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What’s so great about ClassPass anyway? A lot.

What’s so great about ClassPass anyway? A lot.

So just over 2 months ago, I signed up for a new subscription called Class Pass. I was introduced to this by a friend and instantly was drawn to the idea of what this subscription model could offer. For just $99 a month, I had the opportunity to attend up to 3 classes PER fitness studio a month. So for example, in my “neighborhood” alone, I have about 8 or so cooperating studios (this doesn’t even include the amount of studios that are along my commute home from work). This means I can go to 3 classes per studio. You do the math. I essentially could attend 24 classes in a month at that same $99 rate. Though $99 MAY sound like a lot, consider how much I was spending at other chain studios?? Now, I’m not trying to put down any of these studios down, but for me, switching up my fitness routine daily is normal. Having the option to try out new studios, different workout regimens, and all the while, feel like I’m getting my money’s worth is a BIG bonus in my mind.

Oh and did I mention that you not only get access to studios in your city, BUT when you travel, you can attend any class for NO additional charge. WHAT!? This means that when I go visit my boyfriends family in Long Island, I no longer need to worry about where or what I’ll do for my mini make-shift workout. Or when I’m traveling to visit friends in Baltimore, I can just search local studios on my app and BAM I’m set for the day! For me – this is a game changer and I’m obsessed.

But oh you must be thinking …this is just another one of Calli’s short-lived obsessions. You could be TOTALLY correct. But hey, if I’m using this in the summer and into the fall – just imagine how handy this will be in the winter when I’m REALLY not down to go for a run in 5 feet of snow. Just think of the possibilities!!

Want more of a reason to join class pass? Well, new studios are joining left and right. Just when you think the yoga studio conveniently located next to your apartment will never join, you receive an email the following day with new studios added to the portfolio. I’ve been to a whole variety of studios from small boutique-like pilates classes, spin classes, chain yoga studios, and even free gym time at nearby gyms! The funny thing is that I’ve now started seeing a pattern of the same people at all these different studios in the area. It may be because I’m in a big college city, but that certainly says something about this app and it’s attraction to fitness-obsessed locals!

Here’s the fun part – you can even test this subscription out for a week free of charge to decide if you like it! If you do, great, you’ll be charged 99 for the month …if not, then you get your money back after after the week is up!

What Have I Been Up To???

What Have I Been Up To???

Hey guys! I’m so sorry I’ve been AWFUL with posting lately! There’s been a lot going on with work and getting ready to move into my boyfriend and I’s new apartment in Boston! Anyway, now that spring/summer (I think technically Boston just fully skips over spring and jumps right into 80/90 degree days…) is FINALLY in full swing here in New England, I’ve gained a new sense of motivation. Motivation to keep up with my workouts, my cooking/clean eating, work in the office, and hopefully some more blogging in my life! Side note: if you don’t already, make sure to follow my Instagram: eatrunandallinbetween – I keep that pretty much up-to-date every day!

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 8.37.49 PM

That being said, I wanted to share that since my last post – I’ve actually began Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide and I’ve absolutely been LOVING it. I’m actually on week 9 now and feel SO much stronger than I’ve felt in a long time. I’ve decreased my running significantly, but at the same time, I’m still able to go out and run a solid 8 minute mile pace on a hilly 5 mile course – which in my mind is pretty decent seeing as I’m only running 3, maybe 4 times a week! I love her leg, arms, and ab days – they’ve helped to build some solid definition and I THINK I may just be around the corner from a 6-pack!! Okay…maybe not THAT close, but a girl can dream. For those who are not familiar with her guide, they are organized over the span of 12 weeks – so I have 3 more weeks left to kick some serious booty. Hellllloooo summer body!!


In addition to my girl Kayla – I’ve also been really into yoga lately. I’ll go to 1-2 classes a week (they don’t always work with my schedule), BUT on nights where I can’t attend a class, I’m pretty much doing my own yoga session for 25-30 minutes in my room at night. It’s a great way to relax and stretch at the end of the day – plus, I get to practice my head and hand stands! Hopefully I can be whipping those moves out on the beach by the end of the summer…practice makes perfect, right?!

Aside from working out and cookin’ up a storm, my boyfriend and I have been getting ready for a big move on June 1! This will be our first apartment together AND we’ll be living in the city! We seriously could not be more excited and anxious for this move. It’s been a long time coming – we were in a long distance relationship for a WHILE, so it’s pretty surreal to finally be in the same city and soon enough, the SAME apartment 🙂 Not to mention, I’ve been crazed over furniture and decoration hunting. It’s amazing how the second you have a place of your own, you instantly go design crazy. I literally wake up in the morning with new ideas…I think Justin wants to kill me by now… Anyway, once our apartment is fully decorated – I’ll make sure to share some pictures!


That is an update of my life thus far! Nothing crazy, just beginning to enjoy this warm weather and looking forward to summer festivities! Look forward to more posts in the upcoming weeks!

Tone it Up and the Kayla Movement…What’s This all About?

Tone it Up and the Kayla Movement…What’s This all About?

