page! Boston Strong allllll the way (sending my love from Cali)!

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