“Ga-Ga” for Goji Berries

“Ga-Ga” for Goji Berries

What’s up with my recent obsession with goji berries? Well, I couldn’t exactly tell you. It may have been when I purchased a large bag of raw goji berries to add to a homemade granola, to which I then found the bag to barely even be half empty. So, helllllooo leftovers and my next months’ worth of especially delightful toppings! Honestly, I couldn’t be happier with these awesome little, anti-oxidant boosting berries that now drape across my oatmeal, smoothie and yogurt arrangements. Not to mention, the camera LOVES them! LOL, but seriously though. My pictures are on PAR with these boootiful red gems that add that perfect pop of color to my meals and my photographs!

Anyway, getting side tracked here. First off, let me start by filling you in on a little spoiler alert. Goji berries ROCK! Why? Because of the amazing health benefits!
Here are some facts:

1.) Did you know they contain all essential amino acids?
2.) They have the highest concentration of protein as compared to any other fruit!
3.) Loaded with Vitamin-C!
4.) They contain more carotenoids then any other fruit!
5.) They are HIGH in fiber AND have 21-trace minerals!
6.) They have 15x’s the amount of iron found in spinach, PLUS calcium and zinc!
7.) If you weren’t already shocked enough by this fruit, they also contain natural inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal compounds.
8.) Because of the above anti-oxidant powers, they’re great for the immune system…therefore increasing STRENGTH and LONGEVITY!
9.) Additionally, traditional Chinese medicine suggests goji berries have been used to treat lower back pain, dizziness, and eyesight.

So, “yes, yes, yes” clearly this powerhouse SUPERFRUIT could kick anyone’s butt, even WWE’s superstar Daniel Bryan (LOL I only can make this reference because I’m a HUGE fan of Total Diva’s and I’m not ashamed to admit it #guiltypleasure ). Anyway, as I mentioned above, this fruit can be eaten raw and is most commonly consumed in its ‘dry’ form. I personally like to eat them in my oatmeal, smoothies, yogurts, and in homemade granola.

Check out what I’ve been up to with these goji berries for breakfast. (Recipes will be posted in a follow-up post)!

Cinna-Banana Maple Overnight Oats with Goji Berries and additional Toppings:


Candy Cane, Pear, and Dark Chocolate-Maple Overnight Oats Berries and additional Toppings:

Vanilla Greek Yogurt with Nut and Goji Berry Toppings:

Site Source: The Healthy Eating Site

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    • I actually like them raw! I do also love putting them in my overnight oatmeal and then they soak up all the almond milk that way which is tasty after thrown into the microwave…!

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