If I were to guess, the majority of you likely know about my blog because of my instagram account @eatrunandallinbetween OR through my Facebook account which if you’ve looked at my page…the only “social presence” I have on there are my continuous blog post updates #nofriends?! ANYWAY, the reason I bring this up is because using social media accounts such as instagram is a really great way to get motivated, be inspired, check in, and stay on track with your health and fitness journey! There are SO many wonderful fitness accounts out there that I follow. Seriously, I think I learn a new thing everyday. That being said, there seems to always be two popular fitness “movements” that I always see trending on social media. Ever heard of Tone it Up or the Kayla Movement? Katrina and Karena or Kayla Itsines?
If not, I suggest you look into these different accounts and the impact that they’re making on the fitness community. It’s actually INSANE to see how many women’s lives have been changed thanks to the wonderful fitness plans, nutrition suggestions, workouts, motivation, etc. that these ladies have shared through social media. They’ve created a fabulous cult of kind and motivating women who check in daily through their instagram accounts AND all the while, commenting, sharing, and encouraging other women that are on the same fitness journey. Whether it’s through sharing each other’s progress pictures, posting your specific meal preps, encouraging one another when a “check in” photo is uploaded. The support that I’ve been seeing on instagram is more powerful than ever right now.
I feel like when I started my blog over 2 years ago, I saw far more “cyber bullying” through instagram. Girls putting down other girls. Too skinny or too fat, paleo verses vegan, cross fit verses HIIT, strong opinions on workouts and nutrition plans that work and those that fail. However, lately, I’ve noticed more of a supportive movement. Perhaps the cyber bullying is still there, but the encouragement and support is just more over powering than the negative vibes out there. Regardless of what it is, it’s so inspiring and amazing to see how the health and fitness community has grown on instagram and through other forms of social media. I think a lot of this is owed to these two accounts.
Schermafbeelding 2014-04-20 om 22.04.56
Typically, I’ve very skeptical on purchasing nutrition or fitness plans. I feel like I’ve done a lot of research of my own to get to where I am today. However, seeing the transformation pics out there through these two different fitness/nutrition plans, you can’t deny that they’re doing something right. Then it comes down to whether you actually want to go ahead and spend the money to purchase these plans. I think purchasing one of these plans would do AMAZING things for you both mentally and physically. However, some of us don’t have $100 to spend on a fitness booklet.
tiu yoga
So what’s plan B? How do you get the results that these girls have been seeing? Get on instagram! Seriously, so many meal prep plans and workouts are posted. Just search #toneitup, #kaylamovement, #kaylaitsines, #TIU …you’ll find a never-ending assortment of girls just like you posting their progress through workouts and meal plans. Additionally, both different products have blogs out there as well. Tone it Up has a free newsletter/email subscription you can sign up for and a blog AND they have a number of youtube workout video’s out there. Kayla Itsines has a really great blog that shares recipes, tips on Meal Prep 101, and more.

As you can see…there really are NO excuses now. You’d be surprised at the amount of tips and helpful advice that can be shared and inspired. Plus you’ll gain an amazing support system through motivated people just like yourself!

What’s HOT in the Fitness World Right Now?

What’s HOT in the Fitness World Right Now?

As the majority of you likely know by now, I’m not a certified nutritionist or fitness trainer. I’m just your every day health nut who works an 8-5 job, but still finds time to get my workouts in and cook up some nutritious meals throughout the week. That’s one thing I won’t ever give up. That being said, you can find me scrolling through health and fitness blogs, instagram, twitter, and pinterest accounts. That’s where I do my so called “research”. What I like about this is that I’m not just reading facts, but true experiences and real time feedback. I pretty much discover the new “hot” foods, ingredients, supplements, workout routines, etc. simply through following various fitspo accounts. The other thing about these accounts I follow is that they’re real people just like me. Obviously, there are accounts I follow that 100% dedicate their life to fitness and healthy and likely have over 100K followers. But then there’s also accounts I follow where they may be attending grad school or have a 8-5 job like myself. These people may not have 6-packs and they may only have 2k followers, but their posts and “fitspo” still inspire me, regardless of how well known they are in the fitness world.

All of that being said, I find myself trying out new ingredients, products, supplements, and workouts based on the feedback I hear from the accounts I follow. So, based on what I’ve been reading up on lately, here’s a look of the hot supplements, products, and workouts I’ve been keen on adding to my daily regimen.

Hot Products:

Arctic Zero and a new brand I just ordered called “Wink” Frozen Desserts
Purely Elizabeth Granola
– 18 Rabbits and Raw Vegan Macro Granola Bars
Frozen or Freeze Dried Acai Powder
– Quest Bars


– Fish Oil Pills
Apple Cider Vinegar “shots”
– Plant Based Protein or Designer Whey Protein Powder

Workout Routines:

Tabata Workouts: Typical workout would look like 4 minutes of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off of cardio (ex. burpees and jumping jacks or skaters and high knees); then 3 x 30 seconds of strength (ex. lunches w/ weights and push ups); then do 2 more sets of cardio and 2 more sets of strength — REALLY great way to get a hard, fast, full-body workout in. More Tabata Workouts Here!
Booty Exercises – I’ve been incorporating a lot of Barre and Pilate moves into the ends of my workouts. Lots of leg raises w/ ankle wights, donkey kicks, bridges, etc.
– Continued focus in nighttime yoga (15 – 20 minute sessions and always ending with handstands against the wall… WILL GET THERE ONE DAY!)

My Take on Barre

My Take on Barre

Over the past few weeks, my friends/family/boyfriend have likely heard the following phrases come out: “had a great morning, hit the barre first thing” or “can’t meet after work, heading to the barre” or “the barre has GREAT music and energy” or …you get the picture. I’m not an alcoholic I swear. Okay okay, jokes old, I’m lame – but sorry, can’t help getting a kick out of it still! Yes, I’ve become completely obsessed with barre class. Particularly, I’ve been hitting up the Pure Barre studio – a chain of boutique barre studio’s across the country. To my luck, one studio is located 5 minutes down the road from my office and is conveniently the same distance to my apartment…how can I say no?

I tried out my first Barre class last winter and LOVED it, however, I was still so stuck on ONLY cardio at that point. I felt that running was the only way to stay in shape. However, lately, I’ve realized that running is not the ONLY answer and quite frankly – I think I just need a long break from running. And coincidentally, this realization could not have come at a better time. Winter hibernation is the perfect time for this! Now don’t get me wrong. I still love running and it is TOTALLY a great workout. I’ll still do 3-4 miles at least 3 times a week. But, I’ve cut back a lot. Honestly, my plan is to take off the winter and then start up training again mid-spring.

Anyway, given this – I’ve found other ways to stay in shape and really work on toning and strengthening my body. Barre has been a fitness routine that I really enjoy and am ACTUALLY seeing results from after just a few weeks, which running has never done that drastically. I loved my first class at Pure Barre so much that I purchased a 1 month unlimited sign up for new clients and jumped on that ASAP. I can tell you I have taken full advantage of this – literally, I go almost every other day possible…
For those of you who still may be wondering what exactly barre is, let me give you a run down of what a typical class at Pure Barre would be like:

The studio is fairly small, there’s just one large room carpeted and surrounded by mirrors and of course, the barre that wraps around the room. The studio is welcoming and the fitness trainers there are all super upbeat and friendly! One thing I noticed at my first class and all of them following, is how tentative the fitness instructors are. I arrived a few minutes early to my first class and they walked me through some beginner tips. Come in, grab a ball, a strap, and 2 sets of weights. Pick an area close to the mirror, in the front of the room so that you can easily pay attention to your form. Take the class at your own pace, you know your own limit. And most importantly, when in doubt, ALWAYS tuck (essentially, act as though someone is constantly punching you in the stomach!)

