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  • 5 Yoga Moves to Help Relieve Anxiety and Stress

    Hello everyone! For this weeks blog post I wanted to share with you some fairly simple yoga moves to help reduce anxiety, stress, worrisome, and so on! Trust me, you’re not alone. We all likely go through periods in our lives whether it’s personal or work related, where we’re feeling overwhelmed, helpless, unsure of ourselves, […]

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  • Intensive Yoga Flow & Workout Playlist

    Hi there! I haven’t shared my workout playlist in a while and figured for the next one, I’d share my fave yoga flow playlist. This is for the yogi who likes to get their sweat on through an intensive flow session. The music definitely picks up a bit, so flow to the beat and feel […]

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  • 5 Tips for Living a Balanced Lifestyle

    If you would have asked me three years ago what it takes to live a “balanced” lifestyle after college, my answer most DEFINITELY would have been very different than what I’m about to give you now. It’s pretty crazy to see how my mindset has shifted in just a few years. I would say much […]

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  • Top Fall Jamz

    No, I’m not referring to the kind of sweet, fruitful jams that are oh so perfect on a slightly browned piece of toast…no, I’m talking about music jams. Just as good, right?!? Anyway, nothing like some good pump up music to get you motivated as the temperature begins to drop and hibernation slowly but surely, […]

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  • What Have I Been Up To???

    Hey guys! I’m so sorry I’ve been AWFUL with posting lately! There’s been a lot going on with work and getting ready to move into my boyfriend and I’s new apartment in Boston! Anyway, now that spring/summer (I think technically Boston just fully skips over spring and jumps right into 80/90 degree days…) is FINALLY […]

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  • Tone it Up and the Kayla Movement…What’s This all About?

    If I were to guess, the majority of you likely know about my blog because of my instagram account @eatrunandallinbetween OR through my Facebook account which if you’ve looked at my page…the only “social presence” I have on there are my continuous blog post updates #nofriends?! ANYWAY, the reason I bring this up is because […]

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  • What’s HOT in the Fitness World Right Now?

    As the majority of you likely know by now, I’m not a certified nutritionist or fitness trainer. I’m just your every day health nut who works an 8-5 job, but still finds time to get my workouts in and cook up some nutritious meals throughout the week. That’s one thing I won’t ever give up. […]

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  • My Take on Barre

    Over the past few weeks, my friends/family/boyfriend have likely heard the following phrases come out: “had a great morning, hit the barre first thing” or “can’t meet after work, heading to the barre” or “the barre has GREAT music and energy” or …you get the picture. I’m not an alcoholic I swear. Okay okay, jokes […]

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  • My Review on Lululemon’s 7 By the Bay Trek

    I recently had the opportunity and joy to participate in Lululemon’s 7 By the Bay Trek held in San Francisco. Initially, the event was advertised as a predominately yoga focused gathering. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m actually really getting in yoga since I’ve been here in California, BUT I’m not nearly as advanced as […]

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  • Finding Motivation Between Balancing Work and Exercise

    Ahh…the question I get all the time AND the question I’m constantly asking. Unfortunately folks, there is no correct answer to how exactly I or others consistently succeed in balancing work with exercise. For me, this is an area I’ve found to be the largest challenge so far since I’ve graduated college and become a […]