My Favorite Travel Essentials & Tips for Jet-Setters

My Favorite Travel Essentials & Tips for Jet-Setters

As you all may have followed in my last few posts, I just traveled to Antigua for a week-long vacation sailing the island. I tend to be on the plane quite a lot, normally it’s due to the many trips back and forth to Baltimore visiting my boyfriend, but occasionally it’ll be for something else. Regardless, I’ve spent traveling via airplanes ever since I was a baby! I truly love traveling. Even arriving to an airport, grabbing a coffee from Starbucks, and purchasing a few magazines from the Hudson News Stand gives me a thrill of excitement…weird, right? Just knowing that in a few (or maybe more…ugh) hours, I’ll be somewhere completely different is such a great anticipation! It means new adventures, memories, and opportunities. However, though all of the above is great and all, there are certainly some downsides to being jet-set on the reg.
Businesswoman Waiting on Airport Runway
First of all, I get WAY too anxious after just an hour of flying. Of course, you can see how this would result in quite a dilemma, since most trips via plane, TEND to be well over an hour. How to cure this…get up and walk! I don’t care if YOU are THAT person up and stretching in the middle of the aisle-way every 30 minutes. Who’s judging beside everyone….right?!?! LOL, but seriously, who cares? You’re never going to see these people again and you’re doing your mind AND body a favor. It’s important to get up and stretch on the plane because the change in air pressure has a tendency to lead to lactic acid build up, causing everything to swell up. CUTE, right? No, I’d rather arrive to my beachy destination with non-swollen feet, thighs, and a face…please.

Secondly, how many of you board a plane feeling fresh and clean, yet leave feeling like you hadn’t showered for days? My skin, though starting out smooth, breaks out like clock-work by the end of the flight. This has to do with the change in cabin pressure, the dry air, and of course, keeping your dirty, germ-invested hands away from your face (yes, I’m a bit of a germaphobe)! Not going to lie people, think about how many people are touching the same thing you’re touching on the plane. Now, think about how many dirty hands that means. I’m sorry to put that in perspective, but come on, KIDS have no sense of cleanliness. So, do yourself a favor, bring a thing of hand sanitizer and lather up! Additionally, not running your dirty hands through your hair every thirty minutes will prevent your hair from greasing up over the span of the flight too!
Next point…come prepared! The worst thing is being hungry on a 6 hour flight, when the only thing you have to munch on is gross airplane meals OR paying a ridiculous amount of money just to eat a granola bar, unless of course you’re flying first class…then that may be a different story! Either way, I always make sure to come prepared with all my favorite snacking items! Here’s some tips, either purchase some food before arriving to the airport…as long as nothing is OPENED, you CAN bring it through security! So pack yourself a hearty sandwich, bring some fresh fruit, and don’t forget some almonds and a larabar! 😉 If you don’t have the chance to purchase food beforehand, the airplane News’s stands tend to be good about selling some healthy snack options like KIND bars or raw nuts. Additionally, airports have been upping their health food options, so you may get lucky finding a café that serves fresh made salads and sandwiches! Worst case scenario, you spend a little extra at Starbucks and buy some of their healthy options.

Lastly, I wanted to give you all the inside scoop on MY travel essentials to get me through the flight. The following items are things I would keep in my carry-on, larger-sized tote.

From left to right in the below picture….
Earphones for my Iphone – because what’s a trip without jamming out to your newly downloaded playlist?!
A good read! This book is an inspiring story and certainly a huge motivator for women’s rights and equality. If you’re interested, it’s called: “I am Malala”.
Sunglasses, a MUST for traveling! These are my Kate Spade glasses that my boyfriend picked out for my birthday…oh so trendddyyy he is!
Passport…if you’re traveling internationally…don’t forget this people! There’s nothing worse than running out of your house and forgetting your passport!
Gum and Oil Pads. Ah the two essentials! Gum, because you’re sitting close to someone, no one wants to small your garlicky breathe. And oil pads, because well, as I mentioned above, your skin will likely be a train wreck if you don’t take care of it properly while traveling!
B12 pills. These are essential everyday vitamins for Vegans, but can also be good for anyone to take just once a day to help improve your energy. Not to mention, they can be great to take before a night of drinking 😉
Your wallet. Don’t forget this. Duh.
My mascara. What’s your one makeup item you wouldn’t be able to live without? By the way, LOVE this new brand called “Benefits”, a California based brand. This mascara will leave your eyelashes long, dark, and fierce!
Lib Balm! I had two here. One is the EOS lip balm, because this stuff’s the shit. I also have a SPF 15 tinted lip balm that I’m obsessed with, by the brand Sugar. You can find this at Sephora!
Hand Lotion. Again, as already mentioned, awful changes in air pressure, leads to dry skin. Nothing worse than having crackly, dry hands…so make sure to lather up! This brand is part of the mini O.P.I. flavored collection.
Chia shots! These are great to add to water. Awesome form of getting your Omega’s in. And can be a great appetite suppressant when added to water, juices, smoothies, yogurts, or salads.
Fiji Water or Any water for that matter. STAY hydrated! Again, as my friends know damn well, I’m usually up and using the bathroom on the plane every 30 minutes. Hence why I avoid the middle or window seat… Either way, as long as I’m staying hydrated, I could care less! This will help your skin during the span of traveling.
Lastly, make sure to stock up on some juicy magazines to browse! Biggest guilty pleasure of mine is reading some good old Cosmo, Vogue, Women’s Health, People and Runner’s World. I love getting fashion, healthy, beauty tips, and some good celeb gossip!
That, my friends, is MY key to traveling successfully in style and in good health!

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