On the dot, the instructor comes in – the class room is filled with no more than 15 people. The music starts up – AH – upbeat house and dance music – I could get used to this. Let me tell you – this music is so crucial for a class like this – so many of the moves go exactly to the beat and the music will push you through the pain. We begin right away with the warm up – the fitness instructor coaching us all the way through, whether you’re a regular or brand new to the class, the instructors will coach you through every move. Not only that, but they are really good about paying attention to your name as you arrive to the class. Which is so nice, because throughout the class they’ll say your name with encouraging comments or coaching tips – I find this aspect so important and I really appreciate how personal they are with the class!
Now after your warm up, you go straight into working your arms. You have the option of using no weights, 2 lbs, 3 lbs, or 5 lbs. Don’t let the amount of the weights fool you! Your arms WILL be shaking by the end, I promise you. Once you are done with arms, you’ll do a quick stretch and move into working your “seat” (the outer part of your bum, aka the Bikini target zone, aka every women’s goal for the best summertime bod) 😉 Again, they will work you until every inch on your body is uncontrollably shaking. After this workout, you’ll then get a really nice stretch in. Another thing to note here is that this brief stretching actually Really pays off. My yoga instructor even commented on how much my splits have improved…wooo!! Progress!!

After your seat and stretching, you’ll then progress into outer/inner thighs, then slow done a bit into core. Then the fun begins as you wrap up the class with a VERY intense core session. Again, the goal here is to get you to the point of shaking for every muscle. So you can bet your core will be worked to the bone!

Quickly, the hour flies by and you’ve made it to your final stretching stages. Lastly, you’ll wrap up the class with a group applause and I can guarantee you’ll never feel more accomplished than after this barre class!

Last bit of advice – drink a lot of water before hand and make sure you dress appropriately! See below for advice on what to wear:
Similar to yoga attire…

– Long spandex/leggings/capri spandex (don’t suggest wearing shorts as you do moves and stretches that may show a lot…if you get the point…)
– Any type of tank top – highly suggest a tight one for flexibility with movement
– You will need special socks with a grip texture on the bottom – you have the option of purchasing these there for $3

Feel free to leave comments and let me know if you’ve ever tried Barre and if so, what’d you think?!

My Review on Lululemon’s 7 By the Bay Trek

My Review on Lululemon’s 7 By the Bay Trek

I recently had the opportunity and joy to participate in Lululemon’s 7 By the Bay Trek held in San Francisco. Initially, the event was advertised as a predominately yoga focused gathering. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m actually really getting in yoga since I’ve been here in California, BUT I’m not nearly as advanced as I would like to be. So the thought of getting together with hundreds of die-hard yogi’s was a bit intimidating.

Anyway, the event was held on a Saturday morning at Fort Mason, which is located in the Marina area along the San Francisco Bay – for those who are not familiar with the area. I actually LOVE this location because you have an amazing view of the Golden Gate, which NEVER gets old for me to gaze at. We arrived a few minutes late, but were able to quickly gather a spot in the back of the large warehouse. The yoga instructor was just finishing up the stretching portion and was just moving into some quicker pace salutations. The instructor was super funny and interactive with the crowd, clearly noting that everyone there was at different levels and that it was okay to move at your preferred pace. There was absolutely no pressure which was fantastic! The class was about an hour long and we finished up by splitting into large groups based on the colored drawstring backpacks we received when we first got to the event.

Once we split into our groups, our group leader lead us out of Fort Mason and we began our “trek” along the water towards Chrissy Fields. Our first stop of the trek was a quick 15 minute “Barry’s Bootcamp” special for the event. This was entertaining since I was NOT expecting to sweat during our “trek”…

Anyway, I jumped right into the burpee’s with everyone else knowing that this just meant I could eat more of the free snacks later on 🙂 Following the pop up bootcamp session, we were then given free “18 Rabbit’s” granola bars which were awesome. Moving along, we then walked up a steep hill and a few flights of outdoor stairs that brought us to an amazing lookout and view of the Bay and Golden Gate Bridge. As we continued along the 5 mile walk, we were surprised with additional pop-ups from Project Juice (a local fresh pressed-juice café), Purity Organic Coconut Waters, some free healthy dark chocolates, and more.

We ended the trek back at Fort Mason where we were pleasantly greeted by a number of Food Trucks that were all FREE – aka we could technically go to each food truck and order everything on the menu all for FREE. SAY WHAT???? As if that wasn’t enough, we made our way back inside to find free Mimosa, Bloody Mary, and Craft Beer stands. Oh but wait…there’s more. There was also a Flash Tattoo station and Flower Crown Making station…ALL FOR FREE as well.

Yoga Fest

And of course, it wouldn’t be a perfect event without a live performance from a Michael Jackson cover band on a beautiful sunny Saturday 🙂 This event was such a great experience with so many friendly, active, outgoing people. The most shocking thing about this entire event was that the initial sign up online was FREE…all I needed to do was RSVP. Now that’s the kind of event I want to be attending more often 😉

Finding Motivation Between Balancing Work and Exercise

Finding Motivation Between Balancing Work and Exercise

Ahh…the question I get all the time AND the question I’m constantly asking. Unfortunately folks, there is no correct answer to how exactly I or others consistently succeed in balancing work with exercise. For me, this is an area I’ve found to be the largest challenge so far since I’ve graduated college and become a “NARP” (Non-Athletic Real Person). For those of you who are still feeling the struggles of becoming a full on NARP, I feel ya!! It’s quite a challenge going from having a structured practice time in place, with dedications and commitments to the sport, to having a full days of work and no one jumping down your throat to get a workout in. Either way, for those who are ex-college athletes or for those who are just athletic, yet have trouble finding the time to fit in workouts post-college, then I’m here to offer my own advice and assistance!

