Sailing Antigua: Part 1

Sailing Antigua: Part 1

Hey Everyone! It’s been a while since my last post due to the fact that I finally got a chance to get out of this frigid, cold weather and vacation on a beautiful island called Antigua! This vacation was much needed as it allowed me to step away from social media and work for a solid week as the internet was insignificant there. The best kind of vacations are the ones were you are absolutely so secluded from technology…it truly makes it a vacation, both mentally and physically. Anyway, I wanted to catch you all up on my vacation, however I don’t plan on going into every detail as that would most certainly turn into a novel (of course, we all know once I get talking, the story never ends…)

Day One: Sunday morning we flew out of Newark airport and landed on the gorgeous island of Antigua, located in the West Indies. For those of you who are familiar with the Caribbean, it’s south of the British Virgin Islands, St. Maarten, and St. Barts, but just north of Montserrat, Guadalupe, and St. Lucia. Anyway, the flight was about 4-4.5 hours, however, I somehow managed to read through all 4 magazines I purchased in just about 1 hour, which left me about 3 hours to shimmy around in my seat and make bathroom runs every 30 minutes to pass the time. Luckily, our plane landed safely, all of our bags made it in ALMOST tip-top condition (sorry Justin…you seem to have bad luck with you luggage, huh?!), and we all piled into the cab to make the trek across the island to the marina where we would pick up our sailboat.


Once we arrived to the Marina known as Jolly Harbor, we spotted out the catamaran that we’d be charting for the next week or so. Her name was “Chao Italia”. Personally, I would have chosen a little more of a creative name for this boat, however Horizon Charters clearly felt a connection with Italy, so… to each his own. We loaded up our luggage, unpacked our clothing in the tight living quarters that our cabin allowed us, and quickly slipped into our swimsuits. Our pale, pasty skin stuck out like sore thumbs in this harbor surrounded by locals, “yachties”, crew, and folks who had clearly already had a week of sunning to their advantage. But WHO was I to talk…I knew I’d be on their level in just a few days…mwahaha (the quick Greek tan makes up for the overly oily skin I was blessed with…)!
Later that afternoon, once the sun was beginning to set, I finally gave up on all of my excuses as to why I should not run, sucked it up, tied up my laces, and took off to the nearest road I could find. Just 5 minutes into my run, I already found myself completely soaked, with the hot sun beating down on me, and my legs somehow moving fluently below me up the large hill that lay ahead. I would have stopped right there in those first 5 minutes if it hadn’t been for an elder, fit man riding his bike passed me that yelled out “nice pace, keep it up!” {Ha, if only he knew that this pace would only hold up for another minute or so, before I either a) stopped or b) slowed down significantly} However, this bit of encouragement gave me enough motivation to at least cross out plan A. Rather, I took my pace down just a notch knowing damn well I would not make it passed 30 minutes at this pace. It’s amazing how poorly your body adjusts when moving from one wintery, hill-less environment, to a hot, high humidity, and very hilly environment. {FYI – I call this “the three H’s from Hell >> Hot, Humid, and Hilly….that is how I felt on my run for AT LEAST the first 3-4 days} Anyway, I tried to ignore the pain and agony I felt by telling myself to take in the beautiful scenery…it’s not every day you get to run along beaches and dirt roads that lead to random inlets throughout the island (yes, I realize that I’m being dramatic…and don’t worry, I certainly appreciated this weather over what I was stuck with at home, but UGH, this was TOUGH!)
Later that night, we ate dinner at a Greek restaurant, what a coincidence! I managed to order some delicious warmed, grilled pita (that I obviously ate far too many slices of), Dairy-free homemade Hummus (yes, I asked the waiter to check JUST IN CASE), a big bowl of local veggies sautéed, and lastly a Greek Salad…without the feta…and the olives.

Hmmm…well Day one turned out to be a little longer than I had planned, looks like this will have to be split into a few different parts…

Day Two: Woke up early this morning, made our way to nearest grocery store so that we could stalk up on fruits, veggies, breads, cereals, condiments, water, and of course alcohol for the adults.
LOL, I’m a grandma at heart and pretty much stayed away from alcohol this entire trip… (except for one night). We also met up with the steward who would be joining us during our sail for the next week. Her name was Charlie; she grew up in Texas, moved around the US, made her way to Australia, then sailed to Antigua and hasn’t left since! She turned out to be a phenomenal help during the trip as she kept the place tidy which is QUITE a challenge to do when you take 6+ messy people crammed into a smaller living space than normal, plus she prepared breakfast and lunch for us, always making sure to cut me some fresh delicious fruit and prepare the most amazing, veggie filled salads for me!


Oh, and spoiler alert, she told me “I really like you, you’ve really turned around on this trip (this part through me off a bit, as I didn’t realize I had done anything wrong in the beginning…except for the fact that I did an awful job of cleaning up after myself and leaving my clothes everywhere…whoopsie), I want to offer you a chance to come back to Antigua and stay in my cottage house for just $50 a day, WHENEVER you would like!” I then proceeded to say that my boyfriend and I would love too…however she responded back with, “well, I don’t really like boys. They’re messy. I’d prefer just you.” You know what they say…girls rule, boys drool!

Anyway, from here we took off on our first sail. Now, before you ask WHO sailed the boat…it was my dad and of course he wouldn’t be able to do it without the help of his first mate, mwah! 😉 So, our first sail was to a beautiful, private little bay called Carlisle Bay. There was a quaint, up-scale resort right along the beach and two restaurants along the beach with both a romantic and island vibe. We spent most of the day sailing and got their just in time to check out the sunset. The restaurant was lovely as well and again, I was able to find something that fit my “special needs” as everyone on the trip liked to call it, aka my VEGANISM. Whatever, forget the haterzzz, I couldn’t get enough of my delicious veggies on this trip!

to be continued……

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