When Fashion Meets the Office

When Fashion Meets the Office

Happy Monday Everyone! So recently, right before Christmas, I took the initiative to begin posting my outfits for work every day! I’ve had a few people here and there throw that suggestion out there, so why not start it up now?! Plus, I too struggle/struggled with what to wear to work every day! And it’s funny, because over a year ago, I had accepted a post-college job position with a large retail company, where I would have had to wear a red shirt and khakis every day (I’m assuming you all have a fairly good idea as to the store now…). Anyway, I had interned there my summer going into Senior year and I really loved the job itself! It was so hands on and really gave me amazing experience and the opportunity to act as a leader, but let me tell you, a HUGE factor I considered when deciding to go with another job was part of the work attire.

I know this sounds crazy, but fashion has always been something I’ve been passionate about. I always saw myself as a trendy business woman, just like the Devil Wears Prada! Now, I don’t consider myself to be the most fashionable, trend-setting individual, however, I love my style and I feel it best expresses who I am. So, case in point, I went with the corporate job and am able to flexibly wear business casual attire to work WITH the AWESOME addition of casual Friday.

For those of you who can relate, I feel that what you wear says a lot about you and even though this probably shouldn’t be the case, what you wear is often 80-90% of someone’s first impression of you. That person will likely make a judgment about you within 5 seconds of meeting you based on your presentation. Of course, I’m not saying you should care what people think about you, because I certainly don’t, but maybe consider wearing something that reflects what’s so great and unique about you…stand out from the crowd! As one more piece of advice, I personally and 100% feel that your confidence and your own personal happiness highly gravitates off of how you come dressed to work every day. So take the time to find a style that best mirrors you as an individual and learn to LOVE and OWN that look!

Here are my outfits from the week:

Before Christmas:
White and Black Polka Dot Dress: Urban Outfitters
Black cut out flats: Urban Outfitters
Half Leather Sweater “Jacket”: South Moon Under
Chunky Black Necklace: Forever 21

Christmas Eve:
xmas eve
Pink and Blue Striped Dress: Lilly Pulitzer
Nude mini heels: Michael Kors

Plaid Collared Shirt: Madewell
Grey V-neck Sweater: Banana Republic
Chunky Black Necklace: Forever 21
High Waisted Black Skinny jeans: Urban Outfitters
Brown Leather Boots: Sam Edelman

Striped Navy and White Cotton Shift Shirt: Forever 21
Cigarette Black high waisted Skinnies: Urban Outfitters
Gold and Black Chain Necklace: Forever 21
Headband: Banana Republic
Leopard pointy flats: J Crew
Bracelets: Kate Spade

Cigarette Black high waisted Skinnies: Urban Outfitters
Nude mini heels: Michael Kors
Plaid Button Up Sleeveless Collard Shirt: Forever 21
Off White Pullover Sweater: Gap
Necklace: J Crew

Pattered Navy and Light Pink/Coral Blouse: Forever 21
Light pink/Coral skirt: J Crew
Nude mini heels: Michael Kors
Chunky Necklace: Top Shop

CASUAL Friday:
Floral Dress: Brandy Melville USA
Oversize Sweater: Brandy Melville USA
Off White high socks: Free People
Lace up Brown Boots: Steve Madden
Scorpio Necklace: Boutique in Rockport, MA – Wild Peacock
Feather Pendant: Brand- Dogeared; Found at- Nordstrom

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