I wish I could say I had this work-life balance down pact, but unfortunately I’m no master at this. Each day is a struggle and each day, I find myself fighting the urge to sleep in or attend a happy hour after work instead of getting the workout in. There are a FEW tricks I try day-by-day to overcome these “speed bumps” that I’m willing to share with you for a SMALL fee.

Just kidding, all my advice is free! My only ask of you is to not judge me on these as some may sound slightly insane. But, hey, I’m okay with that. You got to do what you got to do, right?!
Below are a few mechanisms I use to get me back on track in a time when food, drinks, and One Tree Hill (my latest Netflix binge obsession) is calling my name!
– Personalize iPhone alarm label. When you set your alarm on the iPhone, there is an area you can edit and input a small personal message. Usually my messages to myself vary depending on events that may be coming up or just inspiration to myself! A few examples of messages I’ve used have been:
-Current Message: “Get in shape for EDC.”
-Previous Messages: “__ Days until Spring Break!”
-“Get that beach bootay!” (like I said, no shame in these messages)
-“It’s a new day”
-“WAKE UP. WORKOUT. NOW” (sometimes, you just got to be blunt)
-And sometimes, you just need to break out the bitch mode: “RUN, bitch. NOW.” (excuse the profanity, please)

– Lay out your workout clothes the night before…or better yet, WEAR those workout clothes to bed. This way, you have no excuse to not wake up and get that workout in for the morning.
– Don’t shower before you go to bed. This way, when you wake up, you may as well workout before getting a shower in for work. Unless of course you don’t shower…that’s fine too.
– For my running friends out there who may just be into running for fun, training for a 5k, half marathon, or a marathon…put a plan together. Recently, I created an excel worksheet using the McMillan Running Calculator and laid out my running/workout plan for all the weeks leading up to my next half marathon race on July 27th.
– Once you’ve created this workout plan, the important part is holding yourself accountable. In the past, I’ve used sources like Currently, I’ve added another column in my excel sheet where I fill out the actual amount of mileage I do on that given day. I also have printed out my overview week-by-week plan and hung it up at my desk, which I’ve found to help as well!
– If you can, plan on biking to and from work! Now I realize this is not always possible and it actually works out in my situation, but any extra movement you can get throughout the day pays off!
– If you can’t bike, take a local commuter rail to work. Why? If you are in walking distance to the train, this again, adds extra exercise to your daily routine!
– Use the stairs throughout the day!
– Get up and walk A LOT at work (I drink A LOT of water throughout the day so I’m constantly getting up)
– Create a standing work station at your desk or sit on a stability ball like I’ve been doing!
– Find a workout buddy! I have running “appointments” with a few co-workers automatically saved in my calendar.
– Attend a workout class with a friend!
– Come prepared with a healthy lunch and snacks for the day. Trust me, if you eat better, you’ll more likely be ready and motivated to workout.
– GET ENOUGH SLEEP!! You need energy to work out and to be healthy!
– Sometimes, you just need a little coffee in the AM to get you going and motivated 
– Allocate a “day off” once a week, that way you can look forward to some resting each week, which in turn will keep you on track for the rest of the week days.
– If you missed your morning workout, bring your workout clothes to work that way it taunts you until you get your workout in!
– With that, try using your lunch break to get a workout in…throw in some dry shampoo and you’re good as new!
-Find out if your company offers workout classes either for free or at a discount. You’d be surprised what may be offered that you didn’t even know about!

Now, I know I just listed quite a number of ways I practice a balance with work, fitness, and all the other good stuff, but that’s what works for me! Most of the time, I try and get my workout in early before work so I can go on with my day and not stress about when I’m going to run. But, sometimes it works out that I just want to sleep in! So, on those days, I try to make sure I get my run in during my lunch break, or I hit the roads right after work when the sun’s still shining. And, of course, some days, I just ditch the run. I hate these days, but my thoughts on this is that it’s really my body and mind telling me I need a rest day. So, I quickly give-in and know that tomorrow is a new day!

How to Train for a Half Marathon in Under 2 Months

How to Train for a Half Marathon in Under 2 Months

Okay, so I’ll be honest here. If you’re looking to run a strong time, it’s not very possible to fit all of your training in for a half marathon in just under two months. HOWEVER, for those of you who are runners out there and DO have some solid base training (a few months at least of solid 4-5 mile runs 5-6 times a week) under your belt, than this training program may be the fit for you! Now, I wouldn’t typically suggest that you train for a half marathon in less than 2 months, however, this was not exactly an option for me as I found out I was going to run this wonderful 13.1 race just a month and a half before the actual date! If you haven’t caught on yet, I’m certainly always up for a challenge, so when I was told I was able to get a free number to run the Bay State Half Marathon, I was 100% down. Bringggg it on.
Up until September, I had been running at least 5 times a week, sometimes 4 if I was extra busy. My runs were nothing crazy, usually 4-6 mile runs. The day I found out I’d be running was on Sunday, September 15th, exactly 36 days before I’d be racing 13.1 miles to the best of my ability. Hmm, that left me just about 5 weeks to come up with a training plan full of long runs, basic runs, track workouts, strength workouts, and goal times and splits I was hoping to hit. On top of that, I knew I had a few weekends ahead of me that would pose as obstacles since I most likely would not be able to fit a run in (which turns out was the case)!
Here’s how I intended my training to go:

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 7.59.05 PM

*The Bolded columns represent Track Workout or Long Run Days!
*Click on the image to enlarge it!

So here’s a look at the resources I utilized:


oI’ve mentioned this before and I’ll mention it again…easily the best tool I have! Some people prefer to physically write their runs into a journal. I’m more of a computer girl and I’ve been using this tool since my high school cross country days. It’s really the best way to keep track of your runs, workouts, progress, cross training, strengthening, and additional comments about your run that day. This is a great way also to keep you on track and hold you accountable for your runs!

-Set a Goal.

oYou can’t start your training until you’ve come up with a goal time for your half marathon. You want to make sure you’re setting a goal time that is both realistic and achievable, but is also a time that motivates you to train hard.

