Sailing Antigua: The FINAL Part

Day Six: Early this morning we left to move on to our next destination. This time, we made our way to Falmouth Harbor, which is exactly just down the street from English Harbor. The only difference was this port was home to FAR more mega-yachts then the other one. Oh well, just more to look at and dream of one day owning….*sigh*
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We didn’t get into the marina until that afternoon, so we spent most of the day sailing then hanging out on the boat. I went for a really nice late, afternoon run to make it to the top of the island known as Shirley Heights. I somehow managed to run completely uphill for 2 miles, in pursue of making it to the top. Let me tell you, that hilly run was WELL worth the pain. The views from the top were unbelievable as I had visibility to the entire island, end to end. Not to mention, the second half of my run was alllll downhill, 2 miles of it…who doesn’t love a solid downhill run?! It seemed as if my body was FINALLY adjusting to this weather! Later that night was a BIG night for me…I had more than just my usual one glass of wine! Yes, I decided to finally let loose and help myself to a mojito, and a martini, andddd a few vodka sodas throughout the night. SUE ME. Anyway, we started out at this fun little local restaurant that Dave the captain lead us to. Dave, being a local here, was our bar crawl tour guide for the night! Our first stop had delicious food and a fun vibe!
Once we were content on our fancy drinks there, we moved on to a swanky local bar down the street called LIME. This place was the place to be seen on the island. There was a fantastic Caribbean band playing the steel drums and singing, the dimmed colorful lights set the tone for a great atmosphere, and the bar was completely open, so as the place quickly filled up, the party took to the streets! After an hour or so, we then moved onto the next hopping location down the street called Abracadabra’s…or Abra’s for short as the locals liked to call it. Of course by this point, we all had had a few too many drinks. That factor along with the combination of a completely open dance floor meant only one thing for Justin and I. Time to break out the ridiculous dance moves. After a bit, my sister was quite literally dragging Justin and I back to the boat, we didn’t want to leave. We were in our element, but hey, got to listen to the younger sister, right?!
Day Seven: Needless to say, this morning started out a little rough for me. There was certainly no running for me in the cards. Also, I couldn’t quite stomach breakfast too well. Lastly, I was not prepared to handle this two hour sail feeling the way I did. I’m going to assume the reason I felt like this had to do with the fact that I rarely drink anymore. Like, ever. So the combination of alcohol in general, plus mixed drinks, plus the heat, sun, and the rocky boat ride just lead to, well, me not feeling so hot on the side of the boat. I’m going to leave out those details as I’m sure you can all imagine what happened next, after an hour into our sail…
Thankfully, after that “incident” over the side of the boat, I felt a little better. Once, we finally arrived to Half Moon Bay and anchored, I felt even better. I jumped into the water and instantly felt refreshed and rejuvenated. It’s amazing what some good old salt water can do to cure a hangover! Anyway, this spot was my favorite of the entire trip. We were tucked away in this magical, quaint little bay, surrounded by a few other sailboats, beautiful coral and blue waters, small hidden beaches, and the sun shining down on the boat. It was simply picture perfect.

We spent the rest of the afternoon snorkeling and swimming around in the water. After washing up for the evening and gasping over the sunset, we were more than ready to eat some grub! The men got the grills off the back of the boat going, I prepared my veggie kabobs, and everyone else enjoyed some booze and cigars (for the men). The dinner was a perfect barbequed dinner, partnered with a pesto pasta salad, another giant spinach salad, some fresh bread, and taboulli. What a great way to end the day! As if it couldn’t get any better, the moon was shining bright that night…it literally could not have been any fuller or brighter, it was almost like looking into the sun as it lit up the entire ocean. We all sat up top, drink in hands, as we admired the moon for the next few hours of the night.
Day Eight: Sadly, it was time to leave for Justin, my sister Lexi, and I. Justin and I attempted to wake up early that morning in order to catch the sunrise that was taking place directly over the water in front of us. This would have been beautiful had we woken up just five minutes earlier…. Regardless, we still caught the early stages of the sunrise, which was partially disrupted by a large storm cloud. Either way, I still managed to capture an amazing photo and it was enough to make us happy on our last morning in Antigua. Given the early start to the morning, we set sail around 7/7:30 in order to get back to Falmouth Harbor for one last breakfast on board before heading off to the airport.

That, ladies and gentlemen, was an EXTREMELY long-winded summary of my sailing trip to Antigua. Filled with new memories to add to the book, fresh fruits and veggies to keep me satisfied for days, phenomenally breath-taking views, and of course, left me with a fabulous tan!

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  1. Anna says: Reply

    Wow! STUNNING pictures and you are so tan. I’m so jealous!! Looks like you had an amazing trip!

    1. eatrunandeverythinginbetween says: Reply

      Thank you so much! Yes, it was an incredible vacation! Highly recommend it for future vacation spots 🙂

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