Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Overnight Oats

When in doubt, make some Overnight Oats for breakfast! Why not try some delicious, fall inspired, ‘Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Overnight Oats”?? (That name is a haaaandful, say that three times fast!) Anyway, this jar of deliciousness was the perfect post-workout breakfast to kick off my day at work and hold over my appetite until lunch time! I feel like lately I’ve been tossing pumpkin in everything of mine, but it’s just so tasty and brings the sense of fall into my meals! For those who have not given overnight oats a try ever, this a great, easy go-to breakfast to refuel either before or after a workout and stay full longer than other breakfast meals. Not to mention, they’re a great spin off my regular old oatmeal, and even more yummy!

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-1/4 cup organic pureed pumpkin
-1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
-1/2 cup dry oats
-cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice (as much as you’d like, I tend to toss a lot in!)
-1/2 sliced banana
-2 chopped medjool dates
-2 sliced strawberries
-1 tsp of each: chia seeds, ground flax, ground hemp
-Dark Chocolate Stevia (1 tsp)
-1 TBSP of PB2 powder

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Directions: So So Simple…allll you need is some kind of mason jar or tightly enclosed container. Add all ingredients, whatever order you want! Shake well so everything gets well mixed in. Let it sit overnight and then when you’re ready in the AM, you can either it cold just like that, or put it into a bowl, heat it for 2 mins on the micro, top it with some nuts and enjoy!!

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  1. Dark chocolate stevia – I’ll have to see if it’s available here. This sounds totally nutritious. I assume PB powder is some kind of protein powder. I personally don’t really think protein powders should be necessary, especially as you are using all these other healthy foods regularly…?

    1. You can also order dark chocolate stevia and PB2 powder on (if you use my discount code you get $10 off first purchase CGS745). The PB2 is actually just like peanut butter, it’s a lot lower in calories as its ground up peanuts without the oils, you just add water. I personally by this because I have noo self control with almond/peanut butter and tend to overeat on it. This helps to control by peanut butter cravings!

      1. Thanks!

  2. Grace says: Reply

    Looks delish!

    1. thank you!!! pumpkin obseessssed 🙂

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