-Set a Goal with the help of McMillan Running Calculator.

oI’ve mentioned this ‘calculator’ before in past posts, but this will REALLY be your best resource when it comes to goal setting. However, this may be challenging to use if you’ve never raced any type of distance before. Fortunately, I have a few miles, 5K’s, 6K’s, and a few other random mileage road races under my belt to enter and come up with a goal pace.

oIf you haven’t raced anything before, I suggest you hit the track and race your best 1 mile, 2 miler, or 5K to the best of your ability. Use that time in the McMillan running calculator and base your goal half marathon time off of that, seeing as that is the current state of where your racing ability is at.

oOnce you’ve entered your time in, calculate the data, and then copy and paste the ‘Training Pace’s’ given onto a word document (make sure you click on ‘Cruise Intervals’ to expand those times as well). Save this document for your reference when coming up with goal paces for your track workouts*

-Write out a Weekly Training Plan and Goal Mileage.
oThis is the best way to keep track of your goals for each week as far as total mileage and track workouts go. Of course, if something comes up here and there, it’s okay to shift this around a little bit, you just want to try and stay as consistent as possible.

-Incorporate strength training into your plan at least 2-3 times a week.

What did my workouts look like?
•Every Tuesday and Thursday I hit the track
•More often than none, I would do a 3.5-4 mile easy shake out run the morning of.

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 8.02.55 PM

*On Week 3, Tuesday’s workout, I had to adjust my cruise interval time based on the previous weeks 800’s. When using McMillan, you can use your actual time to come up with a goal half marathon time. My goal time was pretty ambitious (yet, worked out in the end!). Originally my 800 cruise interval pace was 3:01-3:07, So I made sure the first 4 800’s I hit in 3:19, and then I shot for a faster time for the last 4 and was able to drop down to 3:10!

Strength Training: Here’s a very simple strength routine that you can repeat 2-3x’s ☺

20 push-ups
15 dips
15 bicep curls (12.5)
1 min plank each (normal, & both sides)
15 tummy tucks (in plank position, knee to elbow)
20 push-ups
15 dips
15 bicep curls

So all of that pretty much sums up my training routine allll packed into just under 2 months! It can be done people!! With that, I ended up having a goal time of 1:36 give or take for the half marathon. Guess what I came out with?? A 1:34:24 ☺ How? Even though I may not have had the perfect training plan, I definitely took more time off that I should have on some weekends, and I definitely didn’t always feel 100%…my training somehow all came together, along with my excitement and adrenaline to produce a time that would make me happy!

Anyway, I’ll talk all about the ins and outs of my RACE day experience on another post because I don’t want to turn this one into a novel… PLEASE feel free to leave a comment OR email me with ANY questions you may have on running, my training plan, workouts, goal times, etc.! My email is ☺

That feeling when you discover a new trail…

That feeling when you discover a new trail…

You know that feeling when you discover a new clothing store or you stumble upon a quaint little “hidden gem” café? It’s basically like your life has done an entire 360. I mean as ridiculous as it sounds, you feel like you could never go back to how life was before. Sure, I’m probably digging a little deeper into all of this, but I KNOW you can all relate and at one time or another have been there. Where am I going with this? Well, I started work a few weeks ago and for nine months I’ll be living in an apartment building in a very commercial/city-like town. Luckily, the apartment building has a small gym which is fantastic!


But, being a runner throughout high school and college, I’m so used to running outside, exploring trails, taking on the track, etc. So after a while, I literally go stir crazy in the gym, especially when the summer weather is so ideal in the morning! Last week, I decided to run outside, unsure as to where I would even go. However, with just a simple left and then right off of the main highway, I found myself running across a bridge overseeing a large lake. Lakes almost 100% of the time lead to trails. And walah! A few more minutes into the run, I just nearly passed a hidden sign leading to a trail in the woods! Despite being awful with directions, trails are even worse. I find myself doing loops on loops until I finally find my way out. But, I decided to go for it and explore these unknown territories…my shins would certainly thank me later.

Fall_Run 16-36-59

After about 10 minutes into a run, I bared off onto a narrow path, slightly over grown. Not sure how long I would continue on this path and just like that, I looked ahead and noticed that this narrow little path suddenly opened up across a vast field. If you haven’t caught on, this was like finding a pot of gold! As I continued my run through the field, maneuvering my way around rabbits, squirrels, and even a few deer’s scrambling across the path, I then continued on to yet another trail. How I was not aware of all these trails in such a busy, highway infested town is beyond me! Anyway, about 25 minutes into my run, I realize I can continue on for another solid 5 minutes as the trail seemed to go on and on, extending across local roads and opening up several path options along the way. Before I knew it, I hit about 4 miles and was ready to turn back and finish up an unexpected, spur of the moment 8 miler! After being all cooped up at 5:30 AM on the treadmill, this run was exactly what I needed.

if only this was my trail everyday....
if only this was my trail everyday….

Eventually, I made my way back, slightly covered in mud and wet grass, only managing to make just two wrong turns. Well, this trail exceeded all and any expectations I had. Not only has my morning workout been changed for the better, but I’m now ready to explore even further, what more the trail has to offer! As I mentioned before, there’s always that one online site, where you discover trendy clothes from a random state in the US for a great price, or when you find out there’s a chipotle just a few minutes away from you, or when you randomly eat dinner out a restaurant that surprisingly serves the best grilled salmon meal out there. You’re life has now been altered for the best (unless of course you’re spending too much money at either the online store, chipotle, or the restaurant…that could be dangerous) and thankfully for me, trails are free ☺ So next time you may have doubts about running options, EXPLORE what’s around you, try a new route every day, you have no idea what you may come across!

Walk the PLANK.

Walk the PLANK.

Now that I got your attention…

As I’m sure you’re aware, I’m not LITERALLY referring to pirates, BUT I am talking about the exercise form of PLANKS. Ever since high school track, I’ve been doing planks. Most people that claim they want strong abs or to build a six-pack often fall for the old school sit-ups or crunches. But, I’m here to tell you that PLANKS will ultimately be the go-to core routine to really help you build a strong abdominal, strengthen your lower back, help with posture, establish a stronger mid-section, improve your running form, and will prevent back injury down the road! I’m no personal trainer, but I have done a lot of research on why your basic crunches aren’t as good for you as you may think they are!
Coaches throughout high school and college, fellow workout buddies, and other fitness blogs have continuously encouraged planks over crunches/sit-ups for many reasons. For one, crunches will likely lead to back problems in the future due to it’s constant pressure they create on the discs between the vertebrae. Further more, a strong core is often supported by a STABLE mid-section which is built through planking, rather than crunches.
Planks don’t target just ONE area of your mid-section like crunches do. They actually target ALL areas of your mid-section, putting all sides to work, even including areas like your shoulders, hips, and upper back! Another great benefit to planking is that you’ll build muscle and get toned, without bulking. The most important thing to keep in mind about planking is that ultimately, it stabilizes your SPINE which is vital for the health of your body! So, why not try it out for yourself and WALK the PLANK!

Below, I found this great link which provides you with SO many PLANK options to play around with! As I mentioned, I’ve been doing planks as part of my core routine for AGES. After a while, it get’s boring AND my core is most likely not being effected by it anymore as it’s probably getting used to one standard routine. Therefor, it’s important to switch up your routine with different forms of planking every now and then! It’s great to CHALLENGE your body and shock your muscles with different, unexpected routines to best improve overall body toning.

Click on the below link for 30 AWESOME CHALLENGING CORE WORKOUTS!
30 Exercises to Shock Your Core {and Body}

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The Start to my Summer Workout Training on Memorial Day

The Start to my Summer Workout Training on Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day! As promised, below is a small preview of what I “expect” my next 5 weeks to look like as far as workouts go. My plan is to get up to about 48 miles a good few weeks before the Falmouth Road Race. Of course, I say “expect” because, yes I have a plan but I also know that plans can easily change depending on certain things I have going on this summer, especially ongoing events throughout June. So, if I don’t fulfill my mileage one day, I’ll just make it up another day before the weeks total mileage is up. It’s all about adaptation and making it work no matter what the circumstances are! For those who aren’t quite sure what my table means, there are small details about the fartleks, tempos, and different workouts listed below the chart. Also, the table below appears quite small, but if you click on it, a larger image should appear. So check it out, follow along, and let me know if you have any questions please! 🙂


Week Total Mileage:

Week 1 Total: 41
Week 2 Total: 42
Week 3 Total: 44
Week 4 Total: 45
Week 5 Total: 46

Fartlek: 6 x’s 30 secs. hard, 2 x’s 1 min hard, 4 x’s 30 secs. hard (w/ equal recovery)
Tempo: 2 miles warp up, 2 miles HARD, whatever mileage leftover

*The Workouts below are based on a number of workouts I did during Cross Country and Track and Field that were established by our lifting trainer. I adjusted it just a tad to fit my own needs!*


Power Set 1:
Squat Jump 3×8
Tuck Jump 3×8
Depth Fall 2×8

Power Set 2:
Burpees w/ Push up 2×18
Mountain Climbers 2×20
Sit Ups 2×30
Leap Frogs 2×20
Jumping Jacks 2×100


Power Set 1:
Single Leg Hops 3×10 ea.
Split Squat Jumps 3×8 ea.
Dead Lift/Squat 3×6

Power Set 2:
Lunges w/ weighted twist 3×12 ea.
Weighted RDL’s 3×8 ea.

Power Set 3:
Jack Knife 2×20
Bicycle 2×20 ea.
Single Leg Bridges 2×18 ea.

Hope you all enjoyed the sunny summer day!

New Workout Songs to Get you Through Summer Training

New Workout Songs to Get you Through Summer Training

Hey Everyone! So I’ve mentioned the Falmouth Road Race in at least two different posts, one of which being “Follow my words: Run the Falmouth Road Race to subside legitimate post-graduation fears“. The reason I bring this up is because I received an email today saying that my lottery entry was accepted and I was selected to run the road race! Some of you may not know, but unless you are a Falmouth, MA resident, you must enter into the lottery to be selected to run the race. Typically, the Falmouth Road Race hosts about 10,000 people so you can probably imagine why they need to be selective! With this, I’ll start up on Monday with what my training schedule is going to look like for the summer in order to prepare for the race! So keep an eye out for that 🙂 Lastly, I’m going to share with you guys some new songs that I personally enjoy working out to! So check them out and I hope you enjoy! Have a great workout!

1. Victory Lap – Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
2. Can’t Hold us – Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Ft. Ray Dalton
3. Breakin’ a Sweat – Skillrex and the Doors
4. Touch the Sky – Paul Oakenfold & Matt Gross present the concrete sneakers (Disfunktion Remix)
5. Breaking up – Chuckie and PromiseLand ft. Amanda Wilson
6. Get Lucky – DJ Trademark
7. Anything Could Happen (Coos W remix) – Ellie Goulding
8. Summertime Sadness (Monsieur Adi Remix) – Lana Del Ray
9. Clarity (vicetone remix) – Zedd ft. foxes
10. IRON – Calvin Harris and Nicky Romero
11. Alive – Krewella
12. Like Home – Nicky Romero and Nervo
13. Killin’ it – Krewella
14. Cobra – Hardwell
15. Molly (LOUDPVCK Remix) – Ree$e
16. Feed the Dada – Dada Life
17. Watch You – Clinton Sparks ft. Pitbull and the Disco Fries
18. Can’t Control Myself (Candyland Remix) – Krewella
19. The Longest Road (Deadmau5 remix) – Morgan Page
20. It’s a fight – Three 6 Mafia


Running VS. Cross-Training

Running VS. Cross-Training

I hear it all the time…some people mentally just can’t commit themselves to the sport of running. I feel ya! It’s hard to get into. I’m not going to lie, the first few weeks of the beginning of ANY training for running is a b****. Whether you’re like me who has been doing it for 8 years now or if you’re a beginner…taking time off and starting fresh is HARD! The first few weeks are always a killer, getting back into the scheme of things, rebuilding your strength, endurance, lung capacity, and motivation. But once you get back into the swing of things, it becomes a breeze! Which brings me to my next point…when do you want to incorporate cross training? Which is better? Do I choose to hit of the gym or take advantage of the outdoors for a nice run?! So, I’ve provided a list of the benefits of running AND the benefits of cross-training! However, what I have concluded from this is that a mixture of BOTH is ultimately the best option!

running vs xc

Why do Both? The reasonings are all right there! A combination of both running and cross training can be just what you need to stay in the best shape AND avoid injuries! Throughout my running career i’ve tried to incorporate both, however often times I tend to run more than I cross train. However, starting now and following through with this plan after school, I’m making a goal to cross train at least 2-3 times a week and run on the other days. Again, during high school and college I’ve definitely had my injuries whether it was stress fracture, hip/quad pains, lower back/pinch nerves, never-ending shin splints, the list goes on! Especially now as we’re quickly approaching our championship meet, I plan to run on workout and meet days and then cross training on ‘easy’ or ‘down’ days.


So, what does my cross-train look like? Typically I’ll either do HALF run (20 mins), HALF elliptical (30 mins). But, I think for the rest of these two weeks in hopes of resting up my shins and quad, I will cross train on the elliptical for 40-50 mins. I usually do an incline of 5 or 6 (as anything higher irritates the joints in my hips and it doesn’t exactly mimic how one would normally run!) and then I’ll do a resistance of 8 for the first 20 mins and finish up the last part on 9-10 depending on how I’m feeling. Also, I tend to do a usually quick motion as to keep my heart rate up and to feel the burn! I don’t think I have ever sweat as much running as I do on the elliptical! Other great cross training options include biking or aqua jogging (pool running). If I am at the gym, I also like to finish my workout off with planks or some type of core if I’m not sore from lifting twice a week!

Hope this helps give you all an idea of how to approach your fitness goals! Best of luck!


Make the Stability Ball Your Friend with this Killer Ab, Glute, & Inner Thigh Workout!

Make the Stability Ball Your Friend with this Killer Ab, Glute, & Inner Thigh Workout!

I haven’t put up a workout post in quite a while mostly because the workouts I do are with my team so I find that after a long day of practice I’m pretty worn out and have no motivation to do any further exercise! However, seeing as we have a ‘basic’ run today (6 miles) and I have no classes (YAY for laziness!), I decided to post an AB workout that I have no doubt you’ll be feeling the next day! However, the one catch is that this workout involves the Stability Ball. For those of you who don’t own one, pretty much all gyms have them or you could go out and purchase one from a Target or Wal-Mart for under $20.00! Either way, this is a great tool (refer to my last post on Running Essentials) to incorporate into your workout as it forces you to use your core and other muscles for extra balance and strengthening. I’ve added pictures below and directions on the number of reps and sets to complete! Also, just want to throw this out there again that I’m NO certified trainer but these AB workouts are ones that we’ve done in our morning lifting routine or just workouts I’ve come across over time. ONE more thing! Forgive me as I don’t actually know the proper names for these workouts, so just bare with me 🙂

Stability Ball Ab Routine:
Each core routine should be CONTINUOUS. Repeat 2 Times with 2-3 minute recovery in between the 2 sets! — If you’re feeling courageous go for 3!


1.) Knee Ins
photo (37)

photo (36)

– Place both feet on the ball and put your arms out in front as if you were in Plank position, but with both hands flat on the ground. Next bring your left knee up to your right hand (hold for 1-2 secs), then switch and bring right knee up to your left hand, continue alternating until you’ve reached 10 on each leg.

*Try not to rotate your hips to much, the idea is to work the side of your core.

2.) Bridge Ups

photo (35)

– Laying flat on the ground, put the ball beneath your feet so that the bottom of your feet are flat on the ball. Next, lift your glutes up while keeping your upper back, shoulders, and neck on the ground. Hold for 1-2 seconds then go back down and repeat 10 times! You should feel this especially in your glutes!

3.) Roll Outs

photo (34)

– Get into plank position, BUT instead of laying elbows flat on the ground in front of you, place the ball beneath your elbows (keeping your elbows in the center of the ball). Then roll your elbows back & then forward again, while keeping your feet secured in the same spot.

Repeat this 10 times!

4.) Standing Knee Ins

photo (38)

photo (39)

– Stand up and put the ball directly in front of you. Then angle your legs slightly so your leaning forward just enough, while placing both hands on the ball (plank position) in front of you. This is similar to the regular Knee Ins, however you’re standing. Remember to hold for 1-2 seconds AND alternate. Repeat 15 times each leg!

5.) Leg Lifts

photo (32)
photo (40)

– Laying flat on the ground, place the ball between your feet and calves, so that both of your inner calves are in contact with the ball. Then slowly, lift the ball up, hold for 1-2 secs, then slowly lower down. Repeat this 10 times! You should feel it working your inner thighs, clutes, and core! Make sure to bring your legs all the way up!

photo (33)

6.) Single Leg Lifts on Ball

– {Refer to above image} Get into plank position with both hands laying flat on the ground (so your arms should be fully extended, no elbows on the ground)! Then balance both toes/feet (whatever feels comfortable for you) on the ball and slowly lift one leg up (keeping it straight the whole time). Repeat all 10 on one leg, then alternate to the other leg 10 times. Make sure this done slowly as to feel the benefits from it!

7.) Inch Worm

photo (37)

photo (41)

– Remain the same plank position as above ^, but this time place both feet/toes on the ball and bring your knees as close towards your chest as you can. The ball should slowly roll back and forth with this motion. You want to make sure your keeping a triangle shape (butt should be straight up in the air, while your spine should be flat and your legs should remain straight). Repeat this 10 times!

~ If you want you can either repeat this set 3 times if you’re not feeling it fully OR you can add a few more reps to the second set. I.E. — Instead of doing 10 Knee Ins on each leg, make it 15 reps on the second set! I can guarantee you will definitely feel this in your core later or the next day! Soreness = Making Progress! Have fun with it and Enjoy!

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My Favorite Running Essentials!

My Favorite Running Essentials!

Sorry everyone for not posting to much lately, but like I said I was in the middle of an extremely BUSY busy week! However, I’m SUPER happy to announce that my hell week is finally OVERRRR! Anyway, I was recently inspired (and figured it was about time) to post about some of my favorite running essentials that I own and utilize pretty much every day! As far as the brands go that I’ve pictured on my post, I’m not exactly loyal to any one brand, I just wear what looks cute, fits the best, and is most realistic/comfortable to run in!

The first, and what I feel are most important, are the running “extras” and PT associated items that I own and keep in my dorm room!

photo (17)

What’s Here? — If you look in the side left corner, that there is a calf roller! This is actually one of my roomies, but it’s a great tool to use for massaging your calves. I wouldn’t recommend using this before a workout as it tends to make your calves sore from the pressure of rolling them out. However, it’s an extremely useful resource for post-workout and runs if you’re finding your calves are feeling tight and achy! The next resource is the yoga mat! A pretty obvious one here, but as I’ve talked about in a past post on Yoga, this is really a performance enhancing exercise to help out runners and anyone for that matter! Moving on to the center is my stability ball! This is a great PT (physical therapy) tool if your motivated to do the “extra, mechanical” work that comes with running. This ball is great for working on and improving your core, legs, and glutes! Personally for me, I’ve had years of trouble with my form due to the lack of strength in my glutes. So recently I’ve really been trying to improve my strength there by doing bridge ups on the stability ball. For those of you who are not familiar with this exercise, here’s a preview of the ‘stability ball glute bridges‘ I found on youtube. The next tool is one of my favorites and is always highly recommended by our coach to utilize everyday and that is the Foam Roller! If your feeling tight, achy, beat up, sore, whatever it may be…use the foam roller to massage your quads, hamstrings, calves, glutes, lower back, and upper shoulders! Using a foam roller is quite similar and not to mention (CHEAPER!) than getting a deep tissue massage. However, the key to the foam roller is to go VERY slowly along each part of your muscle and repeat it several times! The last essential item I use as part of my PT and recovery process are compression sleeves! Now, I’ve had these for quite a while, so it’s probably time to get a new pair as they loose the “tight fitting” effect after wearing and washing them often. Anyway, the brand I use is Zensah and you can get them in many colors! Compression sleeves are great to wear AFTER or BEFORE running (not during as they cut off your blood circulation). However, they are great for those who may be experiencing shin splints (or would like to avoid them) as they reduce inflammation and prevent injury! I highly recommend these to runners with higher mileage and consistent running routines!

Now that I got the nitty gritty stuff out of the way, on to the fun stuff! Clothing attire, shoes, and accessories! First off, i’ll introduce my shoe essentials as those are the most important part to running 😉
photo (16)
So these are currently the shoes I switch in and out of everyday! The purple nike free’s you see are brand new and they are version 5.0! The one thing to note is that I DON’T wear these running EVER and I really don’t recommend anyone to as they add extra pressure and stress on your calves and aren’t exactly fitted with the extra cushioning for runners who are totaling high mileage weeks! As you can tell, I own two pairs of nike frees, the black ones with the bright blue detailing are an older version (I’m actually not sure what version, but they’re from 2010)! I wear the nike frees when I’m just walking around/hanging out or I wear them to the gym for lifting OR cross training (i.e. the elliptical or the bike). My next two shoes are the same style running shoes I’ve been wearing since the beginning of my college career. They are the Brooks Adrenalines and are perfect for those runners that need the added support and cushioning. These are especially helpful to those who tend to be more injury prone like myself (I’ve experienced a stress fracture back in high-school as well as minor injuries along the way) and we certainly want to avoid that! I also like to switch off every other day with my brooks just to switch it up! Also, an important tip is to make sure you buy new running shoes after you’ve logged between 250-350 miles, especially if you want to avoid injuries!!

Now, moving on to the running clothes I LOVE!
photo (14)
To begin, I’ll start with the sports bras in the left corner of the above picture. The two brands I wear are Champion (I purchase these from Target), as they come in SO many fun colors! I also love the Nike dry fit sports bra as they too come in fun pictures and are very tight fitting and supportive (great for the hot summers when you want to run in just a sports bra)! Moving on to the center of the picture, it’s quite obvious I love all Nike Spandex, specifically the nike pro shorts! I have more colors of where those came from ^^ but these were the top 3 favorite colors! These are literally the best shorts, especially if your doing speed workouts on the track or logging in some long 10-milers! Of course, these aren’t exactly fit for the winter which is why I’ve also pictured the longer, fun-colored, version of the nike pros! The only issue I find with these is that they tend to fall down as the elastic band isn’t very tight on the top. My under armour capri spandex were in the laundry so I couldn’t picture those, however that brings me on to the next apparel option featured by our school sponsor, Under Armour, established right here in Baltimore, Maryland! Aside from the classic Under Armour Spandex (which are great for the cold winter seasons), I also have grown to like the flowy running shorts I’ve pictured. I wear these shorts on gym/lifting days or just on basic/recovery run days! As for shirts, I’m a T-shirt gal seeing as I have an absurd amount of them that I’ve collected over the years from random events and just about every high school/college track meet! So, I don’t exactly see the need to spend the money on running tops…but that’s just me!

Lastly, the two necessary accessories I wear while running…
photo (15)
Yes, you’re eyes are not failing on you, those are indeed ribbons you see me holding. And yes, I am still a girly child at heart and LOVE wearing ribbons while running or working out. Though I wear them for the look, I also tie them over my hair elastic to keep it in place as I have very thick hair and it absolutely drives me crazy when my hair falls out while running! The last thing pictures is my Ironman ‘TIMEX’ triathlon watch! I’ve been using the same brand since high school and I’v only had to cycle through what I BELIEVE to be 3 watches in the past 8 years. I’d say that’s a pretty durable watch for the price you get! These watches run between 40-70$ and have the basic important features that runners look for…the time/date (well, duh), start/stop/reset timer, a button to take splits (really helpful when doing repeats on the track), and there are a few other buttons included…but I don’t really use anything else besides what I mentioned! I’m pretty simple and basic when it comes to my watch!

Hope that helps everyone get a better idea of what I run in and use in my ‘off-time’ while I’m not running! Hoping AND praying that Spring starts kicking into gear soon so I can actually break out my nike pros and get to work on my tan sometime in the near future….!! 🙂

And, be sure to check out my instagram account at @EatRunandAllinBetween …I’m hoping to get to 300 followers by the middle of April and you would all help SO much with that! (You can also follow my instagram online if you haven’t downloaded instagram on your smart phone device. Refer to my side bar on my blog to follow!) Thank you!! 🙂

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